Bed Bug


Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths. (Jean B. MoIiere)

İdris and Hatice are the ordinary couple who live in a shantyhouse.Although Hatice is the woman who is frightened and bullied by her husband,İdris,she has a love affair with her husband’s co-worker,Cemal.İdris who is a gambler sells the television at his home to pay his gambling debt. This incident concurs with his stealing his boss’s money in the workplace.The boss compares İdris with other workers and dismisses İdris.Because selling the television is the only suspicious event.This sticks in his throat and İdris murders his boss.

Coming back home has already become a habit for İdris,but he comes home early that day.He sees her wife while she is removing her lipstick from her lips.At that point the home’s window is open and it’s north-east wind outside.The feeling of doubt has already started gnawing at his mind like a bedbug.

Tunahan Kurt
Kadraj Yapım & Visualfocus Film
Tunahan Kurt & U. Deniz Terzioğlu
Erkan Can, Gülşah Yavuz, Sezgin Cengiz
Completion Year: