Labor of Love


The 22 minute length video "Labor of Love" dissects the freelance labor conditions of professional horseracing through an endearing series of portraits of 3 German-based international jockeys including champion jockey Andrasch Starke, considered by many as the best German jockey of all time and winner of the 2011 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and The 2012 King George VI Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

From the side of the tracks, horse racing appears as a sport rooted in pedigree, exclusivity, and elitism; at the opposite end of the spectrum is the reality of the jockeys’ existence. Many of them come from immigrant backgrounds, and sacrifice family life, health, safety, and material comfort in their dedication to the sport they love.

While their voices are rarely heard in the mainstream sports world, the jockeys in D’Angelo’s work speak freely and openly about the pressures and dangers of their everyday lives and careers, which are held to a delicate precipice and impending expiration date owing to such factors as body weight, age, and injury.

Christa joo Hyun D'Angelo
Bastian Hopfgarten
Andrasch Starke,Francisco Franco Da Silva, Rafael Schistl
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