Fearless Lovers


Fearless Lovers is a brand new emotionally charged house song by Kim Cameron. Produced by Kevin Rockhill (New York City) and featuring all-star saxophonist Suzanne Grzanna, this new record brings Kim back to her EDM roots with big drops, memorable hooks a touch of dub and a bpm that keeps you moving. Playing off the lyrical content ‘Fearless Lovers,’ Kim uses today’s politically-charged topics (right to bare arms and workplace romance) in the newest music video with a bit of tongue-in-cheek using silver glitter riffles and an Art Director who cannot seem to keep his hands to himself. Filmed in Miami Beach, Fl, the video features dancers from Washington, DC and Moldavia. Award winner Dave McMahon was the director, with Isis Masoud as the Choreographer, whose background includes “Dance Fever” and “So You Think You can Dance.” Prior to the official release of Fearless Lovers, this song is already generating noise, making the DJ Times Top Picks list.

Dave McMahan
Kim Cameron
Kim Cameron
Kim Cameron, Rania Jazari
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