Cafe Irani Chaii


Bun maska (Bread & Butter) and Irani chai (Irani Tea)– the combination makes most of us Mumbaikars (Mumbai, India inhabitants) nostalgic. Whether over a college project or serious political discussion at an Irani cafe, all have dunked butter slathered buns in sweet chai and eaten pocket-friendly meals. The city, once replete with hundreds of Irani cafes, now has only a handful remaining. Cafe Irani Chaii that has opened a new home in Mahim and is pumping life back into the Irani cafe culture, Cafe Irani Chaii manages to transport you to a different era. If not for the people using mobile phones, it’s quite easy to believe you’ve used a time-machine. The documentary by filmmaker Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi showcases how the Iranis have kept the Irani cafe culture alive to maintain the friendly ties between Iran and India. The double ‘I’s in the title of Cafe Irani Chaii stand for India and Iran and the brotherhood and love shared with ‘India Iran as Bhai Bhai’ or brothers.

Dr. Mansoor Showghi Yezdi
Dr. Ali Irani
Dr. Mansoor Showghi Yezdi
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