Dying Sunset / Atardecer Muriendo


Beatriz a young women writer how is married to Marco and together have a 2 year old son named Alex, she maintains a secret relationship; one day
she visits him at his apartment and while having a showdown, the child was left in the vehicle, and got stolen by a drifter. Hours later they inform them that their child has been found dead. Beatriz through the worst crisis of his life by blaming herself for all, when she realize she’s pregnant.
Immersed in the postpartum depression in a fit of desperation tries to end the life of her newborn to feel unworthy of love, and believe not being a good mother to her daughter; regretful stops before committing homicide and redeeming all pain.

Amós Navarro
Juan Carlos Lares Hopkins
Amós Navarro
Ariadnalí de la Peña, El Taga, Javier Dominguez, Rafael García.
Completion Year: 
9 minutes
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