Name Title Genre Synopsis PDF Promotion  
Intellect Pictures Rules of Success   A true story of how Alex developed a set of principles that took him to the top, although each achievement came at a price  
Rosemary Griggs Fernweh - The Ache for Distant Places Historical Drama Feature A girl born in East Africa longs to go to Germany to be where she fits in, only to have her family dismantled in the wrath of Hitler's regime  
Zvonko The Wind in Her Eyes Sci-fi thriller drama A boy abused at home and by his community befriends a stranded girl, unaware that she is an active alien weapon—a star destroyer.  
Zvonko A Mermaid’s Promise Romantic dramedy A mermaid on probation risks her future to help a family-oriented girl who lost her mother in a mermaid hoax  
Zvonko Beauteous Cancer survivor drama A cancer survivor, desperate to secure her daughter’s operation, enters a wet T-shirt contest sponsored by the man who caused her breast cancer.  
Zvonko Death of a Diva Family thriller drama A burnt-out songstress struggles to keep her career-driven daughter away from the man who caused her cancer—her money-ravenous husband-manager.  
Zvonko Devil’s Legacy Horror thriller A multiple-time orphaned boy meets the perfect family—while his evil-me plans how to kill them  
Zvonko Ghost of My Child Mystery thriller A claustrophobic veteran fights for his brain-dead daughter—the only person who could get him out of his a coma.  
Zvonko He Who Breathes Fire Fantasy adventure On the verge of a dragon-human war, an orphan, desperate to save her sister, trains an innocent dragon boy to become the next king of those who killed her father.  
Zvonko How Deep is Your Love Romantic comedy An aquaphobic widower falls for a commercial diver, who is bound to marry while setting up a personal record in deep-sea diving.  
Zvonko Jinxed Comedy A hiccuped spell body-switches a passive-aggressive daughter with her worst enemy—her brand-new pro-wrestling stepfather.  
Zvonko Mermaids Do It Better Comedy A vociferous mermaid, expelled from the sea for her free-spirited tongue, turns babysitter to a dexterous girl, whose father is amidst a boiling election campaign  
Zvonko Peter Pain Family action adventure An adventurous bookworm evades her kidnappers with unexpected help from her father’s greatest writing success—a sworn child-hater.  
Zvonko Santa’s New Ride Holiday adventure comedy An overbusy Santa gets arrested by a lifelong Santa denier.  
Zvonko Santa or Bust An adventure comedy A guileless Christmas wish replaces Santa Clause with a jobless, aviophobic Santa imitator.  
Zvonko Santa's Little Mermaid An action adventure comedy A non-swimming Santa gets rescued by a teenager mermaid whose mother faces a sushi-style end.  
Zvonko Snow Black Family thriller drama A biracial mother must murder her father within 48 hours or forever lose her seven daughters poisoned by her racially biased stepmother.  
Zvonko Surviving Hitler Holocaust thriller. An anti-Semitic Holocaust denier awakens in a body of a twelve-year-old girl—48 hours before the Nazis gas the girl’s Jewish family  
Zvonko The First of His Kind Futuristic thriller. An outgunned headhunter with no experience of children protects a unique newborn against her former bosses and their one-sex society agenda  
Zvonko The Girl Who Wanted to Be a Boy Family drama A risk-taking girl, desperate to become a boy and unite her parents separated by her outing as transgender, ends in a perilous sex-change operation on the Dark Web.  
Zvonko The Girl with the Violin Drama When a girl with diabetes disappears on vacation in China, the only trace is a forsaken autistic girl, who speaks only by playing her violin.  
Zvonko The Man Who Stole Hitler Partially based on real events Holocaust thriller A forgery apprentice has 24 hours to outsmart the Russians, steal Hitler’s remains, and exchange them for his soon-to-be gassed Jewish family.  
Zvonko The Uglies Thriller drama A pregnant bioengineer, desperate to reach her family, struggles to escape from quarantine, which shelters the last of the uninfected humans—the unborn newborns  
Zvonko Too Beautiful to Die Family drama A guilt-ridden veteran plans his suicide to secure a useless operation for his plastic-surgery-obsessed, dying daughter.  
Zvonko Two Tickets to China Dramedy When his wife leaves him broke in China, a hardcore businessman wrestles against the idea to double-cross his Chinese friends—his adopted, dying daughter’s only hope to stay alive.  
Zvonko Zombie Airlines Action comedy A vegetarian pilot scuffles with his semi-zombie copilot’s craving, which projectiles their Air Force One into a free-for-all above Russia.  
Zvonko Codename Dreamer Immigration thriller A dexterous dreamer has 48 hours to find his sick mother, save a "MeToo" daughter, and escape his ICE-hunter-his biological father.  
Zvonko Meet The Kids Family comedy Faced with the risk of losing his children, a sworn bachelor searches for a brave enough mother for his daredevil daughters.  
Agnese Pagliarani To Hell and Back   Second adaptation of the book"To Hell and Back" by Audie Murphy, the film is the chronicle of a group of infantry soldiers during the campaigns of Italy and southern France in the World War II