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26 October 2018       

Title Synopsis Runtime Country Language Genre Director
RELEASED A powerful documentary that confronts how people released from prison continue to pay for the mistakes of their past while still holding out hope for the future. 0:44:26 United States English   Forrest Tuff
EMMOTT & ROWLAND Emmott & Rowland were sweethearts and their story is a sad and romantic tragedy which has captured the imaginations of people who read about it. Set in Eyam Village in 1666 Plague 0:15:00 United Kingdom English Drama, period, romance, short film aneel ahmad
DANCE INTO THE PARTY The “Dance into the Party” music video, directed by Wayne Isham, opens with Ari and her dancers [in black] rehearsing in a studio space.  0:04:22 United States English   Wayne Isham, Chuck Maldonado - Choreographer
LIMBO A grieving father struggling to accept the death of his teenage daughter comes face to face with her living doppelganger. 0:09:56 United States Un père en deuil qui a du mal à accepter la mort de sa fille adolescente se retrouve face à face avec le double vivant de celle-ci. Drama, Family, Death, Love  Jean-Luc Julien
ONE QUESTION 35 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities answer the same one question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
 The production crew for this film included eight people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
0:07:30 United States English   bruce logan
STAFF PICK In 90’s Brooklyn, Cora, a lonely girl in search of connection, discovers a movie rental store that delivers films based on how she feels. The movies lift her up and make her feel less alone but soon she wants more than the films, she wants to know the person behind the locked door of this strange store. 0:10:25 United States English Drama, romantic Joanna Belbey
UNHAPPY HOLIDAY Though we generally associate the holidays with merry and bright feelings, let’s face it, a Christmas of blue is certainly familiar to us all, and singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi does a masterful job conveying a tears-in-your-beer holiday scenario with her new song and music video “Unhappy Holiday.”  0:04:18 United States English Singer-songwriter, americana, folk, country, pop, holiday, alt-country, country western Anna Haas
TOMISLAV'S DIARY On 25 June 1991, Slovenia and Croatia became the first republics to declare independence from Yugoslavia, resulting in a civil war that will last for more than 4 years. Tomislav, a Croatian chef, is captured and forced to cook for the Serbian Army. The chef finds solace in his diary, even as he watches the destruction of his people. But can he survive his imprisonment when a case of food poisoning causes the Serbian Army to suspect him of tempering with their food? This film is based on real diary and tells the tragic incident in this history; 0:15:00 Taiwan Croatian, Serbian Drama, Student, War Wei Tai LIU
COLD CITY A West African immigrant struggling to make it in America spends the night trying to find dinner for his daughter, a simple task that turns out to be anything but simple. 0:12:00 USA English Movie (Theatrical)  
THE CAGE The Cage (La Jaula) is the first science fiction movie of Venezuela, directed by Jose Salaverría, this featured film narrated the story about relationships in a world with no boundaries and spaceships taking control. This movie brings a new perspective of classic Latin movies, with a good quality of VFX, beautiful cinematography and a stunning performance from their actors. 1:22:30 USA English Movie (Theatrical)  
UNSTRUNG A young fairy named Ruth wants to learn the violin. 0:06:00 USA English Made for Video  

The story is loosely based on the dramatic lives of my late maternal grandmother and mother, both born during a period of fierce Chinese civil war in Guangdong, South China in the 1920s and 1940s respectively. The finished film will be created based on my first-hand recollection of close encounters with these two women when they were alive, direct access to personal photographs, journals, letters and intimate interviews with surviving family members.

0:11:09       Jasemin Ho
LET IT LIGHT! This is the story about a boy Berry Straw-Head who appears at the light produsing factory in search of job. 0:06:51       Alisa Nikitina
SНNDROMO Síndromo is a video clip of a song with the same name as the last record of the industrial music group Geometría del Esplendor, the leading group of industrial music in Spain 0:06:00       JOSE RAMON DA CRUZ
ASPHALT  Abraham and his pregnant wife Sarah are going to a hospital with a suspicion of miscarriage. They are sitting in the back seat of a taxi. The places the car passes by reflect the inner worlds of the couple, in a way these things the car passes by turn into their inner worlds: While they are going towards the hospital, the birth part of the birth-death cycle is seen outside. While they are coming back, the death part of the same cycle is seen. 0:12:00       Süleyman Demirel
HICAP  The film is about a girl child and a man's compulsory marriage and a child bride problem. Kader is a 12-year-old girl, Mehmet is a man of 50 years old. The story takes place in an old house in the countryside where Kader plays with her toys when her husband is not at home and continues to live her childhood. Until her husband comes home ... Kader, noticing that her husband has come home with the opening of the door because of the obligation to be the new bride that is imposed on the little girl when her husband comes home, hides her toys under the chest with fear and panic. She stands up, opens her hair on two sides, wipes the tears that are flowing down her eyes and sees her husband in front of her. 0:03:00       Begüm Gülşah Aktaş
GREETINGS FROM MURUROA (BONS BAISERS DE MORUROA)  Film about France's atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific at the Mururoa atoll. The filmmaker allows the surviving atomic tests veterans - which unknowingly irradiated themselves and their families - to speak up. "My biggest regret is to have contaminated my daughters, and can be, my grandchildren“, says Florence Bourel. She had stayed several times at the atomic bases of Moruroa. Her daughter Marion, 22 years, it suffers from several radiation-induced diseases and cancer. Like her mother, she is also afraid of the future: "... and if I have children, will they be healthy?“ Florence was proud to work for the good of France. There, in the blue lagoon where the bombs exploded, she was diving and water skiing. "The hierarchy has never mentioned any risks. They only said we should not eat fish from the lagoon and wipe with a sarong and not a towel.“ 0:52:00       Larbi Benchiha
BLESS YOU Three friends share old wives tales as to why its customary to say bless you after someone sneezes. 0:02:04       Daryl Grizzle
MY LAZY ASS  Here's a fun and funny music video we can all relate to. We put it together for a friend and an amazing songwriter/composer, Michael Ching, along with his collaborating partner, David Terrenoire. Happy to work with a great cast and crew, starring the fabulous Daniel Damiano, and featuring Malcolm Tom, Gustavo Ruiz, Stacy Ayn Price, Tjassa Ferme, Erin Windle Bellusci, Billy Barber, Stephen Berner, Randy Bucknoff, Natalie Anibal, Jack Grafstein, Ellie Grafstein, Mili Millan, Carmen Gil, and Anca Olean. Enjoy. 0:04:13       Mark Bellusci
FAWN The Music video FAWN for Mira Wunder's new single "LICHT AUS" is centered around the theme of mother-daughter relationship. The video was shot with the Miscanthus field, situated in the south of Germany, which gives off the historical look of an American plantation. This location, itself, acts like a third character, giving the feeling of imprisonment and entrapment. The intimate setting augments the complex emotional world of a mother and her grown daughter. Only at the end of the film do they find each other, when the rebellious daughter breaks her self-built walls against her mother. They, for the first time, they begin to pursue a common goal, in this case symbolized by the common hunt for a chicken. The video was captured by the use of HAWK Anamorphic lenses. 0:03:39       Anuk Rohde
DELIGHTFUL  Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s “Delightful” music video celebrates self-empowerment and independence, and considers that happiness is a choice. 0:04:44       Anna Haas
GHAR JAANA HAI : THE STORIES UNTOLD  An issue based Musical Video project that deals with Drought and Migration of families. Drought / Water Scarcity is one of the most common natural calamities in the world today and in many places it has happened due to Climate Change. In India it is most prevalent in the states of Orissa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.This issue has been analyzed, explored, worked upon in various ways by thousands of people all over the world already. There have been numerous Movies / Videos / Songs made on this which depict the sufferings and struggles of people who go through such calamities. This video tries to touch a very sensitive aspect of human emotion that usually is ignored in these circumstances: LOVE. Love is the foundation of human relationships and is a need that each one of us has in various ways. For a person or a couple who is going through a calamity, Love / Emotions / Physical intimacy become a secondary aspect and the struggle to get the basic amenities for survival becomes the primary objective of life. But, these desires still remain strong in them and they fight hard (mostly with themselves) to express them. This Video aims at showcasing the above aspect of human emotion and relationship. 0:05:57       Snehasis Das
ANGEL Angel wakes up from a beautiful dream to face the harsh reality that he lives since he was left with nothing. 0:06:54 Spain Spanish Drama, Social Juan Ferrer
ELEPHANTS IN THE COFFEE A conflict for survival between Asian elephants, farmers and workers in the coffee estates of southern India has changed attitudes about the living embodiment of Ganesh, the elephant God. With more than 100 people being killed by elephants each year, the elephant is now a "menace" and India farmers are fighting back, killing elephants not for ivory but to protect their livelihood and their lives. 0:58:44 United States English Environment, Agriculture, wildlife Thomas Grant, D.K. Bhaskar
PERFECT PEOPLE A young couple on the verge of divorce meets an older man who saves them from a storm. 0:16:38 United States English   Enrique Rico Diaz
DARKROOM  Dubbed a Dysfunctional Family Thriller at its 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner Worldwide Release plus screening on its sixth (6) continent with Australia's Adelaide International Youth, in "Darkroom" an overbearing father finds his teenage son has transformed the basement of their New York townhouse into an amateur darkroom. There the boy develops gruesome and voyeuristic images from his late-night crime scene photography. 0:08:44 United States English Drama, Expermential David Schell
DROP POCKET  An estranged middle aged father arrives back into his childhood town after 20 years for the first time. He attempts to reconnect with his son, whom he abandoned as a toddler, over a high stakes pool game. The son is not aware oft the stranger's true identity.  0:08:59 Australia English   anthony di salvo
PIZZA SHOP A girl wants to go out with her jerk-of-a-boyfriend, but he only wants something to eat, so she orders a pizza. She encounters a pizza boy who is attracted to her. 0:05:09       Devone Jones
C.O.D C.O.D. The film confronts him in the ongoing routine of Foucault's "Normal Human Fiction", which is one of the smallest cogs of the trapped system trapped in the capital system he has lived and has become the product of the system by living with a barcode. Devastation is inevitable for our hero who realizes that he does not belong in his "colorful dreams" promised to work and consume himself. 0:03:00       Onur Doğan
MAROVO CARVER Tasiro is a wood carver who expertly creates traditional sculptures, which represent the Solomon Islands culture and reflect the natural beauty of the environment that surrounds him. Dedicated to his craft, Tasiro uses carving as a means of supporting his family. Set in an island paradise and narrated exclusively in the Marovo language (with English subtitles), this is a gentle and uplifting story, told by Tasiro himself, that takes you deep into the World Heritage listed Marovo Lagoon. It captures an almost surreal moment in time as the past, present and future come together. 0:14:00       Elliot Spencer
SAVE  Dawns, a baby breaks silence. 0:03:54       Iván Sáinz-Pardo
EXPERIENCE VANYLVEN IN VIRTUAL REALITY  Experience NORWAY in virtual reality 0:05:00       Kai Jonny Thue Venøy
FRAMED In a world that someone else has shaped for us, are we really the owners of our destiny? A noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society. 0:07:00       Marco Jemolo
THE HODGE (TRAILER) This documentary will be featuring the story of Lolita Wilson and the artwork of The Visit Arts Collective. The Hodge is the living-artist space that is the core structure that unifies Lolita, artwork, and the socioeconomic paradigm of Cleveland. The goal of this documentary is to tell the stifled story of Cleveland artists who are stimulating change through their artistic platform. Through the work of the Hodge's artists, the unheard stories of gentrification, racism, and other institutionalized barriers segregating the city of Cleveland will be told. The Hodge is currently pushing out residents in order to increase rent and renovate the building and we hope to expose this unjust situation and fight for the tenants right to continue to create their impactful artwork. 0:01:43       Ogechi Musa
MA BELLE Michelle, a woman obsessed with beauty, finds herself enveloped in her own labyrinth. A double-edged sword that makes him transform his leitmotiv into a stubborn obstinacy. 0:16:00       Antoni Caimari Caldés
SITIA - SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE   0:02:48        
KINDNESS ACTIVITY - TWINKIES & ROOT BEER  Aiming to encourage acts of KINDNESS, this community development project includes: a short film viewing of André Campbell's, to be followed by a Phillip E. Walker-MFA lead Q&A with the audience that utilizes some of the 20 sample Questions and 8 Role Play suggestions found in the KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE - which will be delivered FREE to attendees. 0:06:35       André Campbell
ONE LAST COIN A man decides what to do with his one last coin in Rome just before Christmas. 0:07:31       Skip Shea
MATALEON - "CARRIE"  Carrie is a problematic, stubborn and arrogant woman; she suffers from bipolar disorder, that is also one of her strengths. She lives with this mental impairment: she feels that people around her want to cheat her, but she knows that she will always be able to run away from them. Her decisions are rushed, she never thinks about the consequences of her actions, but these insights always led her to achieve her presets objectives. Carrie is playing a "game" with Him: she wants to find out who he really is, putting together the puzzle's pieces, which are mainly the ones of her life, because after all she's afraid of losing him. But are we sure that He is real? 0:03:40       Giorgia Brandolese and Francesco Pucci
BYSTANDER The human-like people which does not accept diversities and seeks its annihilation. This totalitarianism for human-like people is their way of happiness and continuation of their rotten thinking. 0:03:20       Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi
THE DAY MUM BECAME A MONSTER (LE JOUR OU MAMAN EST DEVENUE UN MONSTRE) Candice lives alone with her mother since the divorce of her parents. As her birthday approaches, the little girl is delighted at the thought of seeing her father again. On the other hand, her mother’s attitude starts to change, which slowly plunges their fragile balance into a terrifying nightmare. 0:23:30       Josephine Darcy Hopkins
MATRYOSHKA First space mission with two women in command. The Soviet cosmonauts Svetlana and Katyusha will face moments in the accident of the orbital ship "Matryoshka". Loneliness, agony, weightlessness, computers do not work and have few minutes before everything explodes. 0:24:00       Fran Kapilla
JOY & HERON   0:04:00        
EOT MASTER NARRATIVE   0:05:43        
YOU’RE ADVENTURE AWAITS!   0:03:58       Jeffrey D. Cleary
A SCREAM THAT'S TRAPPED INSIDE Mara comes back home from her boyfriend's funeral to experience a mind game full of guilt. Jake, her boyfriend, prepared a scavenger game and placed some notes around the house that lead to an anniversary present. Memories and guilt spin around her head as she plays the "game". 0:14:59       Savvas Christou
SUMMON Lucy locks the theatre up as usual after the show, however her normal routine is somewhat disturbed. 0:18:00       Richard D. Hurren
SPIN THE PLATE A female tattoo artist with a damaged soul and tough exterior encounters an awkward, seemingly poor, Bible-touting young man on a Boston city bus. He tries to win her heart, as she battles to heal the wounds of child sexual abuse. Together they seek justice and meaning in their lives, while a romance blossoms between them, but he's hiding something from her. 1:42:52       Eric Eastman


