August 2019

Frog Hunters

Dealing with the frog hunting profession that is being passed on from generation to generation by Romani people in Edirne, the documentary film blends the cultural structure and aesthetics of the Romani neighbourhood and examines the details of frog hunting profession through the intimate relationship between fathers and sons. The film also tells hunters’ struggles against the factories which don’t recompense their hard work and the pesticides that lower the population of frogs day by day.

Bed Bug

Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths. (Jean B. MoIiere)


When the man returns to home, he suspects that something's going wrong and finds some clues about his wife cheating on him. This unconvinced suspicion eats his soul day by day.

Parting Shot

There is an incident at an otherwise very ordinary Turkish funeral. A man drops his phone inside the grave while throwing soil during the burial. He promptly interrupts the service to take his phone back. However someone in community denies this request because of religious beliefs. The Hodja who is leading the funeral, gets involved and an extraordinary discussion unfolds.

Feys: Another World

The film describes Saim Kemik, a scrap cardboard collector in Istanbul,efforts of entering Feys, a social networking platform.Saim Kemik arrives next to the rice cart he eats from every evening. At that moment, he overhears two well dressed men talking about Feys and he wonder what Feys is like, and tries to find out how to access to Feys.