Director Film Name Award Genre Duration Country Fest Sector  
  Aleksander Szeser Inside I'm Racing Best Action Short Award Action, Short 0:18:00 IRELAND Waterford Film Festival (Ireland)  
    Oh My Greece | Unlock the Feeling Best Tourism Short Award Tourism, Travel 0:02:09 GREECE Austria International Film Festival  
  Petra Terzi She Should Run - Cyprus Best Cultural Film Award Cultural Film 0:55:54 CYPRUS Cultural International Festivals  
  Graciela Cassel Citylife 2 Best Artistic Film Award Short, Artistic 0:06:25 ARGENTINA Madrid Art Film Festival  
  Giovanni Lodgiani The Gift Best US Short Award Drama 0:09:09 USA Cinema Los Angeles  
  Mark Norfolk I, Father Best Experimental Film Award Experimental, Experimental Drama,Youth 1:31:45 KOSOVO Rome Film Awards  
  Leonid Karnitsky Gregueria Best Canadian Short Award Drama 0:12:46 CANADA Cinema Los Angeles  
  Francesc Cánovas and Francisco Lorenzo. SAD BALLAD OF THE CLASH Best Spanish Film Award Drama, Spanish 0:20:00 SPAIN Madrid Art Film Festival  
  Mamadou Lamine SECK DJIBRIL Best Drama Short Award Drama 0:20:00 SENEGAL French Independent Film Festival  
  Petra Terzi Roses Trilogy Best Trilogy Award Documentary 0:31:52 CYPRUS Cultural International Festivals  
  Petra Terzi 49 Years After – Above Limits Best Cyprus Short Award Short, Drama 0:09:00 CYPRUS Cultural International Festivals  
  Aviv Kaufman Milestone Best Israel Short Award Drama, Short 0:13:04 ISRAEL Malta Film Festival  
  Roman Villevoye VOID Best Netherlands Short Film Award   0:05:16 ICELAND, NETHERLANDS Amsterdam World International Film Festival and Reykjavik Visions Film Festival  
  Phillip E. Walker Music Video Reel Best Music Short Award Music, Short 0:01:18 USA WFF  
  Bruce Nicholson A Dancer's Journey Through the Holy Land Best Documentary Short Award Documentary 0:26:49 USA Cinema New York City  
  Sudipta Dey Her Story Best Indian Film Award Woman, Art 2:20:00 INDIA    
  Jane Tse A Story Best Mystery Short Award Chinese, Crime Drama, Love, Mystery 0:19:45 USA Washington Film Festival  
  Aden Lungstrom Hair of the Dog Best Horror Short Award Horror, Thriller 0:29:15 USA Cinema New York City  
  Joan Gelfand Ferlinghetti - School of Poetics Best Poetry Award Poetry 0:05:14 USA Cinema Los Angeles  
  Hiroki Sugino FREEDIM Best Asian Film Award Music, History, Reggae 1:16:25 JAPAN Hong Kong National Film Festival  
  Anna Rozengurt SPEECH!ESS - SHORT WEB-STORIES Best Web Story Award Series, Comedy, Experimental, Humour, Drama 0:04:28 UKRAINE Kiev Film Festival  
  Phillip E. Walker GettingPaid. us Best US Documentary Short Award Documentary 0:12:00 USA WFF  
  Roman Jaquez The Way Forward Best US Drama Award Drama 1:28:51 USA Cinema Los Angeles  
  Nicolas Walker Journal of My Other Self Best Drama Screenplay Award Drama Screenplay USA Investment Sector  
  Rosemary Griggs Fernweh - The Ache for Distant Places Best History Screenplay Award Drama, History, War Screenplay USA Investment Sector  
  Intellect Pictures Success Best Screenplay Award   Screenplay USA Investment Sector  
  Petra Terzi 49 Years After - The Gifted Best European Drama Short Award Drama 0:07:02 CYPRUS Cultural International Festivals  
  Jeff Fry KRIEG Best Film about War Award War, Drama 0:39:30 USA Global Entertainment Market  
  Noro Napravnik Amorphosis Best Thriller Award Thriller, British 0:18:00 UK European Cinema Festival  
  Walter Nicoletti Maternity For Sale Best Italian Short Film Award Short, Drama, Italy 0:17:51 ITALY Eurovision Palermo Film Festival  