27 october 2018


Title Synopsis Runtime Country Language Genre Director
SURVIVAL OF THE FILM FREAKS  Best Movie of 2018 (Survival of the Film Freaks), at UNDO Divergent Film Awards. Survival of the Film Freaks is a documentary exploring the phenomenon of cult film in America and how it survives in the 21st Century. Through interviews and fan events, the documentary will trace decades of film fanaticism up to the present, where the 'digital age' has transformed the way we experience movies. 1:26:00       Bill Fulkerson, Kyle Kuchta
ILLUMINOSITY A focused and dedicated light bulb tester discovers he is the last remaining worker at his now abandoned factory... 0:04:00       Jeffrey Meacham
ROOHANGIZ Roohangiz is a short film about a séance in Qajar- era of Persia. The Ouija session goes wrong because of the psychic’s mistake, and triggers a humorous disaster. 0:06:17       Elmira Bagherzadeh
BALL OF LIFE In "Ball of Life" a ball discovers its place in the universe with the help of an unexpected ally. 0:04:10       Dana Sink

HIGH HOPES 2: A NEW BEGINNING follows the continuing misadventures of 49 year old Brooklyn taxicab driver Danny Valentino a not so loveable loser who won’t give up his dream of making it as an actor after over 25 years of failure. In the original HIGH HOPES Danny’s dream was about to come true when he nails the audition for the lead in a network sitcom, but when Danny meets with the Executive Producer of the film….all his dreams are shattered……as karma catches up to hot headed Danny who previously kicked the producer out of his cab. Instead of getting the part Danny is blacklisted and can’t get any acting gigs. But Danny doesn’t give up and he and another actor Sal decide to make their own film. HIGH HOPES 2 picks up Danny’s life several years later. Now in his 50’s and still blacklisted Danny hasn’t had an acting job in years. He and Sal fail at making a movie and Danny is faced with the reality that he’s getting old and his acting career may be over. Furthermore he’s beginning to believe that all his friends that call him a loser may be right that he’s wasted his whole life pursuing his dream….and that’s not hard luck Danny’s only problem! Due to a series of hilarious mishaps Danny’s boss at the cab company knocks him out and the only way he can keep his job is to fight HER in a boxing match! Danny’s wife has had enough and leaves him. His daughter hates his guts, he’s facing eviction….and one other thing……..the police are after him!HIGH HOPES 2: A NEW BEGINNING is a ROCKY story about an actor. Its about having a dream and never giving up. 60 years ago in an episode of THE HONEYMOONERS Ralph Kramden laments never making it as a saxophone musician because “I could never hit that high note”. High Hopes 2: is about trying to hit that high note. It’s about never giving up even when all the odds are stacked against you. Like Rocky, like Ralph Kramden, Danny won’t give up on his dream…he won’t let go of his……..HIGH HOPES

