Mataleòn - "Carrie"


"Carrie" is the first single of Mataleòn, from the new album "Metamorfosi" (Metamorphosis).
Song and video are inspired by Carrie Mathison, the main character of "Homeland" TV series.
Carrie is a problematic, stubborn and arrogant woman; she suffers from bipolar disorder, that is also one of her strengths.
She lives with this mental impairment: she feels that people around her want to cheat her, but she knows that she will always be able to run away from them.
Her decisions are rushed, she never thinks about the consequences of her actions, but these insights always led her to achieve her presets objectives.
Carrie is playing a "game" with Him: she wants to find out who he really is, putting together the puzzle's pieces, which are mainly the ones of her life, because after all she's afraid of losing him.
But are we sure that He is real?
We decided to stage mental disease, with specific attention to bipolar disorder, a difficult and complex topic that required a large research work.

Giorgia Brandolese and Francesco Pucci
Giorgia Brandolese
Ambra Rampoldi, Simone Imeri