  David Cinnella Nemo Propheta Best European Short Award Drama, Italy 0:08:00 ITALY Eurovision Palermo Film Festival  
  Molly Jacobs The Tale of a Corporate Slave People's Choice Award Independent Film, USA 1:40:00 USA Global Entertainment Market  
  Oliver Ojeil Take Me In Your Arms Best Art Film Short Award Art, USA 0:04:00 USA New York State Film Festival  
  Richard Bolon-Bruhn The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour Best Music Award Drama, African American, Documentary, Biography, Music 1:10:00 CANADA Washington Film Festival  
  Geska Brecevic Dreaming The Memories of Now Best Art Film Award Essay Film, Art 1:31:15 SWEDEN Reykjavik Visions Film Festival  
  BK Wilson Dichotomy Brewing: A Keith R Booker Story Best History Short Award Documentary, History 0:19:58 USA New York State Film Festival  
  Fumito Fushi S is for Summer, K was for Fall Best Japanese Film Award Experimental 1:20:00 JAPAN Hong Kong National Film Festival  
  Yusaku April Fools Best Japanese Feature   1:30:58 JAPAN World Film Fair  
  QuanXu Where Is My Home Best Foreign Language Feature Film     CHINA World Film Fair  
  ZhuoChen Montane’s guide Best International Documentary Feature Film   1:30:00 CHINA World Film Fair  
  Shang Wingyee You Rise Me Up Audience Favorite Award   0:23:18 CHINA Atlanta Award - Qualifying Film Festival  
  DekangYang ,LingxuDuan, KangLiu Solitary Symphony Best International Documentary Short Film   0:30:00 CHINA Atlanta Award - Qualifying Film Festival  
  JieWang,KangLi The Scrap Girl Best International Documentary Film   0:59:13 CHINA World Film Fair  
  GuanwenQiu Sad Fish Best Cinematography   0:10:56 CHINA World Film Fair  
  Kumar Raj Tara - The Journey of Love and Passion Best Actress Award     INDIA Atlanta, Global Entertainment Market, Reykjavik, Rome or Cannes  
  Director Film Name Award Duration Fest Sector      
  Vasco Diogo Anexperimentalviralvlog: The Movie Remix Official selection: "Best Short Experimental Film Award" 0:12:52 Rome Film Awards      
  Devone Jones Pizza Shop Official selection: "Best Super Short Film Award" 0:05:09 Austria International Film Festival      
  Yuriy Konopkin Golden Bream Official selection: "Best Russian Short Film Award" 0:23:39 Cinema Los Angeles      
  Tony Villani Shindler's War Official selection: "Los Angeles People's Choice Award" 0:09:35 Cinema New York City      
  Tony Villani Susan & Thomas Official selection: "Best Biography and History Film Award" 0:31:50 EuroFilm Festival Geneva      
  Irina Kitova SOME SOFIA BARDS AND OTHER LOCAL BIRDS Official selection: "Best Documentary Jury's Choice Award" 1:00:37 French Independent Film Festival      
  David Bengtsson Tennis Dad Official selection: Best Drama People's Choice Award" 1:35:00 Austria International Film Festival      
  Gerard John Tendenza Ad Amar (Tendency to Love) Official selection: "Best Actor Award (Gerard John)"   Rome Film Awards      
  Kymberly Harris Rose's Turn Official selection: "Best Short Thriller Award" 0:14:53 Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Kymberly Harris Faith Official selection: "Best Dark Comedy Award"   Cinema Los Angeles      
  Naomi Lisner Hannah Rosenthal Official selection: "Best Short Drama People's Choice Award" 0:14:55 Rome Film Awards      
  Adrian Trapano Black Mud Official selection: "Best Feature Award"   Washington Film Festival      
  Andrew O'Keefe
Writer / Director / Producer
Apocalypse Films Pty. Ltd.