1:00:00       Dennis Cabrini
ISLENOS, A ROOT OF AMERICA Islenos, A Root Of America deals with the story of a North American community whose origins come from the Canary Islands. They have maintained their identity and traditions for two hundred years, preserving the culture existing in the Canary Islands of the XVIIIth C. The search of the identity of this community from Louisiana makes Isleños, a Root of America, a piece of Universal History and has become a key question in the US today. A travel in time throughout North American History, dealing with a community unknown by general public, with significant and unique influence on politics, arts, war conflicts and the Louisianan and American society. 0:56:00       Eduardo Cubillo
SHINDLER'S WAR Most of my films start with an inspiring character or real life person, and meeting and working with Harry has been very rewarding and has driven many major issues home. For this I'll be forever grateful. Moreover, this extraordinary experience has triggered in me a desire to expand on this project so it would be the trailblazer for a a larger scope film currently in post production that will encompass more wars, places, and soldiers. 0:10:00  United States  English  Drama Tony Villani
3 MINUTES A hitman has only three more minutes to live. When it comes down to the last moments of his life, what is left? As adults we are focused on our own paths not recognizing the sensations of the ones that are with us. The empathy for a stranger, can actually make a drastic change. Subtle words beyond the apathy and insensitivity that seem so minimal, but they may roll-on and drop beyond. Subtle but acute, it may change the perspective of your vision. 0:07:00       Linda Gasser
ATOMIC BOMBS ON THE PLANET EARTH "Very surprisingly from 1945 to 1989 - there have been 2201 atomic bombs dropped on the planet Earth - an astonishing number of atomic bombs implying huge destruction and fall-out. The film shows evidence of every bomb explosion documented with the nation responsible, the date and location, the force and the height about earth or sea level in a relentless build up of accumulating destruction that is both awe-inspiring and dreadful in the true biblical sense of the phrase - full of dread“. 0:13:00       Peter Greenaway
ANNA A young woman takes a chance at love which leads her into the dark world of human trafficking, the only way to cope with her new reality is through her music. 0:12:36       Natalie Dale
FATHERING ME: THE LONG WALK HOME This film is about the path many men take in the absence of their biological fathers or any other positive male role models. It is about the collective successes and failures of young boys transitioning to manhood while recognizing there is a void that needs to be filled. Based on real life experiences of fathers participating in Fathers First and The Bronx Fatherhood Program, and the book Fathering Me: A Journey into Fatherhood. 0:45:12       David A. Jones
BLACK FACES Black Faces is a police intervention group. Nobody knows who they are. They are the elite and the members are elected by virtue of their values, when danger requires heart. 0:11:55 Spain Spanish   Rubén Puerta
Workshop Hollywood Actor Jobs (HAJ) 0:11:00 US English    
SOPHIA The short film Sophia, is a modern fairy tale of sorts. Presented as intriguing puppet animation with a sweeping sound scape, it conveys the universal story of how easy it is to become a prisoner of one’s own illusion. 0:10:54 Canada English   Zsofia Opra-Szabo
THE LAST WELL The year is 2037. Europe is in a state of complete breakdown. The owner of the last well of natural pure water lives in Croatia. After the sale of the water to the nice family goes wrong and ends up in bloodshed, he becomes substitute father and husband.  0:20:00 Croatia Croatian, English Sci-fi, Drama, Action Filip Filkovic
BLACK MUD Black Mud is a coming of age story about two orphaned brothers who travel cross country to the Alberta oil sands in search of a new life. Along the way, they learn to depend on one another, but tensions grow as money gets tight. On the brink of giving up, Alex, the older brother, meets Flora, a young drifter, who insists on coming with them in exchange for a place to stay in Alberta. 1:37:00       Adriano Trapani
GOOD EARTH: AWAKENING THE SILENT CITY This film presents the fascinating story of the Good Earth at Blood Run historical and cultural site as told by a Native American grandfather to his grandchildren. Good Earth was the ancestral home of the Omaha, Ponca, Ioway, and Otoe tribes for more than two hundred years. Produced in 4K by Emmy-nominated documentary filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films, the documentary presents vivid present-day views of the scenic vistas and wildlife at the Good Earth at Blood Run State Park, combined with dramatic historical re-enactments portraying daily life at one of America's largest cities in the year 1650. 0:21:00       Kelly Rundle
STILL TURNING The art of making the Lanzhou Waterwheel in China was all but lost in the 21st century, until Duan Yicun, a 20th-generation descendent of Duan Xu, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, took it upon himself to study and learn the craft. Now 74 years old, Duan Yicun finds the waterwheel market chaotic and competitive. Looking to his apprentice and future generations to inherit the craft of waterwheel making, he is hopeful that the tradition will continue and that the quality standards of the Lanzhou Waterwheel will be upheld. Duan Yicun looks to the future, as the Yellow River has yet another role to play in the community of Lanzhou and China abroad. 0:11:00       Jesse Pickett
ELYSIA YOGA CONVENTION   0:03:24       Andonis Theocharis Kioukas
RENEE Every great wine has a story to tell. This is the story of two people, their relationship and how their lives are forever changed by the wine they love. 0:08:48       Neil Watson
COMIN' BACK AIN'T GOIN' HOME (MUSIC VIDEO / SHORT) A biographical music video about returning to small town Nova Scotia after 10+ years 0:03:57       Scott McKone
THE BEETLE AT THE END OF THE STREET (EL ESCARABAJO AL FINAL DE LA CALLE) Amadeo is a good person. He lives in a small village of Valencia, and since his wife died, he sacrifices himself in taking care of his father-in-law, Agustín, who is disabled. Due to this, he doesn’t participate much in social life in the village. One day Lolín, the fishmonger, has a magic foresight while decapitating an eel: Amadeo has only seven days to live. This fact will develop a series of events that will change his life completely. 0:19:00       Joan Vives Lozano
JOY A modern day adaptation from Chekhov's short story JOY, about a teenager who gains attention when a video goes viral on You-Tube and wants to capitalize on the attention despite her parents misgivings. 0:12:00       Carrie Edel Isaacman
VISIT GREECE - A 365 DAY DESTINATION   0:03:38        
LEW'S UP FIRST This amusing short film pays homage to Abbott & Costello's "Who's On First" famous stand-up comedy routine.  The Short's starring performance by Phillip E. Walker is nominated as a CV Indie Film Award BEST ACTOR at In "Lew's Up First" senior citizen Lew Telo is ready to buy his first computer ever. Abbey (played by Christie Black), the bubbly young geek salesperson, has all the tech answers. If only Lew knew what she was talking about. Our work explores the generational technical divide in a light hearted way. 0:04:58       André Campbell
MILK FIT The fluffy sweetheart Mimi and the fitness enthusiast Bobby are a couple. He wants her to get in shape for the summer, and Mimi tries her best on the cross trainer. Her best? Well, maybe not quite. 0:02:31       Vilma Kartalska
MIND GAME This is an experimental short / music video 0:02:24       Weisi Dai
WRITTEN IN STOGIVE ME A MINUTENE This film by Iranian director Farhad Pakdel reflects on the intimate connections between today’s lives and the lives of those who have come before. From the present to the past, a young woman and her brother trace the history of their ancestors through traditional stone carving in Shiraz, Iran, in the center of the ancient Persian homeland. Their journey takes them to historic sites and monuments, including Persepolis and monuments to revered Iranian poets, as they pay homage to their father on the anniversary of his death. 0:19:00       Farhad Pakdel
GIVE ME A MINUTE   0:01:00      Comedy Joy Hopwood
ALONE "Castaway of land lost on wooded hills, reaches with great difficulty towards town only to discover a merciless truth". A survivor in search of humanity, understood as an inner state, as an emotion and with empathy. Loneliness hurts and the need to be part of a group becomes a vital necessity. Alone, hungry and thirsty, desperate for a better life.But the society is too careful, too selfish and too concerned with its own feelings and problems.The despair of others is just a nuisance to be extinguished with one click. 0:12:00       Markus Otz
THE HIP-HOP KID This Hip-Hop History Comedy was partially shot under Los Angeles’ famous (but now defunct) 14th Street Bridge former major motion picture filming location. There, Michael Douglas Goodman stars as a young, hungry, rambunctious, Hip-Hop hopeful seeking the tutelage of down-and-out old school, Hip-Hop great Kango - played by prolific SoCal actor Phillip E. Walker. But wanna be rapper Benji finds far more than he bargained when he meets Sunny, an attractive, edgy, female skateboarder played by Salina Marie Carter, who tears the house down at the movie’s end. Ron Duncan’s educational film Previewed at Hollywood’s famous TCL Chinese 6 Theatre and WORLD PREMIERED at New York City's Harlem International Film Festival, en route to Miami Independent Film Festival competition, Atlanta's Rejected Reel Film Festival and #RoxFilm20! in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. All preparing for a 2019 Worldwide Black History Month celebrations tour and beyond! 0:26:00       Ron Duncan
FRICTION Friction encompasses the idea that one voice can stimulate effective change. Throughout the film, the diverse characters interact with each other and are connected with or without their knowledge in a divided world. There is an underground effort to revolt against the local officials due to police brutality and friction arises between conflicting beliefs and views on the pursuit of change. 1:16:00       Ogechi Musa
THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD A businessman and a young woman find each other in a shattered state. Their worries about what the world turns into comes soon to light. They want to change that - with a dangerous plan! 1:57:00       Uwe Schwarzwalder


