August 2018


Friction encompasses the idea that one voice can stimulate effective change. Throughout the film, the diverse characters interact with each other and are connected with or without their knowledge in a divided world. There is an underground effort to revolt against the local officials due to police brutality and friction arises between conflicting beliefs and views on the pursuit of change.


Downshifted Alex lives in Sri Lanka as a white king. Parents’ arrival coincides with mystical appearance of the local deity, Shamka, in the village. Alex’s peaceful life ends at this point.


Two teenagers make a living selling the coals, which they themselves extract from the mine. Despite the hard work and life they both dream of a better life, that they will some day get out of this “fog”.


A group of wild boys who reject everything that has to do with the world of grownups as corruptible and hypocritical meet Vladan, who appears to be nothing like their weak fathers and decide to show him a dark secret hidden in the woods.


Young detective Siim goes undercover to capture the region’s biggest drug lord. During the operation, he finds himself looking at the familiar face of a man he has not seen for over twenty years, giving the sting a much more complex outcome.


Candice lives alone with her mother since the divorce of her parents. As her birthday approaches, the little girl is delighted at the thought of seeing her father again. On the other hand, her mother’s attitude starts to change, which slowly plunges their fragile balance into a terrifying nightmare.


Amadeo is a good person. He lives in a small village of Valencia, and since his wife died, he sacrifices himself in taking care of his father-in-law, Agustín, who is disabled. Due to this, he doesn’t participate much in social life in the village. One day Lolín, the fishmonger, has a magic foresight while decapitating an eel: Amadeo has only seven days to live. This fact will develop a series of events that will change his life completely.


In a hamlet near Rome overlooking the sea, two young boys share their time between petty thefts and football games. Their crimes are still full of carelessness and exuberance of childhood games, until an unexpected proposal will bring darkness into their lives, and to Italy’s history, the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini.


Though humankind has the same sort of sense they can be differentiated by their lack of external experience. This story details about the problem faced by the Protagonist against a Tribe who is in lack of wisdom due to the dearth of external experience.


Nine knots, a prayer for each one, and then, nine wishes for the soul that no longer inhabits in the earth. Maria knew about the cult thanks to her mother and knew how to tie them thanks to her father. But now she and her brother José are alone.


In Our Skin is a celebration of nudity and freedom of women within their own bodies. It is a film about form, volume and shape, from the beauty of a fold of skin to the delicacy of a touch. The film highlights the exceptional and extraordinary that lies within the seemingly routine gestures of undressing and creates a connection with often overlooked feelings and sensations.

TODO ESTO SUCEDE MIENTRAS DUERMES (y no puedes ver lo que sueño)

Cortas animaciones que ilustran los pormenores de quedar a merced del inconsciente, viviendo las más insólitas pesadillas.

Within time

'Within time people react, but sometimes there is no remedy' Don Mateo says, while he narrates a day in his and Doña Francisca's life. An elder couple who has grown working the land with what nature has provided. Their cows, hens, lambs and grain fields are their only possessions and way of living. A message on the use of resources in a responsible way and a sustainable food production, giving local producers a voice.

October again

A moment and a memory of love.

Fearless Lovers

Fearless Lovers is a brand new emotionally charged house song by Kim Cameron. Produced by Kevin Rockhill (New York City) and featuring all-star saxophonist Suzanne Grzanna, this new record brings Kim back to her EDM roots with big drops, memorable hooks a touch of dub and a bpm that keeps you moving. Playing off the lyrical content ‘Fearless Lovers,’ Kim uses today’s politically-charged topics (right to bare arms and workplace romance) in the newest music video with a bit of tongue-in-cheek using silver glitter riffles and an Art Director who cannot seem to keep his hands to himself.


A Fallen Angel decides to stay on earth

Mataleòn - "Carrie"

"Carrie" is the first single of Mataleòn, from the new album "Metamorfosi" (Metamorphosis).
Song and video are inspired by Carrie Mathison, the main character of "Homeland" TV series.
Carrie is a problematic, stubborn and arrogant woman; she suffers from bipolar disorder, that is also one of her strengths.
She lives with this mental impairment: she feels that people around her want to cheat her, but she knows that she will always be able to run away from them.

Comin' back ain't goin' home (music video / short)

A biographical music video about returning to small town Nova Scotia after 10+ years


The Music video FAWN for Mira Wunder's new single "LICHT AUS" is centered around the theme of mother-daughter relationship.

Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold

An issue based Musical Video project that deals with Drought and Migration of families. Drought / Water Scarcity is one of the most common natural calamities in the world today and in many places it has happened due to Climate Change. In India it is most prevalent in the states of Orissa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.


Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s “Delightful” music video celebrates self-empowerment and independence, and considers that happiness is a choice.

My Lazy Ass

Here's a fun and funny music video we can all relate to. We put it together for a friend and an amazing songwriter/composer, Michael Ching, along with his collaborating partner, David Terrenoire. Happy to work with a great cast and crew, starring the fabulous Daniel Damiano, and featuring Malcolm Tom, Gustavo Ruiz, Stacy Ayn Price, Tjassa Ferme, Erin Windle Bellusci, Billy Barber, Stephen Berner, Randy Bucknoff, Natalie Anibal, Jack Grafstein, Ellie Grafstein, Mili Millan, Carmen Gil, and Anca Olean. Enjoy.

Published on Apr 19, 2017


Lucy locks the theatre up as usual after the show, however her normal routine is somewhat disturbed.

What If (Wo sie ist)

How will Big Data eventually effect our individual freedom?

Lew's Up First

This amusing short film pays homage to Abbott & Costello's "Who's On First" famous stand-up comedy routine.
The Short's starring performance by Phillip E. Walker is nominated as a CV Indie Film Award BEST ACTOR at

KINDNESS ACTIVITY - Twinkies & Root Beer

Aiming to encourage acts of KINDNESS, this community development project includes: a short film viewing of André Campbell's, to be followed by a Phillip E. Walker-MFA lead Q&A with the audience that utilizes some of the 20 sample Questions and 8 Role Play suggestions found in the KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE - which will be delivered FREE to attendees.


An animated film intersecting machinery, life, and media. Power.


I lost my bike. I want to ride my bicycle.

Ball of Life

In "Ball of Life" a ball discovers its place in the universe with the help of an unexpected ally.


'Once there was a circle who wanted to be a square, so she dated a triangle.'
An idealistic individual trying to find her identity through relationships.

Between Sands and Tides

"When all life is drained and vacuumed, all that’s left is sand. For a
very long time, I was sand and I was drowned."

An exhausted girl travels across an endless desert to look for new
hope while trying to deal with her erratic tempered anteater.


Roohangiz is a short film about a séance in Qajar- era of Persia. The Ouija session goes wrong because of the psychic’s mistake, and triggers a humorous disaster.


The human-like people which does not accept diversities and seeks its annihilation. This totalitarianism for human-like people is their way of happiness and continuation of their rotten thinking.

Playing House

A little girl is playing house by herself. She makes food out of toys and sets the table. Then a little boy comes in, and she greets him with a smile. They sit by the table. Suddenly, the boy gets angry as if he doesn't like the food and has an outburst. Then her doll baby cries, he looks at it and walks towards it. The girl grabs the doll and defends it. He gets even angrier and walks towards her this time. He corners her and raises his hand as if he will hit her.


In a world that someone else has shaped for us, are we really the owners of our destiny?
A noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.

Pet Man

A Story about an animal dealer gone asleep in his shop and had a nightmare finding himself caught in an animal cage, then escaped to seek rescues for animals but every time faced with an obstacle... . At last, He awoke from the nightmare but still feeling himself surrounded with ambiguity and fear of those animals.

The Hagiographer

Log Line
Sent to an isolated monastery to finish the work of his deceased mentor, a young
monk begins a secret relationship with a nearby beekeeper.
Short Synopsis
GREECE, present time. A young monk, APOSTOLOS is attributed the difficult job of
hagiographing an ancient church in a remote place, isolated from the rest of the world.
Detached from everything wordily the young monk dedicates his everyday life in
fasting, praying, taking care of the church and painting icons.

Planning Meeting

This is a short script about a business-man who thinks he knows it all when it comes to planning ahead, he meets his match as he almost meets his death.

Dougie Dog

Dougie Dog is a comedy script about a dog dropped off at an animal shelter who desperately wants to break free. While behind bars, Dougie makes friends with three other dogs--Kirby, Maxine, and Roscoe--who teach him the ropes and help him accomplish his goal.

Told from a canine point of view, we learn what it’s like to be a companion animal who wants companionship.

The Music Stops Here

When our cities develop, why is culture the first to go? The Music Stops Here is the story of an iconic music venue's final days before a government rail scheme forces it to close, despite the protestations of its regulars. The Music Stops Here can be watched online until September 9th, 2018.

An Angel's Tale

A misunderstood angel is kicked out of heaven and he has to find his way back.

Proper Binge

For Burgess "Buzz" Zwink (Bradford Jackson), wasting life is a way of life. At thirty-two years old, and still living with his parents, Buzz's adult life seems to be nothing more than a continuous haze of debauchery. That is until his carefree recklessness lands his lifelong friend in the hospital after another of his drunken mishaps. Faced with the reality of his choices as he reluctantly forces himself into sobriety, Buzz begins to realize just how much pain he has caused to those around him.

88 Cents

After losing five years behind bars, a man begins his new life in San Francisco, eager to find a job, a home, and a second chance.

Milk Fit

The fluffy sweetheart Mimi and the fitness enthusiast Bobby are a couple. He wants her to get in shape for the summer, and Mimi tries her best on the cross trainer. Her best? Well, maybe not quite.


Set in present day Alabama, Conversion is a serialized coming of age drama following
two teens, a compliant ANDREW and a relentless SAWYER, as they are forced to undergo gay
conversion therapy. The establishment's leader, PASTOR MASON, is malevolent despite his
constant sermonizing. In a fight for not only physical survival but also, also, mental and
emotional preservation, Andrew and Sawyer develop a mutual love for one another that gives
them the strength and will to not "break".

