Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold


An issue based Musical Video project that deals with Drought and Migration of families. Drought / Water Scarcity is one of the most common natural calamities in the world today and in many places it has happened due to Climate Change. In India it is most prevalent in the states of Orissa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

This issue has been analyzed, explored, worked upon in various ways by thousands of people all over the world already. There have been numerous Movies / Videos / Songs made on this which depict the sufferings and struggles of people who go through such calamities. This video tries to touch a very sensitive aspect of human emotion that usually is ignored in these circumstances: LOVE. Love is the foundation of human relationships and is a need that each one of us has in various ways. For a person or a couple who is going through a calamity, Love / Emotions / Physical intimacy become a secondary aspect and the struggle to get the basic amenities for survival becomes the primary objective of life. But, these desires still remain strong in them and they fight hard (mostly with themselves) to express them. This Video aims at showcasing the above aspect of human emotion and relationship.

Snehasis Das
Konark Sarangi
Raj ZutshiKey, Gargi Mohanty