28 october 2018


Title Synopsis Runtime Country Language Genre Director
MILITARY HUSBAND (EXT) Matt Whittaker can barely get out of bed, he's addicted to coffee and watching the cable news coverage of the Iraq war. The year is 2005 and Matt's wife Celia, who was an ROTC student in college, was reactivated for service after three years in civilian life and sent to Iraq.  0:44:46 United States English   Kevin McMahon
A(U)N   0:12:00       TS Prasanna
LEAVING VIRGINVILLE When 11 year old Faith's suicide attempt fails after the death of her father, she is convinced there is no God. By 18 she's rebelling against everything in her universe. After she gets expelled from Catholic school, her mother Christina decides to create a change of environment. Faith is sent to go live with her cousin Phoebe in Philadelphia. While Faith enjoys her new freedoms she learns that every game has its rules. She is left questioning who she truly is and what she actually believes in. 1:35:00       Melissa Whiteley
THE MIDST   0:18:39  United States  English   Darren Cole, Ogechi Musa
A.W.O.L.  A Fallen Angel decides to stay on earth 0:14:20       Ira Farmer
POLISI MALING Three corrupt cops, one righteous thief, and a meth party gone horribly wrong. Inspired by Indonesian children game of tag, "Polisi Maling" translates into "Cops and Robbers," where the roles of cops and crooks are ever-changing. 0:18:52       Randolph Zaini
WHAT IF (WO SIE IST) How will Big Data eventually effect our individual freedom? It’s the year 2184 and big data is omnipresent. A sophisticated system has been developed to analyze people. Perfect partner recommendations have become the norm. But Achille wants to find a partner by himself. However, in a society where matchmaking has been systematic for generations, it seems impossible to convince a woman on his own. People would rather rely on big data than their own potentially faulty intuition. But Achille’s human desires seem absurd in this efficiency-oriented world. When he goes in search of that spontaneous, authentic connection, he finds challenges at every turn. By a chance happening, a young lady, Eleni, ends up in his workshop.The closer he tries to get to her, the more afraid she becomes of him. The situation escalates and Achille’s mother attempts to bring him to reason. He finally gives up and sets Eleni free, but apparently he has changed something inside of her. 0:16:00       Linda Gasser
RANSOM Kitty and Kent form a desperate plan to stay afloat. Susan Daniels is the plan. 0:03:17 United States English Thriller, Drama, Comedy Stefanie Davis
THE SUNRISE STORYTELLER The Sunrise Storyteller follows the hero's journey of teenage filmmaker & social justice advocate, Kasha Sequoia Slavner, as she sets out for six months on her 16th birthday across the world in search of stories of hope and resilience that shine a light on what it means to be a global citizen and how we can all make a difference. 1:04:25 Canada English   Kasha Sequoia Slavner
STORKOW KALIFORNIA Storkow. Sunny (30) and his mother Nena (60) live as social outlaws in the east-german countryside, doing drugs in the car and on the „Beach“.  0:28:30 Germany German Drama, Coming-Of-Age Kolja Malik
FINN'S WHISTLE Finn Ellis, a spunky, imaginative, and confident ten year old, lives in a small suburb with her father and sick mother. Finn only wants one thing, for her mom to recover. Finn's mother has told stories of a 'magic whistle' that was a childhood keepsake, something that always made things better. Finn embarks on a journey to find the magic whistle in hope to save her mom before it's to late. 0:11:24 United States English   Steven Swancoat
NOTES FROM THE NEW WORLD  Logline: In the process of preparing for the leading role in a play based on Dostoevsky’s “Notes from the Underground”, a young actor is drawn into a world of intrigue, romance, and murder. 1:39:00  United States  English  Thriller, Drama, Action Vitaly Sumin
VIKINGS: WARRIORS FROM THE NORTH, GIANTS OF THE SEA Long before the Viking Age, Scandinavia was already settled. Its population descended from ancient Germanic peoples, with whom they shared the origins of their mythology, language and culture. The inhabitants of present-day Denmark, Sweden and Norway were trading and had contact with numerous surrounding countries and societies. In the 8th century the contact and the purpose of these expeditions changed, when the Vikings set forth in their clinker-built ships and sailed all over the world. Over a span of 300 years, they carried out raids, trade and migration all over Christian Europe and even to more far-flung regions. 0:12:00       Gustavo Vilchez
Workshop Filmmaking for Activists in this Age of Propaganda Warfare: Grassroots Financing for Consciousness Raising 0:12:00       Yuanzhi Kevin Chen
SUSAN&THOMAS SUSAN & THOMAS (2017) is a stream of consciousness narrative based on Susan Sontag's 1987 New Yorker magazine essay "Pilgrimage" where she reminisces about her first encounter with her then literary idol Thomas Mann as a 14 year old high schooler with literary ambitions living in 1947 Los Angeles. Melissa Chalsma as the fictional, inspiration seeking "writer" retraces Sontag's steps. Like Richard Linklater's Boyhood, SUSAN & THOMAS was shot over a time period of many years in an attempt to evoke the layered, disjointed, and elusive but seamless nature of memory filtered through identification and personal experience. Though the story is sequential in nature, the non linear visuals mix chronological time showing "the writer" somewhat randomly at different times of her life. Subtle changes in aspect ratio seek to reinforce this idea. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, SUSAN & THOMAS may be regarded as a personal take on an inspiring true story. 0:31:50  United States  English  Drama, Action Tony Villani
IN AMORGOS THERE IS TIME   0:02:36        
HARD SELL Things take a strange turn when a high-school cross country star tries to sell pies to a recently divorced millionaire with a cocaine habit. 0:12:45       Luke Slendebroek
TIME AND LOVE AND I time and love and I is about a couple who is in a predicament. Amber has to choose between William and the career of her dreams (between time and love). What is her choice? 0:05:00       Patricia Anderson and J. Ashlee
RECOVER CONNECTION (TAASTA SIDE) Young detective Siim goes undercover to capture the region’s biggest drug lord. During the operation, he finds himself looking at the familiar face of a man he has not seen for over twenty years, giving the sting a much more complex outcome. 0:26:38       Tõnis Pill
TENDENCY TO LOVE Our Tendency to Love refines us as Humans 0:22:05  Australia-Italy  English and some Italian with English subtitles  Drama Paul Rickwood
SPRING A father learns to let his son be a kid and play in the desolate wasteland of future Earth. 0:02:28       Yuanzhi Kevin Chen
PIPINARA In a hamlet near Rome overlooking the sea, two young boys share their time between petty thefts and football games. Their crimes are still full of carelessness and exuberance of childhood games, until an unexpected proposal will bring darkness into their lives, and to Italy’s history, the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini. 0:14:15       Ludovico Di Martino
Workshop A Screenplay Paradigm for Writers and Executives. 0:25:00        
3 MINUTE MAN A rogue A.I. program 'IRIS' has overthrown its company and has recruited soldiers to do her dirty work with the ability to travel in time. Jesse Tate must decide whats more important: his past, or his future. 0:08:00 United States English Drama, History Ralph Lucchese
Workshop How to Write an Award-Winning Screenplay. 0:10:00        
PECHORIN Based on the Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov novel “The Hero of Our Time”.
 All events shown as they are reflected in the mind of the dying hero, as a series of irrevocable mistakes and interpreted anew: it is either reconsideration or repentance. 
1:36:46 Russian Federation Russian Drama, History Roman Khrushch
DROP-OFF A father learns to let his son be a kid and play in the desolate wasteland of future Earth. 0:06:22       Shawn Cortel
AGNUS DEI A young man Peter, lives a desperate life with his Mother Mary and her husband Stojan in one village of Serbia. Peter is born in Kosovo from a forbidden love between his Mother Mary and the young Albanian man, but for this he is not aware. Is the period of time when relations between Serbs and Albanians are inimical, exactly is the time of the beginning of war. Peter is forced by his mother and the others to go to war. He intend to escape the war and goes to the West. He is mobilized forcefully in one paramilitary unit in Kosovo's war. Peter desert from the Kosovo war after killing his biological father and runs off with Maria. The two fall in love as they flee from both forces and Peter commits suicide when he learns Maria is half-sister. 1:51:00       Agim Sopi


