All the Workshops start at 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM on 11th and 12th December.

Poster Name Workshop Name Details Duration Date  
  Phillip E. Walker Hollywood Actor Jobs full-time talent employment This Nationally popular Lecture/Workshop will hit in your community because everybody likes to hear about
Hollywood - even if they do not want to become a working entertainer.
But for those that do dream of “making it” in La La Land, this information is not just fun but life changing! HAJ
is the Sherpa’s living guide up the mountain of Los Angeles talent full-time employment.
1:00:00 12th  
  Aden Lungstrom Let the world guide you The "Let the world guide you" workshop is about my experience, tips, and suggestions for entering into the film industry, things to keep in mind while making your first movie, and writing scripts while using the natural environment to help inspire writing. In the workshop I'll be using photos of various places and letting my audience have a few minutes to come up with a story idea based on the environment that they are seeing and will it inspire them. 30-35 minutes Ideally 12th before of after the screening of his film "Hair of the Dog"  


Joan Gelfand & Kelly Sullivan Walden Dreams to Film A talk about how I crafted the three dreams into the poem that became the script for “The Ferlinghetti School of Poetics.” Also I will talk about about the Director/Producer’s role and how we decided on imagery and music 0:45:00 (42 min workshop and 3 min Q&A) 12th  
  Mark Norfolk Cinema, Business and Culture The workshop will be examining the highlights of producing international cinema utilising the language and culture of the host country in a post globalised world. 0:45:00 11th ideally as they leave on the 12th  
  Sudipta Dey ABCD of Filmmaking The workshop is going to be about film language and what is done in films to develop that language into a meaningful expression of art. 0:45:00    
  Hiroki Sugino       12th ideally  
    Petra Terzi - Cyprus Int. Film Festival founder, producer and filmmaker   Jelena Mila - producer and filmmaker 

From No Budget to Big Business

  Petra Terzi -awarded filmmaker and festival organizer- speaks about the several stages of creation from a festival to a film with no budget. Jelena Mila -awarded actress and producer- presents the factors that influence the success of launching low budget films of the independent film production in the US.  Guests: George Cambanellas - Director General of Invest Cyprus Organization & Michalis Michael - Chairman of the Board of Invest Cyprus Organization 0:45:00   0:45:00 November 12th, 7pm-7:45pm