Crime & Punishment Official selection: "Best Crime Film People's Choice Award" 1:37:00 Cinema New York City      
  Vitaly Sumin Notes From The New World Official selection: "Best Action People's Choice Award" 1:44:28 Rome Film Awards      
  Vitaly Sumin Shades of the Day Official selection: "Best Romance People's Choice Award" 1:43:06 Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Agim Sopi Agnus Dei Official selection: "Jury Choice Award" 1:50:00 Malta Film Festival      
  Pasquale Moscatello The Flight of the Gypsy Nightingale Official selection: "Best Music People's Choice Award" 1:16:43 Amsterdam World International Film Festival      
  Mercedes Gaspar Escapes (Huidas) Official selection: "Best Adventure Film Award" 1:28:00 Cinema Los Angeles      
  Niko Kühnel ...And the Rest is History Official selection: "Best USA Comedy People Choice Award" 1:28:00 Austria international film festival      
  Helio Martins Jr. Invasion Official selection: "Best European Thriller People Choice Award" 1:28:00 Austria International Film Festival      
  Lan Shuzhang In The Wind Official selection: "Best Chinese Drama People Choice Award" 1:18:48 French Independent Film Festival      
  Katia Pantazi Unknown Land Official selection: "Best Fantasy Film Award" 1:18:00 Cinema Los Angeles      
  Oscar Spierenburg Vanitas Official selection: "Best Mystery People's Choice Award" 1:22:00 French Independent Film Festival      
  Luan Kryeziu The Hero Official selection: "Best Film about Kosovo Award" 1:45:16 Austria International Film Festival      
  José Luis Pedrero Candela Official selection: "Best Sci-Fi Film Award" 1:53:00 Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Soran Mardookhi Turbulence Official selection: "Best Canadian Drama People's Choice Award" 1:30:00 Amsterdam World International Film Festival      
  MARZENA WIĘCEK Women Collection Official selection: "Best Women Film Award" 1:24:18 Reykjavik Visions Film Festival      
  Nick Olanka Patrol Official selection: "Best Asian Action Film Award" 1:15:00 Austria International Film Festival      
  David Cartwright Five Nights of Waking Dreams Official selection: Best Biography People's Choice Award" 1:58:34 Washington Film Festival      
  Nick Torrens China's 3Dreams Official selection: "Best History Film People's Choice Award" 1:24:04 Cinema New York City      
  Natalia Armienta Oikawa Antes que se tire la sal / Spilling Salt Official selection: "Best Film about the Earth Source Award" 1:04:23 Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Michael McCallum Buffalo Official selection: Best USA Film People's Choice Award" 1:18:27 Hong Kong National Film Festival      
  Roberto Jabor Anima Sola Official selection: "Best Horror Film Jury's Choice Award"   European Cinema Festival      
  Julian Lim Crime Confidential Official selection: "Best Short Award" 0:20:00 Washington Film Festival      
  SHAILIK BHAUMIK Dasein Official selection: "Best Musical Romance People's Choice Award" 2:22:14 French Independent Film Festival      
  Shiwei Kang A Lifetime Poem Official selection: "Best Biograph Film Award"   Cinema Los Angeles      
  BLUE TEAR PRODUCCIONES and CANSPAN FILM FACTORY Luces (2017) Official selection: "Best Musical Drama People's Choice Award"   French Independent Film Festival      
  Amir Masoud Soheili Cheshm aabi (2014) Official selection: "Best Short Drama Jury's Choice Award"   Cinema New York City      
  Stephen Gaffney Class A (2016) Official selection: "Best Thriller People's Choice Award"   Rome Film Awards      
  Stefano De Felici Ferruccio story of a little robot Official selection: "Best Short Family Film Award" 0:06:40 Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Bunjamin Kurtishi Conversation On Life Official selection: "Best Short Film about Life Award"   Malta Film Festival      
  Bunjamin Kurtishi Decision Official selection: "Best Crime Short People's Choice Award"   Austria International Film Festival      
  Iara Lee Cultures of Resistance Official selection: "Best Documentary People's Choice Award"   Cinema New York City      
  Paul Russell Cats! Official selection: " Best Short Comedy People's Choice Award"   Austria International Film Festival      
  Paul Russell The Returning Official selection: "Best Horror Film Award"   Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Geska Brecevic and Robert Brecevic Dreaming the Memories of Now Official selection: "Best Documentary Jury's Choice Award" 1:32:15 Amsterdam World International Film Festival      
  Zvonko Meet The Kids Official selection: "Best Screenplay People's Choice Award" Screenplay Reykjavik Visions Film Festival      
  Zvonko Codename Dreamer Official selection: "Best Screenplay Jury's Choice Award" Screenplay Austria International Film Festival      
  Alejandro Itkin Air Time Official selection: Best Writer Award   Madrid Art Film Festival      
  Alejandro Itkin Milennials Official selection: Best Director People's Choice Award   European Cinema Festival      
  Fumito Fushi The Revolution of Tokyo Saba Girls Official selection: Best Japanese Film People's Choice Award   EuroFilm Festival Geneva      
  Ida-Nathalie Hildén A Vipassana Musical Official selection: "Best Musical People's Choice Award"   French Independent Film Festival      
  Bruce Nicholson Primavera Official selection: Best Dance Film 0:30:00 Rome Film Awards      
  Naomi Lisner L'Chaim Official selection: "Best European Film People's Choice Award"   Amsterdam World International Film Festival      
  Roman Khrushch Pechorin Official selection: "Best Drama Award" 1:35:00 Reykjavik Visions Film Festival