29 october 2018


Title Synopsis Runtime Country Language Genre Director
CASEY Eleven-year old Casey and her mother live alone in a quiet house. Casey’s mother ensures her daughter receives the education, protection, and loving care little girls need. But an altercation with some local schoolgirls reveals that Casey’s life is based on a lie. 0:11:58 Canada English   Cody Westman
TALES FROM SHAOLIN: PT ONE SHAKEY DOG Tales From Shaolin reinterprets the works of the Wu Tang Clan as a Shakespeare-meets-Tarantino, crime-filled action dark comedy!  0:14:56 United States English   Louis A. Moore
THE BUTTERFLY Following the death of her Father whom she has not seen since she was a teenager, Vanessa, coming from a humble social background, goes to Marseilles.
 Master Leclerc, the solicitor in charge of the succession, offers her an unexpected choice which is going to plunge Vanessa back into her past.
0:25:38 France French   Paillès twin brothers
LAST TO FALL Last To Fall is a modern day film noir that takes place in Brooklyn, New York. Tom Ramirez has lost his family and his bar to his gambling problem. He starts an affair with the girlfriend of the bookie who took over his bar and together they hatch a plan to free themselves from his reach but at a terrible cost. 0:19:00 United States English Crime, Drama, Film Noir Paul Mendoza
AVOCADO TOAST Good food and new friends can heal the heart. 0:06:32 United States English   Kelsey Selby
FIGHT NIGHT Out of necessity, violence comes naturally for these brothers. And one must step up when he's needed the most. 0:05:21 United States English   Joeann Calabrese
MARGUERITE Comfortably seated in his armchair, Jean, a dreamer of about fifty years, smokes his pipe in front of a chimney fire when suddenly the ghost of a woman he does not know appears to him. 0:13:00 France French Fantastique, drama, fantastic, époque, short, horreur Néret Alexis
IGNITE: A BURNING MAN EXPERIENCE Logline: Burning Man is more than a party. See why people call it home. Dive into a rabbit hole of fire and dust with one of the most captivating events in the world: Burning Man. Follow participants as they explore the unpredictable Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis that exists for a week before its attractions are burned to dust. 0:17:53 USA English Movie (Theatrical)  
PEN PALS - HI TECH Pen Pals perform their song 'Hi Tech' in a futuristic, post apocalyptic setting 0:02:42 USA English Music Video  
FIVE STARS Two Robbers steal an Uber car without noticing the three customers in the back seat: a young couple coming from a date and a crazy old Korean woman. 0:24:59 USA English Movie (Theatrical)  
A FINE TIME TO WINE Huell Houser meets wine country, with a twist. 0:07:00 USA English Television  
FEARLESS LOVERS (MUSIC VIDEO) Fearless Lovers is a brand new emotionally charged house song by Kim Cameron. Produced by Kevin Rockhill (New York City) and featuring all-star saxophonist Suzanne Grzanna, this new record brings Kim back to her EDM roots with big drops, memorable hooks a touch of dub and a bpm that keeps you moving. Playing off the lyrical content ‘Fearless Lovers,’ Kim uses today’s politically-charged topics (right to bare arms and workplace romance) in the newest music video with a bit of tongue-in-cheek using silver glitter riffles and an Art Director who cannot seem to keep his hands to himself. Filmed in Miami Beach, Fl, the video features dancers from Washington, DC and Moldavia. Award winner Dave McMahon was the director, with Isis Masoud as the Choreographer, whose background includes “Dance Fever” and “So You Think You can Dance.” Prior to the official release of Fearless Lovers, this song is already generating noise, making the DJ Times Top Picks list. 0:02:55       Kim Cameron
TO HIGH TO FLY To high to fly by Chris Adams Video production by Hagit Kastel Nachsholi Nadia Vadori-Gauthier 0:03:50       Hagit Kastel Nachsholi
O CHA DO GENERAL (TIME FOR TEA) A retired Chinese general receives an unusual visit from his grandson. 0:22:00       Bob Yang
PRELUDE/BEGINNING Ulas is invited to his first girlfriend's wedding, while he is working on an cinema adaptation of "Letters from a Portuguese nun". Heading to the wedding with memories he couldn't fully erase from his mind and heart, Ulas has to first visit some moments of his past. 0:17:00       Onur Keşaplı
THE TIME THAT WEARS MAN OUT Currently there are 20 million workers in our country. They have strict, unmerciful and routine, working and life conditions. These conditions have huge effect at society. Working schedule is approximately 10-12 hours with the overtimes and it can reach up to 13 hours with transportation time. Workers barely spare time for their vital needs. Workers don't have enough spare time therefore they don't have a chance to do social activities and improve themselves intellectually. In this movie, these conditions are told by workers. 0:16:00       Volkan Bağırgan
LUTFI Lütfi who has been waiting for the Azrael for 12 years decided to end his life on his own, but he couldn't manage to commit suicide. He found out that the janitor working in his building murdered someone for a reason, and asked the janitor to execute the task. They agreed. After the agreement Lütfi's life perception changes drastically when his death from anothers hand becomes certain. But a deal is a deal. 0:30:00       Cahit Kaya Demir

1983. The Cold War is seconds from exploding. The world holds its breath as the superpowers USA and Russia are arming themselves against each other with thousands of nuclear missiles. On the 26th of September, Russian radars intercept five nuclear missiles on their way to Russia. Stanislav Petrov is commander-in-chief. The decision that would start World War III rests on his shoulders. Should Russia fire nuclear missiles at the United States in defence? 'The Man Who Saved the World' is an epic Cold War thriller that sends shivers down your spine, while also being a gripping story about the man who actually saved the world, and his struggle to get his life back on track before it is too late.

