The Hagiographer


Log Line
Sent to an isolated monastery to finish the work of his deceased mentor, a young
monk begins a secret relationship with a nearby beekeeper.
Short Synopsis
GREECE, present time. A young monk, APOSTOLOS is attributed the difficult job of
hagiographing an ancient church in a remote place, isolated from the rest of the world.
Detached from everything wordily the young monk dedicates his everyday life in
fasting, praying, taking care of the church and painting icons.
As weeks pass by and loneliness becomes part of his way of living, in his life comes a
young immigrant, YUSUF, who lives in a cabin in a short distance from the monastery,
hiding away from anyone else, and taking care of a beehive nearby.
The two men inevitably meet each other and as months pass by they slowly come
together, and a friendship starts. One is Muslim, the other is Christian. One believes in
God, the other doesn’t. As their lonely days fill up by the company of each other, a
strong bond between the two starts to unfold, and their friendship becomes a passion. As
they live together, isolated from the rest of the world, in their natural paradise the
hunting season starts.
THREE HUNTERS, one of them injured, end up on the monastery, seeking for help.
As they soon realize that Apostolos and Mohamed are not what they seem to be, they
decide to take the matter in the own hands, with unforeseen consequences for everyone.

Marios Piperides
Completion Year: