October 2019


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All the Workshops start at 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM on 11th and 12th December.


An institution in open dialogue with other artistically creative forces of cinema and their organizers, Bridges International Film Festival of Peloponnese in Greece, continuously expands its communication with other film festivals. This creates a special union among the organizers and their visions of a wide range of cultural expansion. Directors who have participated in the Cyprus International Film Festival are eligible to submit their films in the Bridges International Film Festival, as a joint venture between the two festivals. A unique bond is created this way.

Available Facilities in 2018

The World Film Fair will be the first of its kind in that not only will the Fair be held in New York but there will also be World Film Fair screenings held in multiple locations and venues around the world during the week of the Fair! So the films selected to be screened at the World Film Fair will be shown to a global audience of both film goers and film industry companies such as distributors, production companies, film buyers and investors! The World Film Fair is not based in one location alone.

Frog Hunters

Dealing with the frog hunting profession that is being passed on from generation to generation by Romani people in Edirne, the documentary film blends the cultural structure and aesthetics of the Romani neighbourhood and examines the details of frog hunting profession through the intimate relationship between fathers and sons. The film also tells hunters’ struggles against the factories which don’t recompense their hard work and the pesticides that lower the population of frogs day by day.