The Hunters

Two trouble-making adolescent brothers are sent to live with their estranged father in West Africa, only to find themselves in a desperate fight for their lives when a group camping trip in the desert goes terribly wrong. Based on a true story.

Behind the lens

Levile TV presents Behind The Lens Documentary - A look into what goes on behind the scenes in the TV & Film industry from talented UK Independent filmmakers & actors.


A young American woman discovers that her lack of attention in the world will cost her what she values most.


Melissa Baquer is driving on the wrong way when she requests to the Computer Emergency Center to route her vehicle via GPS. During the call will suffer an accident.

The Room

Based on a poem, The Room, is a poetic short film about a man who returns home and confronts what happened to him as a child in his bedroom.


How will history judge us? Over the past several centuries, humanity has raked the land of its resources, threatening the balance of the natural world. The nature of the earnings that define late capitalism have incidentally raped us of nature itself. The world, no longer in focus, has succumb to a blur of movement amidst the obscurity of media images and sequence of endless distractions and schizophrenic moments. In the space of post-history where all grand narratives dissipate, technological dependency diminishes the tangibility of our experiences.


A teen fan fiction writer takes her boyband obsession too far in a twisted, late night confrontation with the object of her desires.

The Great Game of Men

The Nature of Chess.
The Nature of War.
The Nature of the Absurdity of Human condition.


A very intense approach to commercial sexual exploitation (as part of forced labor, human trafficking and slavery), that focuses on the role of the client (without ignoring the victim) and challenges society's voices of acceptance. The film contains images and sounds which may be triggering to survivors of sexual trauma, specifically commercial sexual exploitation. Viewer discretion is advised. Based on The Bed Of Lies art installation (


The European goes on a trip to Eastern Europe for the purpose of sex-tourism, but in Ukraine he is waited by a lot of shocks.

Gloomy Boy

Mom and dad fighting in the house and kids living so frighten, How the kids react inside these kind of situation by showing their strange behaviour. Stop violence and save childhood.

Don't Wasty

An order of Tacos al Pastor is not what it look likes. It's a trip into the amount of food that is wasted in Mexico in the different phases of the production process: posthharvesting, processing, distribution, retail and consumption. "Don't Wasty" show us how more than a third of the food that is produced is lost, and how everybody has a certain amount of responsability for a part of the problem.

And Home We Came

This story is a social commentary on a number of subjects: the struggle of the black woman, the oppression of all women, and the injustices in which people of color have fought for since the dawn of American history.


With her unmatched dedication and work ethic, it is no surprise that
Victoria Rodriguez, a featherweight boxer, has earned her long-awaited
shot at the title. Victoria has high hopes for herself in the boxing
world. However, a drunken night with her married trainer leads to some
life-changing circumstances in her quest to reach her goals. Victoria
doesn’t tell her trainer that she is pregnant with what would be his
second daughter, but she decides to keep the child. Because she shows

When Babies Don't Come - Documentary

When Molatelo finds out she can never fall pregnant naturally, she decides to document her journey. What she discovers however, is more than just motherhood


Some dream to find something, Others realized there was nothing to be found.
Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, Others died in the process.
And a few of them say that here, Nobody dies.


RAIN is a drama film about a girl who holds on to HOPE irrespective of overwhelming tragedies that
surround her. She is born in a humble village in Masaka, Uganda with a dream of becoming a shining
musician. However, this dream is short lived when Mr. Dj an event music selector takes advantage
of her and engages her in unprotected sex resulting into early Pregnancy and HIV infection. It’s her
perseverance and steadfast hope that keeps her alive and eventually becomes a very productive


Spurred on by a tall story from his deadbeat Uncle, eight-year-old Tom takes it upon himself to confront a local legend and make a terrifying sacrifice for his family.


A comedy-drama in the vein of "It's a Wonderful Life", "Groundhog Day" and "Heaven Can Wait", HARRY'S FILE is the story of an alienated, bitter man's life that gets turned completely upside down when he is forced to relive seemingly random moments and events of his life after a naïve angel - new to Heaven - wanders into the massive file room in Heaven where everyone's life is stored on 3X5 index cards and drops Harry's file - scattering and re-ordering the events of his life forcing him to relive and figure out why he is the way he is


A small-town preacher travels through dangerous territory to oversee his brother's funeral, leading to an unlikely showdown with the dead man's killer.
Page count: 94

"The Witching Hour"

"Late one night, a woman is accosted in her home by two haunting figures. But as it is Halloween, everything is not what it appears to be..."


"Adiona" by Ian Causer
An astronaut awakes from cryosleep to find his ship lost and drifting without power in deep space. With a crew member dead and the temperature plummeting, he faces a race against time to restore power and discover the cause of the catastrophe.
The Adiona is a deep space exploration vehicle funded by private equity. With billions of dollars at stake, her crew is tasked with discovering mining colonies on new worlds that contain rich mineral deposits.

The Best Version of You

A malfunctioning android struggles to appease her abusive owner before he scraps her for an upgrade, but when an upgraded model arrives to treat her, she must either confront her trauma or become obsolete.

There's A Monster in My Closet

A short screenplay 'There's A Monster in My Closet', written by Alena Cadova, was nominated for The Best Short Screenplay Award at six different film festivals or screenplay contests last year. After the Runner-up Award in December 2016, the screenplay won the Best Short Screenplay Award at New York Screenplay Festival in May 2017. 

The short screenplay reveals a story of a little girl who has an unusual liking for horrors, ghosts, and scary tales.

Exotic Pearls

Exotic Pearls is an artistic documentary film set in the year 1927 in British colonial Peninsular Malaya. This trailer was filmed in a single shot and using a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Le Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal.

Located at midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA. A gilded age building - coined by Mark Twain. Erected in 1903 with a Beaux-Arts architectural style, this magnificent structure was at a risk of being defaced in 1968 if not for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis fighting vehemently against it.

Can you see the 'Crown' of the Grand Central Terminal? Mercury, Hercules and Minerva ...Roman gods of commerce, trickery, travel, poetry, grit, explorations & eloquence. Are you sure they are just sculptures? Do you believe in supernatural events?

3 Minutes

A hitman has only three more minutes to live. When it comes down to the last moments of his life, what is left?

As adults we are focused on our own paths not recognizing the sensations of the ones that are with us. The empathy for a stranger, can actually make a drastic change. Subtle words beyond the apathy and insensitivity that seem so minimal, but they may roll-on and drop beyond. Subtle but acute, it may change the perspective of your vision.


A young woman takes a chance at love which leads her into the dark world of human trafficking, the only way to cope with her new reality is through her music.


On an ordinary rutine day a painkiller addict with suicidal tendency suffers from batofobia.

The Sense

A father who has lost his wife and children in the war in his country has been stuck in his own world in another country and the pain keeps hurt him every day.


n a world where works of art and antiques are strictly banned by the Regime, because they lack the Esoteric Certification, Saria, a young farm girl hides under the soil an ancient Arabic terracotta, the only keepsake of her mother.
Due to a series of circumstances the terracotta is found by Colonel Fischietto during an inspection of the farm. These objects, taken away from the people, with the excuse of being dangerous, are later sold through bidding to foreign collectors.


A young woman would want to have lunch in terrace, but too many people are smoking.


Father with an emergency to reach hospital with blood for the child comes across with strike happening in the town and its consequence.


Arima is a vignette that tackles the psychological effects of rape on its victims. Arima is subjected to mental torture after countless rape events. She eventually allows her psyche do something very terrible.


A brief Musical narrative on the consequences of drug abuse and effect of domestic violence in the society.

The Farthest Place Of The World

Mahshid is a little girl who wishes to become a doctor for helping her addicted mom,after 3 years a documentary group decided to find this girl but they face with some terrible truth


This short film is about boy's prospects between reality and his dreams how the positions take a special form and how it shows up in his dreams he tries to break some boundaries and some spaces he tries to face them and understand them.

FEMI Guadeloupe International Film Festival

Launched in 1992, the FEMI, regional and international Film festival of Guadeloupe, is the only french-speaking film festival in the Caribbean.

The 23rd edition of FEMI Festival, Regional & International Festival of Guadeloupean Cinema, will take place from Friday January 27th to Saturday February 4th, 2017.

The Femi 2017 is organized by the ICM association, « World Images & Cultures », with the help of the Overseas Deparment, Culture & Communication Deparment, DAC Guadeloupe, National Education Department, and supervised by the Regional Board of Guadeloupe.

Cinemira- Budapest International Childrens Film Festival

Cinemira - International Children's Film Festival is a wonderful event for families, film lovers and prodigies of filmmaking. Cinemira designed for children aged 4 to 14. It takes place at Akvárium Klub in the central of the beautiful and exciting Budapest in spring - April 12th-14th, 2019.

Bali International Film Festival

Bali International Film Festival (aka Balinale) is the largest and oldest annual international film event in Indonesia. Held on the paradise island of Bali, Balinale attracts a diverse audience of filmgoers with its outstanding selection of independent local and international movies, many with filmmakers in attendance.

Balinale is celebrating its 12th anniversary from 24-30 September 2018.

Imagination Lunchbox International Childrens Film Festival

Imagination Lunchbox is a film production company based in Baltimore, Maryland. After screening films at numerous festivals across the country, we realized that there was a need for kid focused films in the Baltimore, Maryland and general area. It seemed only appropriate that a company well-known for kid centered films would be the perfect organization to help fill this need.

Reel Pitch Challenge

Life of making a film? Blood, sweat, tears & fundraising!

The Audience Awards is here to help. Filmmakers from around the globe are invited to submit a pitch video of your film or web series and an industry jury + the global audience will select their favorites to award a share of $28,998 to four deserving film projects.

Tlanchana Fest


Tlanchana Fest, Festival de Cine y Arte Digital, es un encuentro que fusiona el encanto del cine con la innovación del arte digital. Surge como respuesta a la preocupación de establecer un foro audiovisual en Metepec, que pondrá a disposición de todos, la innovación y la frescura que solo el cine independiente, comercial y experimental puede ofrecer.

Real Food Films Contest


The Real Food Films Contest is back for its 3rd year and looking for YOUR films on sustainability, food waste, urban agriculture, drought, underreported issues and creative solutions around food and farming. From documentary to advocacy, animation to spoken word—all formats are welcome for your 4-minute or less submission.

4th International Film Festival of Shimla

USE DISCOUNT COUPON CODE: IFFSHV2018AA . Get 30% Discount. OFFER valid till 30 July 2018

With the successful completion of three editions of International Film Festival of Shimla, We are happy & proud to announce 4th International Film Festival of Shimla "IFFS 2018" which will be held in the capital city of Himachal Pradesh in Historical GaietyTheatre, Shimla. The Festival will include Film Screenings and Competitions for Short, Feature, Documentary, Animation, Music Videos, Master Classes and Workshops on Film Making.

Ca Foscari Short Film Festival

Auditorium S. Margherita - Venice - March 20th -23rd, 2019


The Catch & Release Showcase Festival

The showcase is a meeting point among artists, innovators and media consumers. We aim to spark creativity for both beginners and professionals. Grab your phone and create. Together we can make this world more beautiful with our artistry.

There is no creativity without action...submit now!

Our festival will also be in NEW YORK CITY! We will be featured at the WORLD FILM FAIR!

Awards & Prizes
The winning films / photographers will be invited to join us as we select from the following categories;

The Animattikon Project

The Animattikon Project is an event celebrating the art of animated film in all its aspects. Along with the projections of the animated films of the official selection, it offers a series of animation workshops, organized by animators from all over the world.
The Animattikon Project takes place in the town of Paphos, Cyprus. It takes its name after the Attikon Cinema, a historical theater, dating from 1938. As the second oldest cinema in Paphos, the Attikon cinema is one of the few points of reference that all generations of people of Paphos share.


Fantafestival (Italian: Mostra Internazionale del Film di Fantascienza e del Fantastico: English International Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Show ) is a film festival devoted to science fiction, fantasy and horror films that is held annually in Italy since 1981.

Fantafestival takes place every year in Rome. In the past years, while maintaining its headquarters in Rome, some editions were held in contemporary in different Italian cities like Milan, Naples, Genoa, Verona, Parma and Ravenna.

Action Figure Film Festival

Selected by Movie Insider as America’s “most original film festival,” the Action Figure Stop Motion Film Festival (formerly know as GI JOE FEST) was created in 2005 by Gio Toninelo to celebrate the dying art form of stop-motion while paying tribute to the world's favorite posable toy: THE ACTION FIGURE. The Film Festival hosts screenings, competitions and workshops to showcase the best work within the genre. AFFF kicks off in Denver before traveling to cities around the world.

Awareness Festival

The mission of the Awareness Film Festival is bringing awareness and to open eyes to some of our world's pressing issues: Ecological, Political, Health/Well Being and the Spirit. We showcase both Documentary and Narrative Features, as well as Short Films, Music Videos and Public Service Announcements.​ We have filmmaker Q&A's, filmmaker Panels, as well as conscious art and music.​​​​​

Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival

MIWAFF AWARD WINNERS receive not only our prestigious awards but also a distribution deal with Shami Media Group and a one-year membership at!

Flicks by Chicks Fest 2018

Welcome to the 17th annual Flicks by Chicks Film Festival!

Sose International Film Festival

Armenian annual film festival which take place in Yerevan. The goal of the film festival is today’s cinematography and its development in the region.

April 18, 2014 Zis Center of Culture organised the Sose Film festival with the headline “Content is Woman”. The festival included films the main topic of which was the woman.

The film festival carries the name of one of the most vivid individuals in Armenian history – Sose Mayrig. An Armenian woman who lived her life heroically as a mother, a woman, and a person dedicated to her nation.

The Writers Lab

Deadline Extended! New Deadline is Monday, March 5, 2018, at 11:59 pm EST.

The Writers Lab is a four-day writer’s workshop that gives women screenwriters over the age of 40 the opportunity to work intensively on their feature film scripts with the support of established film professionals. Through one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, peer workshops, and group meals, Mentors and Writers engage in a rigorous process to support intensive script development.

The retreat takes place September 25-29, 2018, at the Wiawaka Center for Women, on Lake George, in New York State.

Compassionate City Youth Film Festival Houston TX

USA Houston Texas films ONLY PLEASE- all others will be disqualified if they are out of the Houston area, and if they are over 3min.

Stories of a Compassionate City FILM FESTIVAL

Submit your original, 3 minute video story illustrating, documenting, imagining or inspiring COMPASSION IN ACTION in Greater Houston, and YOU could be a featured artist in Houston’s Third Annual COMPASSION WEEK this spring.

Proxy Act Festival

PROXY ACT is now calling for artists to submit their work for the fourth season of our international artistic events.

Our selection is released in our yearly Proxy Act festival and it's also screened in different partner events and venues around the world throughout the year. Our interest is to offer an inter- and multi-cultural audience that decodes the selected material under its own life perspectives and worldview.

Cinematica Festival

Cinematica is an international festival that deals specifically with the image-movement relationship in the visual and performing arts.

Festival International du Film Ornithologique

Le Festival international du film ornithologique de Ménigoute,
Un rendez-vous tout naturel !
Le festival de ménigoute (79) (France)
Un rendez-vous tout naturel !

Le Festival international du film ornithologique de Ménigoute est l’un des événements mondiaux majeurs du cinéma animalier. La première édition s’est tenue en 1985, le Festival de Ménigoute est porté par l’association Mainate (Ménigoute animation internationale nature environnement).

Filmul de Piatra

Filmul de Piatra is a festival created by the young for the young. 100% based on Volunteer Power, the festival’s main goal is to offer a platform for young short film directors from Romania and Moldova.
That said, the festival is known for its’ youthfulness and friendliness, unconventional locations, and very long nights of hard partying.
Check it on Facebook!

El Paso IMPACTFest Film Festival

Short virtual reality and experimental films from around the World will be shown in the first VR and Experimental film festival. There is nothing else like it. Visitors will be able to see the best Virtual Reality and experimental films over a two-day period.

Awards & Prizes
These are the categories of films which will be screened:

Virtual Reality

Watch Me

A young girl trapped in a cage of self-doubt finds the courage to break out into the unknown world around her to follow her dream of love.

The Substitute

Sergeant William Burke has had to handle many tough situations in his 20+ years in law enforcement. But this was no ordinary day. And little did Sergeant Burke know that today everything he believed would be put to the ultimate test.

The Staying Kind

A woman left behind during the Civil War must break the ties to her dead husband before they become the demise of her son.



ECOFILM is an International Environmental Short Film Festival, held annually in Mexico. It responds to the need to raise awareness on environmental topics, promoting audiovisual production and ecological culture with solutions that balance human beings in interaction with their environment.

Nepal America International Film Festival-2018

Nepal America Film Society has announced the second Nepal-America International Film Festival-2017 (NAIFF) which takes place on 18-20 May 2018 in Washington DC metro area. The Festival showcases all genres of films including feature films, documentaries, animation, experimental, and short films.

The Outlet Dance Project Film Festival

The Outlet Dance Project is an annual festival of artists who identify or have identified as women, sharing their vision through film, site-specific dance, and work created for the stage. It is one of the largest, most popular, and well-attended dance festivals in New Jersey. In partnership with Grounds For Sculpture – an internationally renowned contemporary sculpture park – the festival celebrates the intersections of visual and moving arts, exploring relationships between sculpture and dance, between place and movement.

Rieti & Sabina Film Festival

FOTONICA Non-Profit presents:
20 - 21 - 22 September 2018

Nation Host - Japan

Official Jury


Michael Margotta – President
(Worldwide Actor’s Coach, Actor, Director – American)

Hal Yamanouchi
(Actor, Philosopher – Japanese)

Patrizia de Santis
(International Actor’s Coach, Casting Manager – Italian)

Maximiliano Czertok
(Producer, Sales, Marketing Executive – Argentinian)

Maurizio Bizzarri
(Producer – Italian)

Northern Wave International Film Festival

The Northern Wave International Film Festival will be celebrated from the 26th to the 28th of October 2018 in Rif in Iceland at the Freezer hostel and theatre.

The Northern Wave weekend consist of a numerous screenings of a variety of international short films. The program also includes a lecture from a professional from the film industry, workshops, a fish course competition and numerous concerts and events during the weekend.


L’Associazione Culturale Officina delle Idee intende realizzare con il Patrocinio del Comune di Cittadella (PD), della Regione Veneto e della Provincia di Padova laseconda edizione di Geo Film Festival and Expo Cinema – Il Cinema degli Elementi, avvalendosi della direzione artistica del regista e attore Rocco Cosentino e in collaborazione con i compositori Maurizio Merli e M° Siro Zilio.


A father learns to let his son be a kid and play in the desolate wasteland of future Earth.

Rag Dolls

Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest...


A focused and dedicated light bulb tester discovers he is the last remaining worker at his now abandoned factory...

Buy One Get One

After discovering a small portal in her kitchen, a woman must choose the best way to use its power.

Character Study

When a conceited college students primary goal of getting a date with a cute girl in class comes in conflict with his secondary goal of passing the class, he has to decide if saving his grade is worth doing homework with a girl he thinks he is too good for.

Horse Riders

...a story which relies on the human happiness reflected through three homeless young people.

Bless You

Three friends share old wives tales as to why its customary to say bless you after someone sneezes.

One Last Coin

A man decides what to do with his one last coin in Rome just before Christmas.

A Scream That's Trapped Inside

Mara comes back home from her boyfriend's funeral to experience a mind game full of guilt. Jake, her boyfriend, prepared a scavenger game and placed some notes around the house that lead to an anniversary present. Memories and guilt spin around her head as she plays the "game".

