Investments and Sponsors

World Film Fair have the ability to offer: 

  • Advertising space, 
  • Naming rights or 
  • Banner ads to events or shows eg 

 E.g. This show is proudly brought to you by…

Or a visual banner ads Proud sponsor and the brand name.

The point is we can do standard Google adds for free TV, yet more excitingly we can offer sponsorship spaces for companies that want to be associated with film festival makers. This results in direct advertising with our Google or Bing taking a cut. Therefore we can potentially ustilise a percentage of the advertising dollars generated from such advertising to help fund projects.

In summary, everything is doable. 

The goal is to create a simple starting place that hosts the necessary number of channels which allow the aggregators and film makers direct access to our international web TV options.

Our version one release will work for smart TV, computer, tablet and smartphones.  

We are embedding and adding all appropriate free global TV channels under our “live” function.

This will help expose members to have some free and some subscribed products as per their interests.

The target is to deliver a simple interface with options for bulk upload and allow administrator access for authorised accounts for self managed upload to ensure ease of use and a great user experience both for viewers, film makers and aggregators, administrators accordingly.

Dashboard tools such as tracking revenues, viewer statistics and subscription models all contribute to helping create a simple payment back to the aggregators and filmmakers respectively.