June 2019


In 1981 The Kurdilli Peninsula became an island as a result of the increase of the level of Caspian Sea. Those who live in two villages of the peninsula leave the island over time. But for Vitaly the island becomes the last destination. He did not want to leave the land where he buried his father and mother, where he spent his childhood and youth. In 2014, everyone on the entire island left there. What was left was a large piece of land and Vitaly who had spend 66 years of life on the island.

Other Borders

Three friends, who cannot prevent the civil war in Afghanistan from ruining their lives, come to Turkey at different times in pursuit of a new hope. After a long, dangerous journey and several borders crossed, the ‘other borders’, where they seek refuge in the hope that everything will be better, becomes the beginning of a new struggle and another tough war. The three friends, after the troubles they endured in the city, both make their livings through paper and scrap collection, and begin sending money to their families, who are still struggling in the middle of the war.

Excuse Me, I’m Looking For The Ping-Pong Room And My Girlfriend

A film about a couple on a wellness trip, where one partner disappears and the other isn't sure whether he's looking for her or himself. Within the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort, Aron begins a new chapter in his life.

The Version of You

Right before Pera puts up the shutters of the coffee shop that she works as a waitress, meets an odd but cute customer. What Pera doesn't know is that this customer knows her very closely.


Visual obituary of an old youngster.


Angel, quiet and withdrawn boy, goes with his friend Mishko to pick apples, in order to sell them later. But, as the day passes, Angel is increasingly facing the cruelty of Mishko and his own parents.


What can a father do when his beloved daughter was so much hurt by someone that he finds her unconscious in the bathroom, lying in her own blood. What can he do when the system fails him standing in the way of justice? The film is a part of the social debate in the current context of the #MeToo campaign.


A woman who 50 has a life story from Black Sea to Istanbul.Hatice Akgün is beginning adventure of Track driving with take support from her father.
She never give in, in spite of obstacles. She driving truck as a job now.
In the dominant male society she look after her 6 children alone when doing truck driving.

Give Me A Lighter

The Dumlupinar Submarine collides with a Swedish ship while cruising on the Dardanelles. It sinks into depths of the sea within seconds. The soldiers trapped inside the submarine wait for days, hoping to be rescued.


Conceived through the division of the screen into nine cinematic frames, the film "Soil" narrates the journey of a young man carrying a handful of soil into the grave of a deceased soldier who happens to be burying his own dead body. With the form integrated into narrative, it is possible to watch every phase of his journey synchronically. Wherever he goes the smell of the soil remains the same.

A Hard Day In The Empire

Cansu (26) works as an art department assistant on the set of an Ottoman period soap opera. On a difficult day, she cannot fulfill the extreme requests of the director. Challenging conditions, various caprices and endless requests bring her to an irreversible moment.

Living Like Heta

Heta lives with her pet seal in her highly peculiar house full of curious rooms and endless corridors. Her entire life consists of carefully planned and conducted routines. When the latter get thrown into disarray, Heta‘s world begins to crumble, until she feels compelled to make an irreversible decision.

Blue Tomorrow

A man who lives alone on his island goes on an unknown journey caused by rising ocean. After witnessing a catastrophe on the way, he finds hope again with other people.But when the ocean rises again this time he makes an unexpected decision to an another unknown.


The customer girl, who comes to Kenan's workshop on an ordinary day, is actually won't be an ordinary person for Kenan. The girl makes an invitation which encourages him to get out of his closed life and faces him with a tough decision.


Five year old Leyla who has deep emotional connections with nature lives with her family in a country house. Only a few days left for Eid el Adha (Muslim feast for sacrifice) and there is a feast rush in the house.

Sheep which is bought to be sacrificed for the feast lives in the hut next to house for several days. But Leyla, who visits the sheep occasionally to slop it, has a smart idea to rescue it.

The Guest

An Imam (the person who leads the Muslim congregation in the mosque) who lives alone in the free quarter of the mosque..
In a cold night, his doorbell rings and the visitor asks him something simple. The decision that the Imam shall make, would affect the rest of his life.