Hard Sell

Things take a strange turn when a high-school cross country star tries to sell pies to a recently divorced millionaire with a cocaine habit.


Every great wine has a story to tell. This is the story of two people, their relationship and how their lives are forever changed by the wine they love.

Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF)

Film making processes has been changed a lot with the advent of new technologies, especially handheld digital devices like smartphone. This has opened doors for filmmakers by creating an environment where talent, creativity and hard work counts more than budget and industry connections. Believing that anybody with a thought-provoking concept or a touchy story can make a great film, the festival will showcase works of new generation and find talented students using a tool so simple and readily available that it’s often overlooked: mobile phone.

Barbados Independent Film Festival


Submit your film to the 2019 Barbados Independent Film Festival! Our Third Edition will run January 11-20, 2019, extending over two sun-filled weekends on the tropical paradise of Barbados.

BIFF is seeking gripping NARRATIVE, DOCUMENTARY and SHORT films that celebrate resilience and our capacity to overcome adversity. In addition, special submission categories include: thought-provoking and impactful ENVIRONMENTAL films and OCEAN-THEMED environmental and adventure “short-short films” (under 10 minutes) for our SHORTS ON THE BEACH competition.

Festival of Time / des Histoires presented by Zsofi

Join us for the first annual Festival of Time / des histoires held in Edmonton, Canada presented by Zsofi.

From Jan 4th to Jan 6th, FTH will premiere and present independent films of a historical and Canadian nature to deepen our understanding of what has passed both globally and in here Canada. FTH offers programming that honours First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples with a fundraiser of a silent auction of exclusively FNMI art products and services with all proceeds going to the preservation of Indigenous studies.

African Diaspora Cinema Festival

The second edition of the African Diaspora Cinema Festival is coming up on the 6th to 8th of July 2018 in the beautiful cultural city of florence at the prestigious Villa Romana. The first edition of ADCF took place at the Cinema Odeon florence on the 4th november 2013.

Samawa Cinema

Samawa Cinema is a group in Iraq working five years ago in the screening of films in cooperation with various cultural institutions. Movies are displayed in different dates, and in different regions. There are no prizes, only certificates are awarded for the films being picked.There are multiple events, all year round and even after the specified date we can choose movies in a special event. We are holding various agreements inside and outside Iraq by providing films to participate in festivals and others as well.

Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos FICMA

El Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos (FICMA) busca fomentar y difundir la creación de cine de calidad realizada con dispositivos móviles y cámaras no profesionales como smartphones, tabletas, Actions Cameras, drones y medios creativos y no convencionales.
En ésta tercera edición el tema del festival es la tecnología Inmersiva, por lo que se abre la categoría de cortos en formato 360°, Realidad Virtual y Realidad Aumentada, así como la categoría de Cortometraje Universitario.

FICMA se realizará del 21 al 24 de noviembre del 2018 en la Ciudad de México.

Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival

Cinema Verde, an Environmental Film and Arts Festival in Gainesville, Florida, was created to raise awareness of environmental issues through the arts. We will hold our ninth annual festival February, 2018. Cinema Verde’s mission is to provide environmental education to the public through film, arts, workshops, events, tours and any other forum or media; to increase public awareness of environmental practices that enhance public health and improve quality of life in urban, suburban and rural settings.

Cortoons Festival Gandia 2018

Cortoons Gandia is the International Animated Film Festival of Gandia, organized by Cortoons Festival, the city of Gandia, la Generalitat Valenciana, through the Institut Valenciá de Cultura (Culturarts), and the participation of Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Agéncia Valenciana de Turisme.
In the 2016, after 12 years of great success in Rome, Cortoons international festival of animated films, he moved to Spain in the beautiful town of Gandia in the province of Valencia.

Newcastle international Film and Television Festival

The Newcastle International Film and Television Festival (NiFT) aims to showcase the best of independent film and television from across the world alongside a program of educational, pioneering and engaging workshops, panels and roundtables run by leading industry practitioners.

Hosted annually in Newcastle upon Tyne, the capital city of North East England in October 2019, the festival is dedicated to supporting, developing and promoting independent filmmakers with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, emerging technology and innovation, education and enterprise.

ICP Entertainment Short Film Series

You are - cordially - invited to attend the 4th Annual ICP Ent. Short Film Series!
A Red Carpet affair that will take place on:

Thursday November 08, 2018, 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
Francesca Beale Theater @ Lincoln Center
144 W 65th St, (South Side)
New York, NY 10023

This year we have added a new MUSIC VIDEO Category to our series!

i.P.A.S. - Independent Political/Activism Short Film Festival

The i.P.A.S. Film Festival running for the 3rd Year and presented by The Default Project, is dedicated to the work of film makers from around the world with defiantly independent political and social visions. It is the first political and activist short film festival ever held in Greece.

Our mission is to promote the films of low-budget filmmakers that dissent radically in form or content from the mainstream, challenging the boundaries of the commercial distribution, and to present imaginative works that dare to spark off heated discussions and transcend audience expectations.

48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is a short film Marathon, Write-shoot-edit a 4/7 minutes short in 2 days. We are present in 14 french cities.
ll the films are screened in a theatre and the best films are selected for Filmapalooza the international competition gathering 130 filmmakers from cities all around the world.

More information on

Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival

In its sixth year, Churches Making Movies is a multi-day, bi-coastal event designed to showcase thought- provoking, entertaining films that inspire generations. We screen the best faith-based, culture- impacting films in the world. The festival schedule includes film screenings, question and answer sessions with filmmakers, workshops conducted by world-renowned professionals and our Annual Red Carpet Event. We seek faith-based dramas, thrillers, comedies, television pilots, and documentaries. Submit your film today!

Mov(i)e Activism

The International Activist Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism is a film festival organised by an international group of young people who recognised the need to speak in public about youth activism. The aim of this project is to enhance video-activism, intercultural cooperation and citizenship among young people from Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Serbia.


UNKNOWN FILM FESTIVAL is the best platform for amateur filmmakers around the world that provides a stage for short films, animations, visual arts and any variations of branded content. 
The mission of the UFF is to discover the most innovative independent filmmakers and to make them known all over the world. At the UFF, we focus on the film.

The aim of the UFF is to discover new talents and possibly create further opportunities for them in the Russian and international filmmaking industry. It is the time when young filmmakers can speak to the world and share their works.

Aarogya Film Festival

Aarogya Film Festival, an initiative of the P.M. Shah Foundation, combines the zest to spread awareness about health with the ever-effective medium of cinema. Beginning with 2010, we have showcased films that have focused on important health issue with their contextual gravity. The 6th Aaorgya Film Festival, scheduled in December 2016, aims to become bigger and better. Our motive remains to discover films that are made in nooks and corners of various countries, highlighting niche health problems.

Windsong National Student Film Festival

The Windsong National Student Film Festival is designed to recognize and honor K-12 student filmmakers for their creative productions in the following categories: Drama, Comedy, Animation, Documentary, News Format and Frontier. The competition is divided in three divisions: elementary school, middle school and high school. All entries: short (under 3 minutes), Medium ( 10 - 29 minutes) and long (over 30 minutes) must be family friendly in nature.

Rules & Terms
Student entries may be submitted on DVD or Mini DV formats.


3rd Independent Film and Video Festival

Retransmisión travels for the third time to 8 cities in Mexico, bringing film shows, experimental video installations, audiovisual interventions and its filmmakers. Creating new routes, spaces and audiences eater to see the best of the international independent film scene.

For this reason, it exhorts filmmakers, videographers and creative people in general to participate in the third edition, focused on international independent animation, as well as on the national and international projection of mexican filmmaking.

Festival Prix de Court

Ce festival du court métrage aux Antilles-Guyane est une nécessité absolue pour aider à l’éclosion de nos talents, permettre la diffusion de nos histoires, favoriser l’expression de notre culture, œuvrer à la valorisation de notre patrimoine.

This short film festival in the French West Indies is an absolute necessity to help the emergence of our talents, to allow the diffusion of our stories, to promote the expression of our culture, to work for the valorization of our heritage.

Milkbusch International Short Film Festival

Milkbusch Short Film Festival is a one day festival in its first year. And we can't be more excited!
The Festival will be held in the old quiet, artistic seaside village of Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, South Africa.

We are focusing on films that dares to push boundaries. Drama, thriller, horror, mystery, scifi, comedy, animation and documentary are what we are looking for.
We are looking for filmmakers who are not afraid to try different things and think outside of the box.
Films with a running time of 1 minute to 40 minutes.

A Show For A Change Film Festival

Are you passionate about social change and film? If so, this is the festival for you!

Founded by Jared Milrad, A Show For A Change harnesses the transformative power of story to change the world. After producing several narrative projects with socially conscious themes, our team wanted to do more to directly connect provocative visual storytelling with meaningful social impact.

Festival de cine Luz del desierto

El Festival Nacional Luz del Desierto es un Festival audiovisual que propone fomentar el cine en la ciudad Roque Pérez y en el resto del país argentino. El festival se realizara en el mes de septiembre con competencia de largometrajes y cortometrajes tanto de ficción, animación y documental. También habrá charlas, talleres y una sección de competencia para escuelas de la ciudad de Roque Pérez.

Awards & Prizes
Estuatillas y Certificados

Lost Land International Short Film Festival

Lost Land International Short Film Festival is a free-to-enter film festival which was created to help raise funds for organisations that help refugees. It is our belief that no one should suffer because they had to flee their own country. The current crisis is unbearable and getting worse. Organisations such as Help Refugee are doing all they can and need funds to operate.

We hope that by organising this film festival we can make a difference.

There are 3 categories, Life and Hope and a special non-competitive Made by Us category.

Screen Dance International

Screen Dance International partners with ArtLab J to bring screendance shorts and artists from around the globe to Detroit Dance City Festival, August 10, 2018, at the Detroit Institute of Arts. At the intersection of dance, film, music, and the visual arts, SDI aims to stretch the imagination through adjudicated screendance shorts that are sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always timely and inspiring.

Free Spirit Film Festival

The Free Spirit Film Festival is probably the smallest film festival in the world. Small also describes where the Festival is held, in the beautiful Himalayan village of McLeod Ganj. However, both the festival and the village are sweet.

The 14th edition of the Festival will take place in McLeod from 27 to 31 October 2018. Films of any length and genre: drama, documentary, animation, sci-fi, comedy, music videos, and experimental, are welcome for submission.

SmartPhilm Festival

Philmmaker [ˈfilmˌmākər]
1. a producer or director of motion pictures exclusively using a smartphone or mobile device in all phases of production.

2. a person who makes film using smartphones, especially for submission to the SmartPhilm Festival.

The SmartPhilm Festival brings to the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region the first film festival with films shot exclusively with smartphones. With the rise of smartphones and the proliferation of apps, the ways creatives represent the world around us in digital media is rapidly changing.

International Wine Film Festival

The International Wine Film Festival celebrates the perfect pairing of wine and film, featuring the best wine-themed movies, short films, and web videos along with tastings of fine wines from all over the world.

Year-round pop up screening and tasting events featuring the winning submissions, culminating with a series of vineyard screenings each summer.

Rules & Terms
Only accepting WINE-THEMED video content produced in the past 24 months.

Festival du Court d'Art District

La webradio Art District Radio organise la 2ème édition de son festival du court métrage intitulé ‘’Festival du Court d’Art District’’ qui se déroulera les 8 et 9 novembre 2018 au cinéma Royal Palace de Nogent-sur-Marne en partenariat avec la plateforme FilmFreeway et le cinéma Royal Palace.

Webradio Art District Radio organizes its 2nd edition of its short movie festival named "Festival du Court d'Art District" that will take place on November 8 and 9, 2018 at Cinema Royal Palace in Nogent-sur-Marne, France in partnership with FilmFreeway and Cinema Royal Palace.

Teens Dream

Teens Dream at is a global video competition for teens ages 12-18 to submit their dreams in English in a 2 minute or less video, in one of three categories: personal, community, or global dream. Winners are encouraged to be any teen with a dream, not necessarily film makers. Nine winning videos receive $100 and one of them will receive the grand prize of $500.

The Womens Voices Now Online Film Festival

The annual Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival celebrates and awards the best films from around the world that highlight women in film and women’s rights issues that inspire social change. Each year, films are selected from over 174 countries and are viewed by over 150,000 people online internationally. Filmmakers compete for in-kind and cash prizes, media features and the opportunity to have their films added to the WVN Film Archive for global promotion and viewing.

Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival


Taking place on November 22nd November to 25th November 2018, annual Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival celebrates stories usually not represented by mainstream cinema or contemporary Bollywood film formulas. Features, shorts, web series, music videos and documentaries, all chosen to engage, educate and inspire audiences by promoting free expression, cross-cultural interactions and understanding, and combating intolerance and stereotypes.

Travel Days

Travel Days is the SHORTS! from around the world about traveling, travelers and beauty of different countries as well. We are looking for smart travel videos to inspired Ukrainians to explore the world. You are more than welcome to become the part of Travel Days. Let`s inspired together!!!

Travel Days have already been screened in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (Ukraine). The 4-th Festival will pass at November-December 2017 in Kyiv and another Ukrainian cities.

Awards & Prizes
This information will appear later.

ASA Humanitarian Film Festival

ASA international humanitarian film festival
The world is eternal friendship

PLOT - Professional Script Lab



27 - 29 April 2018


Lisbon, Portugal


PLOT is a professional script development lab, promoted in a residential basis and creative community environment, where fiction feature film projects from all over the world will have the chance to broaden their narrative skills and enhance their creative voice.

High-end script experts provide guidance throughout the lab and challenge the participants with the goal of reaching their projects artistic and creative potential.

Weimar Poetry Film Award

Through the Weimar Poetry Film Award, backup_festival and Literarische Gesellschaft Thüringen (Literary Society of Thuringia) are looking for innovative poetry films. Filmmakers from any nation and of any age are welcome to participate with up to three short films of up to 8:00 mins, which should explore the relation between film and written poetry in an innovative, straightforward way. Films that are produced before 2015 will not be considered.

The competition »Weimar Poetry Film Award« is financed by Thüringer Staatskanzlei and the City of Weimar.

* * *

Censored Womens Film Festival

An annual, not for profit, traveling film festival and summit organized to encourage consciousness raising in women's rights issues through film and dialogue. Priority given to films with a special emphasis on topics that have been censored or stifled, particularly as related to cultural or religious taboos.


Nordic International Film Festival

Nordic International Film Festival is based in New York City at the renowned Scandinavia House (The Nordic Center) on Park Avenue.

We accept International and Nordic films (competing in two different categories).

NIFF celebrates Nordic and international films and we strive to find new and upcoming independent films as well as honoring great work from already established filmmakers. We screen the nominated films in the official selection at a grand theatre inside the Nordic Center for press, distribution, filmmakers and general admitted audience.

Fashion Film Fest Istanbul

4th Fashion Film Festival Istanbul
03-04 NOVEMBER, 2018

LGBTQ History Student Filmmakers Competition


This competition encourages college, middle and high school students to expand their understanding and awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) and allied contributions to society. THE LAVENDER EFFECT®, Global SchoolNet, and REVRY™ are co-facilitators for this California FAIR Education Act inspired competition that rewards quality stories of LGBTQ luminaries and landmarks.


A young woman who has been in a romantic long distance relationship for one year, is yet to set eyes on her boyfriend. when he decides to break it off, he is forced to reveal his true identity to her

Future of Film Showcase

The Future of Film Showcase is a film festival that highlights the talent of up and coming Canadian Filmmakers. The chosen films are put on the big screen at a one-night event at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, May 2018.

What we offer:

Filmmaker Luncheon (exclusive for filmmakers and Industry Panelists)
- Selected filmmakers who screen films at FOFS 2018 will be invited to a catered luncheon where they have the opportunity to network with other filmmakers as well as Industry Panelists attending the festival. Location TBA.

Anarchy Film Festival

Elevate Young Minds and Anarchy Cinema present the Anarchy Film Festival which brings together the best films created by young talent around the world and displays it to an international audience of creatives.

The Film Festival runs alongside the Young Minds Matter Program which has been successfully running for the last 3 years.

This year the festival will take place in Brussels (Belgium) and Lisbon (Portugal) and we want to showcase your films in partnership with Anarchy Cinema.

REFF react film fest

React Film Fest was born from the need to create a showcase and a platform for all types of Shorts: narrative and artistic short films, commercials, video clips, pilot for web series, documentaries and short animation shorts.
The festival mission is, as its name goes, to create a great cinema and audiovisual feast; the artistic direction of the festival intends to give space and reward the art, creativity and the beauty not only with a statuette but with employment contracts, stages, workshops and distribution of the directors and of the works rewarded.

Art is Alive Film Festival

I have had great success by running my Art is Alive Film Festival these last two years, and now wish to spread my artistic accolades to other locations. I was fortunate enough to find a location that wishes to host another film festival in 2018, hence, the creation of Art is Alive - Los Angeles was formulated.

This year's event shall include film screenings, live music, one celebrity event, and one industry panel relative to film distribution.

Hong Kong Film Art International Film Festival

The Hong Kong Film Art International Film Festival (HKFAIFF) is an international film festival to showcase innovative film makers and artists from around the world. We accepts all genres of short films and feature films.

HKFAIFF is held by Hong Kong Film Art Association (HKFAA), aims to inspire, motivate and award new talent.

Ocean Coast Film Festival, Portugal

An annual 3 day celebration of cinema in the beach town of Lavra in Portugal. Sister festival of the River Bend Film Festival in Goshen, IN, United States.

The Ocean Coast Film Festival is a competitive three day festival that showcases independent films from all over the world and provides a platform for filmmakers to meet other like-minded people.

Just 15 kilometers north of the city of Porto, winner of the Best European Destination award in 2017, the OCFF will quickly become a favorite among travelling filmmakers.

The Great Northen Creative Festival

The Great Northern Creative Festival returns for the 4th time to showcase the creative talent in Media, Film, Photography, Journalism & Performance. The Festival has evolved from a commitment to promote and showcase the creative talent that has been developed at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and to also introduce to the world the fantastic students and professionals that we have working at UCLan and to open our doors to the City, to the North and the world beyond.

TV Series Festival Berlin

The TV SERIES FESTIVAL in Berlin is an international festival exclusively dedicated to series and with international guests and talents from around the globe. We are creating a long-lasting transfer between education and entertainment, reaching different target-groups, participants and visitors. With creative days and emotional experiences we are welcoming the masters of cinema as our guests at the TV SERIES FESTIVAL BERLIN 2018.

Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (#VIWIFF)

Now in its 14th year, the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (VIWIFF) showcases an impressive line-up of short and feature-length films (narrative, documentary, experimental and animation) by established and emerging women filmmakers from around the world.

The Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project

Get Ready for An Amazing Challenge!

Local Charlotte filmmakers gather together for the most epic filmmaking weekend this town has ever experienced. Filmmakers are divided into teams in which they must write, shoot, direct, edit and score a 7 minutes short film in only 48 hours!

It's an intense and emotional roller-coaster ride of a weekend. The best part? Filmmakers will have their films screened in front of a live audience of over 500 people! Join us to watch the efforts of local filmmakers come together in a night of film on August 26th and 27th.

Golden Snail

Festival "Golden Snail" is a World Children Animated Film Festival which takes place in month September in Vranje, Serbia. "Golden Snail" gathers young filmmakers from all over the world. Any studio, club or school who works with children in a field of film animation are welcome to our festival.

Awards & Prizes
Bronze Snail
Silver Snail
Golden Snail
Grand Prix

Las Vegas Black Film Festival

The LVBFF is primarily organized to celebrate the works of Black Filmmakers from all over the world. Making a Black Impact on the Big Screen!
AND Now...
After 5 successful years and an Overwhelming Positive response from independent filmmakers, filmActors and filmLOVERS from DIVERSE ethnic backgrounds across the Nation, ...
As the FOUNDER of this Magnificent Event ... I am proud to announce that the 6th Annual Las Vegas Black Film Festival proudly welcomes INTERNATIONAL films from ALL over the WORLD.

Script+ Segunda Edifico

Concurso de Roteiro de Curta-Metragem promovido pelo Roteirista Empreendedor em parceria com a Final Draft. Nessa segunda edição vamos premiar os melhores roteiros de curtas em duas categorias: Drama e comédia.

Ogeechee International History Film Festival

The Ogeechee International History Film Festival (O.I.H.F.F.) had its inaugural year in 2017. Dr. Micheal Van Wagenen and Graduate Assistant Regan Everett decided to start the O.I.H.F.F. in Statesboro, Georgia. The festival would become a collaboration project between the GSU History Department and the Statesboro Visitors and Convention Bureau (SCVB). At the time of the festival’s conception, the only festival like it was the American Historical Associations Festival which was invitational only.

Afghanistan International Human Rights Film Festival

AIHRFF is an international film festival focusing on the subject of human rights. It aims to encourage film makers who use their cameras to document struggles against discrimination, injustice and violence.


Zinetika presents the movement from a cinematographic view, where the multiple relationships between the body and the camera are explored.

It is a platform that establishes international links between artists and entities, enriching the cultural exchange.

This international festival will celebrate its III edition in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Bilbao.

Awards & Prizes
Best Film Zinetika 2018: 500 €
Best director Zinetika 2018: 500 €

Pitch to Production

We are looking for writers and directors with lesbian/bisexual stories that need to be told. If you have a webseries concept that you would like to see come to fruition, send us a written pitch for your original webseries. All webseries should consist of five episodes, each with a length of five minutes or more. Finalists will have one week to submit a pitch video.

Pitches will be reviewed by tello CEO Christin Baker and tello’s VP of Development Bridget McManus, and three finalists will be chosen.

MotoTematica - Rome Motorcycle Film Festival

MotoTematica - Rome Motorcycle Film Festival is the first Italian Film Festival dedicated to motorclycles and it shows films of which motorclycles are inherent and substantial part of the creative material.

Motorbikes are the symbol of freedom par excellence, they inspires people in many way, and also artists and filmmakers who tells through their works the dreams, the adventures and the stories of bikers from all over the world!

MotoTematica aims to show these works, encouraging who transfor the passion for motorcycles in a form of Art .

Blueberry Spirits

Blueberry Spirits is a poetic movie about a Roma family that gathers Blueberrys for living. Every summer they come to a forest in Latvia and while they gather the fruits all the spirits and ghosts of their life are with them.

Disappear Here Film Festival

Disappear Here Film Festival 2018.
The Disappear Here Film Festival returns for its second year to Donegal, Ireland. The DHFF is a 3 day festival taking place in Ballyliffin, Co Donegal from Friday 28th September 2018.

Toronto New Wave

Toronto New Wave (TNW) is an independent short film, music & VR festival hosted annually in downtown Toronto. Curated by active filmmakers, the new wave represents the work of budding filmmakers of the highest caliber both locally and internationally.

The program:
1) Short films (narrative, documentary, music videos, web series)
2) Live music performances
3) Interactive art (Virtual Reality, etc.)

Copenhagen Web Fest

Scandinavia's first International Web Fest. Copenhagen (CPH) web fest has been created to shed light on all the inspiring and innovative projects designed for new platforms.​ 2018 will be the festivals first year running. We are excited to announce the program as soon as it is completed. Please stay updated on our Facebook or website for all announcements.

Awards & Prizes

*Best Danish Web Series*
*Best International Web Series*
*Best Documentary Web Series*
*Best Mobile Project*

Screenplay Awards:


A family dinner is organized for the grandmother‘s birthday. This meal is an opportunity to see the distress, the fears, the wickedness of this family.

Baikal International Film Festival PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT

The film festival "PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT" is conceived by the organizers as a platform to make people think about inter-relations between mankind and nature.
The Festival aims at raising environmental awareness by means of cinematography.
Submission of films for the Festival contest programme will finish on the 1st of June 2018. The framework of the Festival an Environmental Forum will be organized to discuss the most urgent environmental problems and the role of non-feature films in their solution.


A mountain town at the edge of the Grand Canyon, serving as the gateway to the West and Native Culture, rests along Route 66, The Mother Road. Flanked with brew pubs, wine lofts, coffee cafes with stages and beer, are all centered around a historic downtown that settlers gave a name to after they stripped a pine tree and ran a flag up to the top on 1876 to celebrate the centennial of our nation. This is Flagstaff. Sophisticated. Friendly. Mural City. College town.

The Back Alley Artists Night

Vision: Our vision of the Back Alley Artists Night is an annual exhibition featuring the work of emerging visual artists, filmmakers, slam poets, performers and musicians while providing an opportunity for cross discipline networking and celebration.

Submissions: Beginning January 20, 2018, emerging artists of all disciplines - including Visual Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians, Slam Poets and Other Performers - are encouraged to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in this weekend exhibition and the chance to win one of our sponsored Audience Choice Awards.

Whoops Film Festival

Mission Statement:

While almost every film festival celebrates cinematic achievement, this festival stands to honor talented filmmakers who may have screwed up. We all have made bad films, even the greats! The old adage about learning more from loss than victory is true; We learn more from our bad films and here we believe that your efforts should count for something more than a hard lesson learned. You put in the time, the effort, the blood, sweat, and tears, and you deserve something for that!


Lukas, a young dedicated metal head, is visiting his recently departed grandfather at the hospital.

Red Flight Pictures

Red Flight Pictures LLC is a multi-award winning production company specializing in film and television. Red Flight is a self sufficient entity producing creative content in its most unadulterated form.

Each year, Red Flight Pictures LLC hosts a short screenplay contest that awards writers the chance to have their screenplay produced by the award winning team at Red Flight Pictures. Each film is reviewed by our judges and all nomiated films are reviews by industry professionals who will hand pick the top prizes.

Animator FEST - European Youth Festival of Animated Film

Organized by the Cultural centre "Svetozar Markovic" in Jagodina (Serbia) Animator fest was founded in 2013. and is supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information.
The festival is aimed at promoting the art of animation from European countries and serves as a place of gathering for young people willing to exchange and build new creative ideas.
The festival’s programme represents youth film production of schools and individual authors divided into 2 categories: authors under 15 years of age and authors 15 to 18 years old.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Edinburgh Short Film Festival - Submissions Now Open for 2018!

Screening the best in International contemporary short film across 8 nights in Edinburgh each Autumn (& programming
for other festivals across the UK & Internationally,) the ESFF is now open for submission for short film-makers globally!

We're also offering cash prizes for Best Film, Best Animation and Best Scottish Film, networking events and workshops.

This year, we're also excited to be curating film programmes for our 2018 partners:

Chania Film Festival

Chania Film Festival is an international festival taking place on the island of Crete, at the last week of October every year. A big annual celebration of the 7th Art in the middle of autumn in the beautiful town of Chania.
An organization that quickly became an institution with worldwide collaborations, with many parallel events, recognition and acceptance. A cinematographic event that aspires to host the best films in the field of cinema, from all around the world. A meeting place for fiction films, documentary and animation films, as well as directors, producers and actors.

Travelogue Tel Aviv

A young art student from Switzerland arrives for six months in Tel Aviv. Through drawing he will learn to analyse, understand and free himself to this contrasted environnement.

Gender Reel

Gender Reel, is the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) only film festival dedicated to enhancing the visibility of trans and gender diverse people, images and experiences in film and media.

Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival 2018

Breathtaking beaches. Fabulous screening venues. Charity galas. Exquisite hotels. Delectable restaurants. Immaculate streets,

Add. . . Vintners. Ardent fans. And you, the Visionary Film makers.

The Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival (VBWFF) benefits Suncoast Mental Health Center which provides life-changing services to over 1,400 children and families in Vero Beach and the four Treasure Coast counties.

VBWFF runs from June 7-10, 2018.

Augenblicke, A blink of an eye

A woman is going home at night. She’s alone and suddenly a stranger tries to rape her. They are fighting. The spectators are watching them from both sides of their view. It gets wilder and truth and perception becoming one blurry image.


Dawns, a baby breaks silence.

Okotoks Film Festival

The Okotoks Film Festival is a three day international festival to be held annually in the town of Okotoks. (located in Alberta, Canada just south of Calgary) We will be offering films in a wide variety of genres to reach a extensive audience.

Workshops will be run during the festival. Selected film will be given two artist festival passes, which give free access to all screenings and workshops during the festival, and 6 tickets to the screening of their film. Filmmakers of selected film will also be invited to attend a Filmmaker Lunch on the Saturday of the Festival.

Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival

The Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival (GIIFF) is happy to take audiences and moviegoers on a global journey celebrating culture through art and film. Please be a part of this experience by submitting your films for the 8th Annual Garifuna Indigenous International Film Festival.

Fleurieu Film Festival

After a wildly successful 2018, Fleurieu Film festival is now accepting entries from around Australia for its 2019 Festival.

Priding itself on facilitating filmmaking experiences that nurture Australia’s emerging and established filmmakers the Fleurieu Film Festival is calling for short films 8 minutes and under of any genre.

The 2019 Fleurieu Film Festival finalist screening and awards night will take place on Saturday 9th February in McLaren Vale, South Australia, in an even bigger festival with more prizes, sponsors and opportunities for filmmakers.

Mt. Fuji Atami Film & VR Festival

July 4, 2018 UPDATE!

The Mt Fuji – Atami Film & VR Festival held from June 28, 2018 ~ July 1, 2018 was a smash success! With over 1500 film entries and more than 1800 guests and celebrities attending at our Gala Opening Night, that makes Mt. Fuji – Atami Film & VR Festival by far the biggest and most successful Indies film festival in all of Japan – and arguably bigger than even the Tokyo International Film Festival as our submissions numbers and Opening Night attendance beats them by a wide margin.

Prokuplje Film Festival ProFiFest

Prokuplje Short Film Festival, founded in 2011, is the youngest film festival in Serbia. In Prokplje is event where audience can see the best from the field of documentary, experimental, animated and fiction from around the world. Prokuplje is administrative,economic and cultural centre of the Municipality and the Toplica region. It is situated at south of Serbia, at river Toplica middle course, on the 43 24’of northern latitude and 21 19’ of eastern longitude at 255m above the sea level. Toplica region covers 2.230 square kolometres and Municipality of Prokuplje 759km2.

The Valley Film Festival

**The Valley Film Festival (VFF) is a DCP only festival. By submitting to VFF you acknowledge that you have a DCP and/or will make one if selected to screen with VFF. VFF partners with SimpleDCP. VFF365 screens via YouTube or Vimeo links.**

Founded in 2000, The Valley Film Festival (VFF), a non-profit project of Community Partners ®, is the first and longest continually running film festival in the San Fernando Valley, headquartered in the NoHo Arts District.

Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF

Athens International Digital Film Festival stands as an international meeting point for creators and audience, since its very first year. Simultaneously it achieved an alignment with the major developments regarding cinema, which is steadily moving towards the Digital Age. Featured as an innovative Festival it soon experienced an unexpected response from many filmmakers around the world.

unDependence Film Festival

The unDependence Film Festival is coming back for the 4th time to unusual cinema spaces in Scotland.

In 2018 we invite filmmakers of short and feature films to share their work with the Scottish audience. We celebrate, promote, and keep alive the un-dependent spirit in the arts and film making by showing Scottish and international moving images that will cause (e)motions in the audience.

Napoli Film Festival

There is a new video clip competition.

Awards & Prizes
Napoli FIlm Festival Awards

Rules & Terms
Videoclip made from January 1, 2017.
All films must be 8 minutes in length or less with no exceptions.
There is the limit of 2 films that can be submitted.

Popoli e Religioni - Terni Film Festival

Popoli e Religioni - Terni Film Festival

Sito Web:

Nell’ambito della XIV edizione di Popoli e Religioni – Terni Film Festival organizzato dall’Istess (Istituto di studi teologici e storico sociali di Terni) che si svolgerà dal 10 al 18 novembre del 2018, è indetto il concorso per i cortometraggi, lungometraggi (Fiction e Documentari) e un ulteriore concorso per cortometraggi “Come ci vedete” riservato a immigrati, rifugiati politici e richiedenti asilo che vivono sul territorio italiano.

Hollywood North Film Awards

Hollywood North Film Awards' mission is to promote and award heart-wrenching, world-building, character driven films that push the boundaries of storytelling in Canada, and all over the world. We strive to bring attention to stories that have yet to be told, and to award creative excellence for exemplary filmmaking achievements.

Falcon International Film Festival

Falcon International Film Festival is changing the way that people think of short films. We are looking for the very best short films that are entertaining and tell a story. The sort of short films that people want to watch. That make them laugh. Or cry. That shock and surprise.

The new season is now open!! Send your movie and win our trophy.

Annual event in London with workshops, meetings and prizes night.

* Trophy or special wax sealed certificate

* Press release sent to the winners

* The monthly winners will be shared on our website social

Youth Free Expression Film Contest (NCAC)

The National Coalition Against Censorship is an alliance of nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting free expression and fighting censorship in all its forms.

NCAC's Youth Free Expression Program confronts the kinds of censorship young people encounter on a daily basis through education and programs that empower young people to safely navigate and participate in contemporary culture.

Pride Film Festival - Winter Shorts

PFP's monthly film fest will continue in December with a special edition of Winter Shorts, whatever that means to you! Films should be no longer than 15 minutes.

Scout Film Festival

The mission of Scout Film Festival (Scout) is to encourage creative work, connect emerging filmmakers with their peers and celebrate the expression of emerging filmmakers worldwide.

Located in Stowe, Vermont, The Scout Film Festival (Scout) is an annual international event that celebrates emerging filmmakers through short film.

My True Colors Festival

My True Colors Festival is an annual event fighting for social justice and promoting cultural diversity through the arts by presenting works in multiple disciplines that are for and by underrepresented multicultural LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual) storytellers. My True Colors Festival benefits LGBTQIA+-identifying persons and their allies.

High Peak Independent Film Festival

High Peak Independent Film Festival began in 2016, opening its call out to independent filmmakers from around the world. In 2017, we hosted the first High Peak Independent Film Festival, a 3.5 day event that took place in the beautiful theatre, New Mills Art Theatre (see photos to have a look!). In 2018, the festival held its 2nd successful event with a four day film festival. And, in 2019, we will bring you a five day film festival!

Manhattan International Film Festival

The Manhattan International Film Festival (MIFF) is an annual cultural initiative of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) seeking to recognize promising young directors committed to exploring the depth of the human condition. Previous films recognized by the festival have examined themes relating to family, community, suffering, empathy, the pursuit of happiness, truth, and the transcendent.

Amorgos Film Festival

The “Amorgos Film Festival” is an International Tourism Film Festival, taking place annually on Amorgos island during the works of the “Amorgos International Convention for Culture & Tourism” and is organized by the Women’s Cultural Association of Tholaria - Amorgos.
This year it will take place at Aegialis Hotel & Spa from October 31st to November 5th, 2018.

Caminhos Film Festival

O Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português tem sido, desde 1988, um dos principais referentes no panorama cinematográfico nacional. Apresentando-se como o único festival dedicado ao cinema português em todas as suas vertentes (projetos finais de escolas de cinema, animação, documentário, curta-metragem e longa-metragem), mostra-se como a derradeira montra das obras cinematográficas que anualmente são produzidas em Portugal.

Locomocion / Experimental Animation Festival

Inhala. Exhala. Mira dentro de tí: eres un conjunto de imágenes en movimiento.

Locomoción es un festival que promueve la experimentación, creemos que tus animaciones son un reflejo de ti mismo. ¿Por qué animas como animas?
¿Qué te llevó a experimentar en cierto tipo de técnica o con diferentes materiales?

Hemos estado observando y creemos que hay cuatro búsquedas esenciales en la animación o como los llamamos, detonantes creativos:

Cat Fly Indie Film Fest

Cat Fly is an Asheville-based film festival that serves up and coming indie film artists of the Southeast Region, cultivating community and the passion of homegrown filmmaking.

Cat Fly will be screening our first indie feature film Friday, September 7, 2018 at Bold Rock Hard Cider as part of the Cat Fly Summer Series. The screening will be held outside so be sure to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

La Truca Festival de Animación

La Truca es un festival de animación dirigido por las universidades Icesi, Javeriana, Autónoma de Occidente y Universidad del valle, en conjunto con otras instituciones y grupos locales y nacionales. La Truca nació en el 2011 con el propósito de crear una exhibición y espacios de aprendizaje con respecto a la industria de la animación. Durante los 4 días del festival, se llevan a cabo talleres, conferencias, conversatorios, exhibiciones de películas y el concurso de cortos animados.

Down East Flick Fest

Set in an area rich in stories and the artists who tell them, Down East Flick Fest (DEFF) is a platform for independent voices and new stories within and beyond our geographic community as we promote and grow an independent film community and foster creative collaboration. There will be opportunities to promote your craft, network with working filmmakers, and talk with industry professionals who will attend be attending the festival events held in Greenville, NC, a thriving art community, which is the home of East Carolina University.


Mexico City Videodance Festival comes under the concept of generate a inclusive meeting point open to reflection between public, filmmakers, theoreticians and other professionals of dance and visual arts. Its purpose is to be a showcase for spreading contemporary quality proposals that address the choreography from cinematic language.

Awards & Prizes
Best International videodance
Best mexican videodance

Rules & Terms
Para español, consultar más abajo.

Banjara International Film Festival-BIFF

BIFF is a chain of International Film Festivals,being organised in different cities of India and abroad under one brand name-Banjara Cinema. We travel and host the festival event in various cities with screening of shortlisted films along with award functions which are clubbed with other activities like film workshops, literature seminars etc.We intend to be global soon and will be organising the festival in different countries.

International Uranium Film Festival

One year before the Fukushima reactor exploded, the International Uranium Film Festival was founded in 2010 in Santa Teresa, the famous artist quarter in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. The first Uranium Film Festival then was held in May 2011. Since 2012 the main venue is the Cinematheque of Rio de Janeiro's Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio).

The festival is dedicated to all films about nuclear power and the risks of radioactivity, from uranium mining to nuclear waste. It throws light on all nuclear issues.

International Webserie Fest of Calais


After the success of the NCF Short Festival, we can now start a biggest project.

The International Webserie Fest of Calais (IWFC) is dedicated to the recognition, dissemination and award of serial productions made for the web and mobile devices.

What is a webserie for the IWFC ?

For IWFC, a web serie is a contemporary audiovisual product in a short duration format, produced to be watched on the WEB and specially on mobile devices.

Why IWFC is unique ?

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (WJFF)

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival ( is the first ever and the largest Jewish Film Festival in Poland and eastern Europe. Established in 2003 has 15 years experience in sourcing the best international movies and debuts with the Jewish theme. Movies which are dedicated to exploring Jewish culture, history and contemporary life of Jewish communities from around the globe.

Thunderdance Film Festival, London

3rd Official Thunderdance Summer Film Festival.

Thunderdance film festival is a bi-annual event set in the heart of East London and the Dalston area. Winning films will be screened in local cinemas and followed by meet and greets/afterparties. Thunderdance is a festival for the ultimate in new wave London film culture.


Actor - Blade Runner, Hobo with a Shotgun.

Director - Game of Thrones, Band Of Brothers.

Kyrgyzstan - Land of short films


Kyrgyzstan - Land of Short Films is an annual international film festival held to celebrate short films from the former Soviet Union, Baltic states and Georgia. The International Film Festival Kyrgyzstan - Land of Short Films will be held December 12 to December 15 every year in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival

Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival is the UK's ONLY short documentary film festival. Dedicated to showcasing the best of international and British documentary talent.

This years festival will take place 17th-20th May at the iconic Rio Cinema and Hackney Attic in East London.

As always, we have a jury of judges made up of internationally renowned documentary filmmakers, who will be helping to select and award the films we screen at the festival.

Sunny Side Up Film Festival

From the founders of The Wild Bunch Film Festival, comes another int'l film festival called SUNNY SIDE UP FILM FESTIVAL. Join us for a family fun weekend, and experience a film festival competition in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It'll be filled with great indie films and fun that will be legendary!

We'll showcase works of indie films. Our hope is to attract high profile and novice filmmakers so attendees of the festival will enjoy an array of artistic experiences of indie films, and individuals driven by the true and raw spirit of independent movie making.

Big River Dance Festival/Huntington WV

BIG RIVER dance festival is a three day festival celebrating art through movement. Presented at the 4th Avenue Arts Theater in Huntington, WV in a collaborative effort of dancers and dance makers from around the country. The Festival, hosted by Jeslyn Dance Gallery, brings dance to the communities of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. 2018 marks the 4th annual dance on film festival at Big River. All film are presented on the 4th Avenue Arts main stage, 500 seat theatre space. This 1923 vaudeville house has a uniquely hung movie screen to accommodate all film projections.

Underground FilmFest

Munich, Germany. Reyjkavik, Iceland. Stockholm, Sweden. Kansas City, USA. Birmingham, USA. Saigon, Vietnam. Beeston, UK. Cameroon. New York. These are some of the cities we have played since 2015 and beyond. Your one fee gets the unique opportunity to show your film in multiple pop-up Underground events and alternate venues across multiple countries - not just one night or weekend but instead events throughout the whole year!

Rock n Roll Film Festival, Kenya (ROFFEKE)

ROFFEKE is pronounced "rafiki" which is a Swahili word meaning "friend". 'Friendship, Fun, Freedom' is the motto of the ROck 'n' ROll Film FEstival, KEnya.

The main objectives of ROFFEKE are:

1)To showcase local and international rock "n" roll films and music videos for the purposes of education and entertainment.

2)To organize workshops, forums and seminars related to various aspects of rock music and the film industry.

3)To provide a platform for emerging and established, local and international rock bands.


is an incredible international showcase for the Lucanian territory and
for young people intended to work in the world of the seventh art.
It is a creative and innovative challenge that aims to the promotion of the Basilicata's locations in Italy and in the world.
It is a dronevideo that offers a unique experience of its kind.
Breathtaking natural landscapes and locations of the Basilicat are seen from a new perspective.


Hi! First thing, please read below to understand how our monthly recurring festival works, this way you won't have to ask at later.

Monstronale Festival

The festival has 3 competition sections, "International Shortfilm", "Shortdocs" (documentary shorts) and "Wild Worlds" international films for childrens.

Awards & Prizes
international shortfilm competition:
first prize: 900,- €
second prize: 700,- €
third prize: 500,- €

Shortdocs (short dokumentary competition)
prize of the jury: 600,- €
audience prize: 400,- €

"Wilde Welten" films for children competition
prize of the childrens jury: 500,- €
audience prize: 300,- €

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLO Film Fest) will once again attract stars, great films and film enthusiasts to the Central Coast of California, when it celebrates its 25th Silver Screen Anniversary festival from March 12th to 17th, 2019.

Voghera Film Festival

The association Iria Cultura presents the sixth edition of the Voghera Film Festival.
VFF intend to promote the knowledge and spreading of the cinema and to be an important meeting point for international cinematographers.

★ IMDB Qualifying Festival:

Heritage Film Festival

The 13th Annual Heritage Film Festival (May 17, 19, 20 of 2018) is a community based, volunteer driven, free event that brings together short films of all genre from novice and seasoned filmmakers, to celebrate independent media. Screenings on 17 and 19 May are in the Greenbelt Library. Saturday afternoon is the Festival's popular Student Film Festival and Student Awards Ceremony. Sunday evening (20 May) is at the Old Greenbelt Theatre.

International Online Web Fest

The International Online Web Fest is a seasonal online event for short films UNDER 15 MINUTES not available online, web series with at least 1 webisode under 22 minutes, and for the first year, we also accept Feature Films under 120 minutes.

#IOWF is a festival which specifically helps independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web. We do so by creating and taking care of your communication on line.

Chain NYC Film Festival

The 6th Annual Chain NYC Film Festival (Chain NYC) is known for celebrating personal stories and original ideas in a buzzing metropolis that's rich with stories of its own. The festival has proven to be an emerging festival to watch out for – in 2017 the festival screened more than 100 films and doubled in submission size. With the goal of sparking exciting dialogue between filmmakers and their audiences, Chain NYC comes alive in New York City.

Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati

The Indian film festival of Cincinnati is the only Indian Film Festival of its kind in Cincinnati and Ohio. We screen premieres of feature, and short films made in and about the Indian subcontinent, or it's people or made by Indians. The festival is designed to engage diversity through film. We want your film to speak to an American audience through topics and issues that that embrace our common humanity across our cultures. This year, our festival will include films made in and by Asians.

Willson Oakville Film Festival

The Willson Oakville Film Festival gives local, Canadian and international filmmakers a chance to participate in a true community-oriented festival, which is focused on bringing the best features, documentaries, and short films to cinephiles in the Golden Horseshoe. We have a track record of bringing in filmmakers from around the world, to talk to audiences about their work. We also support local filmmakers, giving them an opportunity to showcase their work in front of a home audience.

Eau Claire World Film Festival

Welcome to the second year of the Eau Claire World Film Festival, proudly becoming a part of the vibrant and nationally renowned arts community centered here in the Chippewa Valley of Western Wisconsin. We are excited to bring a permanent, major, international film festival to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our mission is to be thoroughly connected with national/international distribution opportunities, sales agencies and creative opportunities.

Greenwich Village Film Festival

Greenwich Village Film Festival celebrates Greenwich Village as a physical place, as one of the most photogenic neighborhoods of New York City.
But, more important, as a creative state of mind born in a specific location that gathered like-minded people together to stimulate individual and collaborative artistic expression.
Our mission is to honor and keep alive this sense of community and creative environment by discovering and bringing together new independent artists and their work.

168 Film Festival-OPEN CATEGORY

168 Open Category at the 168 Film Festival

Since 2003, the 168 Film Festival is the crown jewel of our production competition, the 168 Film Project. For the first time ever, we are opening the festival to short films produced outside of the 168 competition up to 35 minutes in length.

I am Hitkoak

Hitkoak describes her youth: the food she ate, the toys she grew up with, and the values she learned from her elders. Now, she passes them on to the young people in her community.

In 2017, Reel Youth visited Kugluktuk, NU for two weeks as part of the Moving Forward Together - Hivumut Aulaniq Atauttimut project. We facilitated two intergenerational programs on the land, where young people and community elders spent time out on the land, teaching, learning, and creating short films.


Damen Krow is a young musician with Asperger's syndrome who plays guitar and works at a sawmill. He has trouble making connections in his life, but desperately wants his band 'P.F.C.' to gain notoriety. One day, he meets a talented visual artist named Naomi Sinclair. Naomi completely disappears as Damen falls into a daze of drug use. Will Damen rise above his inner struggles? Or will the ghosts of the past haunt Damen and slide him down deeper into the dark depths of poverty and obscurity?


Are we the sum of our emotions or those of others?
The strongest journeys are those within us, sometimes unfinished, sometimes useful.
The important thing is to get lost forgetting the departure. The important thing is feelings.
Plurima hides to be visible. We watch, Plurima lives in its narrow, timeless space.
Plurima remains unattainable to itself to discover itself infinite in its finiteness.


Wild west, early 20th century. The quite life of Noel, an old bounty hunter who has retired, time ago, to dedicate himself to his property, is disturbed by the arrival of Sam and Amos, two fierce henchmen of a rich landowner named Logan.
Logan convinced that under the land of Noel there is an oil field, is willing to do anything to convince him to sign the papers to give him the property.


An ugly cat struggles to coexist in a fragmented and broken world, eventually finding a soulmate in a mystical chief.
Inspired by the internet story ‘Ugly the Cat’.


Sergam is a little boy. A refugee. His boat’s stranded on the coast. His mother didn’t survive.
Instead, a young woman takes care of him and they both set off on their way through a nightmare.


An elderly man is unable to accept that he is made to retire and his life takes a dramatic turn,
when he realises that he cannot finish the work of his life


Winter in Lviv“ is a short-documentary about the situation of four Ukrainian women, trying to get by in a country that is struggling with an escalating conflict on the Eastern border as well as a heavy economic crisis. The protagonists are: Nurse Olha Roman is 75 years old, but still working. Because the Ministry of Health Affairs stopped paying her salary, she works as a volunteer and lives from her pension. Sofia Wojtsychiwska is a pensioner, who has to search for scrap paper in the streets in order to survive, because her pension is not enough to make a living.


A simple love story between a bored bumber car owner and a furry. Sometimes love makes us forget...


The unexpected encounter of two strangers and their agreement while waiting for a cab to share the cost of the ride, becomes the motive for the anatomy of a relationship. From the moment they enter the taxi, the driver reveals that they know eachother and they have a common past, leading the couple to the landscapes of desire.


As a young child our protagonist is left by his mother and has to live with his violent father. He fights his way through adolescence and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and just as everything seems to be finally working out for him, a sudden event changes the course of his life forever.
A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone


A movie about a society in fear. It is the story of two soldiers in the everyday life of Paris guarding an official building.
An abandoned bag, curious passants and a crazy tramp move the situation into its climax.
The lines between normality and real danger disappears.


Domi is a 33 years old autistic boy, who never speaks and lives with his mother and father. They try everything to cure him, but no effect. The mother cynically tells the story of their unlucky family, she is hopeless. