Le Grand Central


Grand Central Terminal.

Located at midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA. A gilded age building - coined by Mark Twain. Erected in 1903 with a Beaux-Arts architectural style, this magnificent structure was at a risk of being defaced in 1968 if not for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis fighting vehemently against it.

Can you see the 'Crown' of the Grand Central Terminal? Mercury, Hercules and Minerva ...Roman gods of commerce, trickery, travel, poetry, grit, explorations & eloquence. Are you sure they are just sculptures? Do you believe in supernatural events?

Legend has it, that a day will come when gods and goddesses from various eras and kingdoms will come alive inside Grand Central Terminal.....a secret time portal.

Le Grand Central, is a fantasy story like none other. It begins on a magical night, by a freak act of nature, which sees Mercury the Roman god being brought back to life from centuries of slumber and his encounter with an exotic goddess from Indochine.

Did Zeus spin the constellations with his mighty hands? Was it a sign by the Olympian gods of remarkable things to come? Le Grand Central is a sneak preview of this epic fantasy film in the making. I welcome you to join us and travel back in time to discover exotic kingdoms in Indochine. A period where gigantic elephants served mighty Kings and beautiful dancing Apsaras performed for gods and deities...

Jasemin Ho
Jasemin Ho
Jasemin Ho
Jasemin Ho, Alex Pineiro, Marlene Rosario, Dimitri Frangulov, Emma Xie
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