“I often get the chance to play a hero. But Stanislav is a true real-life hero.” Kevin Costner

1:05:00       Peter Anthony
MINE MINE is the story of Lucia, an aspiring youtuber engaged with Marco, a boy who becomes aggressive and violent. 0:11:00       David Cinnella
L'INDIGESTION A family dinner is organized for the grandmother‘s birthday. This meal is an opportunity to see the distress, the fears, the wickedness of this family. 0:10:51       Mathilde Remy
RAG DOLLS Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest... 0:04:12       Kristin Schaack
FRACTALS 'Once there was a circle who wanted to be a square, so she dated a triangle.' An idealistic individual trying to find her identity through relationships. 0:03:49       Ruifan Wang
BICYCLE  I lost my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. 0:01:16       Dana Sink
IN OUR SKIN In Our Skin is a celebration of nudity and freedom of women within their own bodies. It is a film about form, volume and shape, from the beauty of a fold of skin to the delicacy of a touch. The film highlights the exceptional and extraordinary that lies within the seemingly routine gestures of undressing and creates a connection with often overlooked feelings and sensations. 0:04:00       Rosa Beiroa
THE VINE (LIJANA) A group of wild boys who reject everything that has to do with the world of grownups as corruptible and hypocritical meet Vladan, who appears to be nothing like their weak fathers and decide to show him a dark secret hidden in the woods. 0:27:15       Ivan Đurović
TASH KӨMҮR Two teenagers make a living selling the coals, which they themselves extract from the mine. Despite the hard work and life they both dream of a better life, that they will some day get out of this “fog”. 0:28:40       Evgenii Chistiakov
THE KNITS A sweater, lovingly and arduously knit by a mother, incrementally unravels as her daughter treks her way across Canada by foot. Along the way, the film tugs at the crossed threads of familial ties, art versus craft, gendered materiality, and the relationship we have with mother nature and her great divide. “The Knits” is a loving yet humorous homage to the artist’s mother and her chronic affliction of “the Knits”. 0:10:00       Lisa Birke

 This film is a self study examining the relationship between our minds and our bodies, our thoughts and our actions, and the sometimes insurmountable gaps between what we think we want to feel and what we actually experience. In this film I pose the question

“Are you holding me, or am I holding myself?” and I attempt to answer it through a movement study describing the relationship between myself as an individual-a sensitive and receptive human body, and between various external influences. I am placing the human body in extreme conditions. Sometimes existing in a more grounded or neutral reality, while at other times existing in a warmer more surreal world, I investigate what it is to create and struggle with certain boundaries that stem from self reflection/self torment over past experiences, and the means by which we think we can achieve an ideal emotional or physical state.

Does our self perception hinder us? In recognizing our patterns, good and bad, are we really just making the realization that we are our own worst enemies? The realization that I sought through this film is that we are all looking for a human connection, someone to hold us as well as someone to hold.

0:11:47       César Brodermann
ABCAM A B C A M (or A & B Cam) presents a scene from a TV movie where the angles have been superimposed to explore cinematic conventions. It reveals the narrative, angles as well as the adjustments in performance to observe the process in its rawness and mesmerizing predictability. 0:07:54       Richard Martin
VARIATIONS Overwhelmed by pain, a woman must face her past or fall down definitely. 0:06:55       Martin Klein
SHADES OF DAY - DIRECTOR'S CUT  Logline: A suspenseful Hollywood fable based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s classic novella, “White Nights”. The film introduces us to the enchanting Linda, whose life is centered around a planned reunion with her former lover Paul. Her plans change in remarkable ways as she encounters an extraordinary cast of characters, including a new lover and a pornography producer being pursued by the Mafia. 1:42:00  United States  English  Thriller, Drama, Romance Vitaly Sumin
IN THE WIND Desperate grassroots director Lan Hai and a friend of his named Ouyang, they decided to film a mockumentary. Jiang Xiao, a graduating senior student influenced by the Chinese mainstream education, he decided to film the entire process of Lan's mockumentary production as his final project before graduation. 1:44:00       Lan Shu-zhang


30 october 2018


Title Synopsis Runtime Country Language Genre Director
PUBIC ENEMY/NUMBER TWO A middle-aged father walks in on his teen son's "man-scaping" and an interesting conversation ensues. 0:05:22 United States English   Ed Vela
CANVAS Shocking true story of loneliness and isolation, in a world - inundated with social media - never lonely, never isolated.
0:19:10 United States English   Rituparna Dasdatta(Ritu)
I LOST MY WIFE! I Lost My Wife!' is a short film, in one continuous shot, about two young couples trying to end a green card marriage while navigating their current relationships. 0:13:45 United States English Drama, comedy, film noir, dramedy Paul Skye Lehrman
THE SINGER After meeting a boy on the subway, a young aspiring singer goes on a musical journey of self discovery… Or so she thinks. 0:14:58 United States English   Paul Mendoza
PRAY-ER Legendary producer/guitarist Gerry Leonard (David Bowie/Suzanne Vega) performs a prayer of hope for us living through these divided times. Recorded live at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC after the horrible tragedy in Charlottesville, VA, August 12th, 2017. This film has won 3 film awards and has screened in NYC multiple times and Lagos, Nigeria. 0:03:42 United States English   Joeann Calabrese
MOGU AND PEROL A story about two friends living on Yummy Island, where delicious food can be found everywhere! Whenever Mogu is cooking, Perol just pops up and eats the yummy meal. One day Perol finds a very tasty looking Brrrr-berry that Mogu was about to pick. Perol doesn't wait for a second to taste the berry which brings about an unexpected quarrel between the two. 0:08:32 Japan Japanese Kids, Stop motion, family Tsuneo Goda
ORGANUM MATHEMATICUM Organum Mathematicum is an uninterrupted 21-minute psychedelic trip of original visuals and music rooted in early European electronica á la Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, and Vangelis.  0:21:21 United States English, Japanese   SimoneX
NOVALIS' Kindness is the essence of greatness. 'Philosophy is properly home-sickness; the wish to be everywhere at home'- Novalis (Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg) 0:02:35 USA English Movie (Theatrical)  
SINGULARITY Evolution is the ultimate journey, always in the now and always moving forward.Our film explores the journey of life, showing its complexity and scale.If you believe in creation or evolution the question is what will happen when we interfere with that by creating synthetic life ourselves... especially one that has the potential to exceed our intelligence? 0:02:10 Australia English Movie (Theatrical)  
THE INTELLIGENCE! - THE COUNTERATTACK OF ROBOTS A story which uses robots to depict the crisis facing Earth in the near future. 0:19:34 Japan Japanese Movie (Theatrical)  
LE GRAND CENTRAL (ONLY HAS TRAILER) Le Grand Central, is a fantasy story like none other. It begins on a magical night, by a freak act of nature, which sees Mercury the Roman god being brought back to life from centuries of slumber and his encounter with an exotic goddess from Indochine. Did Zeus spin the constellations with his mighty hands? Was it a sign by the Olympian gods of remarkable things to come? Le Grand Central is a sneak preview of this epic fantasy film in the making. I welcome you to join us and travel back in time to discover exotic kingdoms in Indochine. A period where gigantic elephants served mighty Kings and beautiful dancing Apsaras performed for gods and deities… 0:04:00       Jasemin Ho
THE LIAR 1963. As the swinging cultural revolution is flourishing in London, a shadow of paranoia is casted on a tiny, English town. Roy, the village fool, is not only convinced that Adolf Hitler is still alive, but also that he is running the local bakery. How much should his obsessive suspicions be trusted, and what is he willing to do to prove his identity? 0:18:00       Jack Salvadori
NENA & DAVE STEWART: "BE MY REBEL" Children dream of what they will be as adults and adults dream about their childhood. But sometimes, when orderly life becomes paralyzed in routine, adults need the inner child to bring about change: "Be my rebel", the first collaboration of the two music legends Nena and Dave Stewart, premiered at Nenas 40th anniversary on stage. The accompanying video by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Virgil Widrich transfers the story into a dreamlike, glass mirror world that is powered by Dave Stewart at the controls of his classic modular synthesizers. At the typewriter: Nena as an annoyed bookkeeper, who threatens to disappear soon with her flower dress in her flower wallpaper. But the inner dialogue works in both directions and soon takes effect: rebellion changes the past – and thus also the future. 0:04:00       Virgil Widrich
PUNCH THE COYOTE When a tough guy wakes up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, half naked and without his memory, he finds himself staring down the snout of a coyote who has stolen his clothes... a coyote who smokes cigarettes... a coyote who just may be the angel of death. Naked and confused, Bill is chased by the coyote through an unfamiliar land on a fateful quest that may ultimately lead him to salvation... or something far worse. 0:15:00       Mathew Carr
WAITING FOR FEAR The struggle of an individual, who witnessed suicide bombings in his country and in the world, coping with the fear that entered his life. 0:12:00       Orçun Üzüm

After The Great War, Payan had to grown herself in a shelter.


0:20:00       Cem Göksoy
OLD MAN IN THE WOODS Salih is a 10 year old boy. Because of his family having financial problems, he decides to go to the forest everyday to collect pine cones to sell pine nuts inside of them. One day he mets an old man in the forest. And the old man tells Salih a legend that supposed to happened in the forest. Although Salih doesn’t really believe in that legend he one day finds himself in it. Salih does what the legend says and after finding the award he makes his wish. 0:15:00       Kardelen Eren
SUBURBAN MANIFEST In the suburban neighborhood, a group of young people are struggling to live the neighborhood. Even if they have different parents, they are like the brothers of each other. Brotherhood is the most important thing, even from their mothers and fathers... 0:29:00       Egemen Özcan
DUNDEN KALAN Umut hears from his father, who left the house for another woman years ago. In the house that he went to spill out his hatred, he finds out that his father has Alzheimer illness. Despite all the things they have been through, Umut feels responsible for his father. He decides to put him in the care home; but this would not be as easy as he expected. Father and son have to spend a day together as two strangers. 0:32:00       Salih Toprak
SEVEN YEARS OF WINTER Seven-year-old Andrej scavenges the nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl for discarded documents to trade on the black market. Shot entirely on location, this is a haunting rumination on the heartbreaking effects of the political on the personal. Schwenzel’s film starts off as a straightforward narrative but once Andrej enters the radiated Chernobyl, the film soon turns into a location showcase of the desolate environment. Because the setting is so unforgettable and the cinematography is captured so excellently, we never have a problem with this change. Sasha Savenkov puts forth a fascinating one-man (or in this case, one-little boy) performance that will certainly have moviegoers looking out to see where his acting career goes from here. The technical feats trump the story, which the film is light on. 0:22:00       Marcus Schwenzel
DEVIL’S WORK A troubled 14-years-old boy grows increasingly isolated as he obsesses over the circumstances surrounding his father death his descent puts him on a dismal and potentially violent course that will lead to major truths and even greater questions. His father was a Soldier at the Golf War. He died because he was contaminated with Depleted Uranium. The film was Influenced by Professor Siegwart Horst Günther the "father" of the anti-uranium-weapons movement and who received the Nuclear-Free Future Award 2007."The first ever made Brazilian/US movie about the use of Depleted Uranium Weapons." 0:19:00       Miguel Silveira
POWER An animated film intersecting machinery, life, and media. Power. 0:02:23       Dana Sink
NINE KNOTS (NUEVE NUDOS) Nine knots, a prayer for each one, and then, nine wishes for the soul that no longer inhabits in the earth. Maria knew about the cult thanks to her mother and knew how to tie them thanks to her father. But now she and her brother José are alone. 0:10:31       Lorena Maria Colmenares Molina
IN OUR SKIN In Our Skin is a celebration of nudity and freedom of women within their own bodies. It is a film about form, volume and shape, from the beauty of a fold of skin to the delicacy of a touch. The film highlights the exceptional and extraordinary that lies within the seemingly routine gestures of undressing and creates a connection with often overlooked feelings and sensations. 0:03:55       Rosa Beiroa
PARENTS CAME TO ME TO SRI LANKA (RODITELI PRIEKHALI KO MNE NA SRI LANKU) Downshifted Alex lives in Sri Lanka as a white king. Parents’ arrival coincides with mystical appearance of the local deity, Shamka, in the village. Alex’s peaceful life ends at this point. 0:29:50       Vera Vodynski
SONG SOTTO VOCE A young woman wanders the deserted expanses with a rolling suitcase. A father appears on her skin like a tattoo. A journey between two distresses where poetry is the only salvation. 0:10:20       Pierre Bessette
HOTEL DIARY A long forgotten encounter comes to life through fragments of real and imagined recollections. Longing, memories and nostalgia are at play in a chronicle of an affair, set in a deserted interiors of a Los Angeles hotel. Water is present everywhere, not just as an element, but indicating the subconscious and desire. The atmosphere reminds of Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Fritz Lang’s Secret Beyond the Door. 0:05:59       Nataša Prosenc Stearns
THE PERFORMANCE A story about a starving artist faints on the ground at a gallery opening reception. Unexpectedly, no one in the gallery helps him out but enjoys watching his fainting in an absurd way. 0:07:53       Miao Hao
THE CASTING GAME   1:12:00       Joy Hopwood
88 CENTS After losing five years behind bars, a man begins his new life in San Francisco, eager to find a job, a home, and a second chance. 0:38:00       Tyler Pina
Inexorable  A couple going through a rough patch after a miscarriage are being tormented in the night by baby cries 00:04:52       Zoe Kavanagh
Darkslide Damen Krow is a young musician with Asperger's syndrome who plays guitar and works at a sawmill. He has trouble making connections in his life, but desperately wants his band 'P.F.C.' to gain notoriety. One day, he meets a talented visual artist named Naomi Sinclair. Naomi completely disappears as Damen falls into a daze of drug use. Will Damen rise above his inner struggles? Or will the ghosts of the past haunt Damen and slide him down deeper into the dark depths of poverty and obscurity? 0:63:00       Brendan Petersen
PROPER BINGE For Burgess "Buzz" Zwink (Bradford Jackson), wasting life is a way of life. At thirty-two years old, and still living with his parents, Buzz's adult life seems to be nothing more than a continuous haze of debauchery. That is until his carefree recklessness lands his lifelong friend in the hospital after another of his drunken mishaps. Faced with the reality of his choices as he reluctantly forces himself into sobriety, Buzz begins to realize just how much pain he has caused to those around him. With the help of a young Inupiaq boy (D'Artagnon Moonin), and an elderly, life-long alcoholic (Thomas G. Jacobs), Buzz must face his past, present, and possible future in order to take his life back from the bottle, and above all else, seek forgiveness not only from those he has wronged, but from himself. 1:42:00       Dean Q. Mitchell & Michael Burns