Loser’s Club


This is a regular club meeting, where the unluckiest people have gathered to discuss their issues: an oligarch whose business is on the verge on going bankrupt; a wife, whose husband of 30 years has recently found comfort in the arms of the young mistress; a photographer, who is experiencing creativity slump; a blond who has been given a few months to live; a spoiled brat suffering from lack of parents’ affection; a geek who lost several closest people in just a few days, and Natasha, who is a magnet for all sorts of misfortunes.
Anton is a trained phycologist who is helping all these losers to figure out their problems. Anton, however, has plenty of problems of his own. His bitch of a wife is always up to something. After long candid conversations and soul searching, it will turn out that our losers’ issues have been somewhat
exaggerated, and Anton’s wife is not as mean, as she appears to be.

Alexander Onufriev
Olga Kovalchuk and Alexander Onufriev
Olga Annenko
Yuri Dyak, Mikhail Romanov, Svetlana Knyazeva, Nikita Skomorokhov, Arthur Shurypa, Svetlana Bragina, Alexander Pogrebnyak, Alisa Lukshina
Completion Year: 
20 minutes