World Film Presentation (Euro and American version) and Global Film Way (Chinese version)

You know that Withoutabox closes on September 15, 2019. 

Did it ever occur to you to take it’s place?

If not, and if you do not have such plans, then stop reading this page and wasting your time.

If you have reached this line, then you have a reason to answer us so you can get more information on how to do this.

We are ready to offer you a ready made and 3 years tested aggregator (a share in it or the entire package): the English version (works for the whole world) and the Chinese version (works for the whole of China and Asia).

We created a channel called ‘LEAP’ designed to literally leap film makers into the viewing of global audiences. We created sub brands LEAP+ or Leap Ultra or Leap CHINA etc  to help differentiate the respective subcategories of languages, genres, themes or age appropriateness… reflective of thoughtful intelligent programming.

Just like projects 1 & 2 above we created and curate and collaborate with aggregators and filmmakers to develop as many channels as needed to ensure an elegant amount of movies are regularly showcased and shared in any subtitled language or jurisdiction needed.  

We have the ability to use otherwise allocated advertising space to showcase an upcoming event or multi award winning movie.

The main thing is to use the SEO and marketing tools that help filmmakers reach global audiences. 

 Equally we offer space for reputable YouTubers who own their own content who love to analyse films or make interviews with talent, their content can be curated to highlight and correspond with the respective films, themes or talent accordingly. Such presenters can appear in a BTS channel (Behind the scenes Channel) or red carpet interviews.