Accidental LAX Outlaw


A Malaysian female published author throws caution to the wind and follows her gut instincts and lands in New York, the Big Apple. A survivor of the deadly dengue fever, clinical depression and decades of domestic violence propelled Jasemin to carve a new life in the New World. Armed with her 3 books, personal story and a never-say-die attitude she is determined to turn her books into films and realize her American Dream.

Jasemin is besieged by a series of life-threatening catastrophes and various assaults on personal freedom and liberties. Terrorism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, ageism and elitism. She narrowly escapes a terrorist attack in Manhattan and battles seasonal depression during the bitter cold winter months in Hoboken, New Jersey. When she moved to California and stayed in the heart of Hollywood, the new US administration’s outright discriminating policies and severely broken internal systems and damning silos reared its ugly head. Just as she was making headways in the community, she gets caught between the Obama and Trump administration’s stance on immigration and inbound travelers from Muslim countries.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Where mercy is trumped by sheer harshness. The Trump administration’s inbound travel ban from various Muslim countries. Erection of a cold hard wall to separate Mexico from USA. It almost appears to be America is undergoing a barbaric act of ethnic cleansing. Purging on a nation-wide scale. Mass genocide on a psychological and physical level.

WHITE SUPREMACY. Many fear of its reincarnation and uprising. Is this Trump’s new America? Elitism. White sovereignty. Inhumanity. Alienation of its lesser brothers and sisters. Butchering of the Holy Bible. Invoking the devilishly skewed Klu Klux Klan in multi-ethnic America.

ALIENATION. If you are not an American citizen or permanent resident then you are deemed an alien. They forget we all have red blood flowing in our bodies and breathe the same oxygen.

DEMONIZATION. Reinstating Moses’s era of harsh laws over Jesus’s sacrificial message of grace. Cursing and demonizing the innovative outliers while forgetting America was founded and thrives upon the cornerstones of radical innovation itself. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Albert Einstein. George Washington Carver. Bill Gates. Henry Ford. Wright brothers.

Is this the new America?

Jasemin Ho
Jasemin Ho
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