November 2019


Gabriel, a shy boy, decides to resort to the services of Eva, a transgender prostitute. He isn’t able to make love with her. Then, their meeting takes an unexpected turn, and becomes an unusual first time.

AVE variation #7

"AVE variation #7 is a personal interpretation of the Spanish landscape filmed aboard the high-speed train AVE (Alta Velocidad Español) between Madrid and Barcelona. It is an assemblage of abstract forms and sounds representing my interpretation of the beauty of the passing landscape from the perspective of a passenger on a speeding train.
Using digital effects, I created a metaphor of a train journey through time and space. The abstract patterns, colors and sounds inherent in this passing landscape produce a wide variety of audio effects and beautiful images.


After losing a child, a man and woman try to reestablish communication. Each of them pass through the barrier differently. As their attempts fail to get anywhere, they each decide to give it one more chance.

Fernweh - The Ache for Distant Places

Feature Historical Drama inspired by a True Story.

A girl born in East Africa longs to go to Germany to be where she fits in, only to have her family dismantled in the wrath of Hitler’s regime.

This is an ensemble in which each of the family members struggles with the theme of BELONGING in their own way. However, the plot points pivot around the daughter EVA.

The Butterfly

Vanessa, from a modest social background, goes to Marseille following the death of her father, whom she has not seen since adolescence. Master Leclerc, in charge of the estate will offer him an unexpected choice that will plunge Vanessa into her past.

The Dicks

A veteran hotel detective with unorthodox methods shows his new partner the ropes. Featuring Academy Award nominee Burt Young.

Hair of the Dog

Matthew Stelle’s life is slowly going down the drain; his artwork is failing, his addiction is worsening, and everything he thought he had under control is slowly slipping away. One night, on a drunken rendezvous, Matt discovers something that sends the spiral of his life spinning even faster


FAITH is a character driven dark comedy inspired by the lives and struggles of real teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol abuse in a psych ward. Under the direction of writer/director Kymberly Harris , this young all star ensemble employed method acting techniques to explore the lives of the characters. The result is an edgy, magical, and truthful human story exploring how broken people can find their way back to connection in life and with each other.

Rose's Turn

A glamorous European couple working in LA invite a homeless woman for dinner, and learn that their idea of helping may not be as simple as it seems.


One girl's shortcut. One guy's repressed anger. One cat's black hunger. Blood moon. The beast is rising.

Citylife 2

Dur: 6:27 min
The images from the video projection of City-life II move quickly in the sky, acting as the memories, dreams, and the action of these inhabitants. The windows of trains moving appear as new realities. In this process, a new city is created. Additionally, a new city is created in which the actions of the inhabitants are present as extensions of their ideas, but their appearances are almost invisible.
Video artist: Graciela Cassel
Music: John Burns, Graciela Cassel


A world-renowned psychiatrist is put to the test when a mysterious patient reveals his true identity.

April Fools

Ayu draws a picture in a park. She meets the boy who put on the hat of the raccoon. He came from Ibaraki to Tokyo. His name is Hiroto who is younger brother of Miss Mackerel. Ayu is interested in him. But Hiroto had death wish…

Ayu got the raccoon hat although she was disappointed in Hiroto. Her older brother Hamachi works in a cafe. Chinese foreign student Marin comes over there. She gets interested in Hamachi and Ayu’s raccoon hat. Ayu holds hostility feeling against Marin.

S is for Summer, K was for Fall

Susumu has moved up to Tokyo from Osaka. He went to an interview at music production company over the summer.

He has decided to try to achieve his best friend Koichi’s dream of playing in a band

Susumu and his friend’s music style differs from the mainstream music scene of today.
They fight amongst themselves to decide whether they produce their own music or produce the music that others want them to make, all in the name of trying to break into the music industry.