Detective Vincent is appointed by the Department to undergo a secret mission to discover a mole residing within their corrupted agency. Sergeant and Officer Alvin express their deepest condolences for the loss of Vincent’s loyal companion on the field by the hands of the traitor. He angrily rushes out to seek justice, starting by the investigation of the crime scene near the harbour where Ken McBride’s body was found. He discovers a key hidden beneath the harbour boundaries that reminds him of his time together with Ken at the Gymnasium. Gaining his first clue, he proceeds to check Ken’s locker in their regularly visited gym. In the meantime, Vincent’s wife Kelly, calls him to express her sorrow in regards to the event incurred. He subsequently hangs up and follows through the stairs to perform a thorough search through his demised friend’s locker compartment. An envelope and a file containing delicate and classified information is manifested, which he carries back home to study further. As rumours spread of this on-going investigation, a tall figure (revealed to be Officer Alvin) enters the gymnasium the same day, only to discover that all the mandatory items are missing. This leads to him questioning the receptionist for CCTV footage and he finds out that it was, in fact, Detective Vincent paying a visit a little earlier than him. On the other hand, Vincent faces his darkest nightmares at his home about Ken symbolically crying for help as he is tormented mercilessly. A jolt of waking up concludes to him continuing the thorough study of the file and the envelope (containing a recorder). The data plays to reveal the voices of Ken and Alvin having a rough conversation, building up to a gunshot. Adrenaline rushes as he takes the recorder with him and drives off to the agency to seek approval of the identity of the traitor. Leaving the house unguarded gives opportunity to Officer Alvin and his henchman to enter the house and prove themselves hostile to Kelly. After not being able to retrieve the recorder, Alvin commands his henchman to sexually assault and assassinate Kelly. On his way back, Vincent sees his wife’s lifeless, battered body in the living room. As the forensics team continues doing their job, a phone call is received by him: Alvin invites him to the Antwerp City Hall for the final confrontation. A fierce fight takes place and both are left weak and bruised. Ultimately, Vincent manages to restrain him until he’s unconscious. After regaining his senses, he sees Vincent pointing a gun directly onto his forehead. The cops respond to the situation and surround the perimeter. Vincent avoids killing Alvin and leaves it to the Police Force to decide his fate. 30 years pass; old Vincent is seated at the bench facing towards the City Hall, revisiting his memories of his wife and best friend, with hopes that this sorrowful event may not occur to anyone else again.

Julian Lim
Julian Lim M.Qihbad
Writer: Julian Lim Co-writer: M.Qihbad
André Oliveira John FabryKey Valérie Elewaut Emilio H. Murrieta Giel Janssen Kim BronsKe Davide D'urbano Rene StoelenKey Rick van Elk Qihbad Muhammad Deciree Chang Erman Alexandra Ipekdjian Kevin Rojas Veliz Felix Deramay Mariana Gosjan
Completion Year: 
20 minutes