Latin Film Market

WELCOME to the


Dear friends,

You are graciously invited to the World Film Fair LA, hosted in the city of Santa Monica, California. This year the festival will run from November 11th thru the 16th. The event will highlight some of the best films throughout the world.

We are glad to include The Lake City International Film Festival as part of our festivities. Our program will also include films from The United States. China, Europe and South America. The global message is unity.

The Promenade Playhouse will be our venue, an independent theatre that’s located on Santa Monica’s famous Third Street Promenade. The Playhouse opened its doors in 1996, and since then has served as a creative hub for Los Angeles’ Performing Arts Community.

Thank you for being a part of our community.


Joe Sanchez

WFF LA brunch Director

Query Letter - Latin Film Market

The first annual LATIN FILM MARKET will be held in the Capital of Mexico City. This event will feature films from Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. As well as any other Latin nations throughout the globe. Our goal is to feature some of the best upcoming productions in the market. Hollywood is currently capitalizing on this brand. Companies like Disney and Pantelion Films made over a billion dollars in box office revenue last year. 

Our number one corporate partner, World Film Presentation, plays host to over 60 film festivals, from both the domestic and international regions. This site is slowly becoming the next WithoutABox. We have teamed up with them to give the growing voice a platform of its own. 

Now it’s your opportunity to partake by endorsing us. By doing so you’ll become part of the market, the festivities and the perks. Currently you’ll receive a Celebration Badge, which gives you free drinks for you and a guest, VIP access to all the workshops and seminars and your logo will be featured throughout all the promotional art and/or social media pages. As well as on the red carpet backdrop banner.

Be the progression, before it's a tradition.

As discussed with Joe Sanchez - director of the Latin Film Market project, we are very happy to dedicate the necessary number of channels to support the Latin market development. We’re passionate about supporting the next generation and first time filmmakers.

We are on the way to creating channel(s) to host Latin filmmakers movies and of course add the people’s choice voting function to ensure global interaction. Anything we can add for one channel we can add to all as appropriate.

Subtitles are optional as always.

We understand there is also a desire or need for skills exchange and support to be translated from English to Spanish or Portuguese for the Latin filmmaking community.


In direct response to this need,  are going to host an educational / masterclass or interview channel for Latin filmmaker members that give them access to unlimited tutorials and support, interview and techniques. We also list scholarships, grants or other resources accordingly. In fact this could be for any cultural group including China etc.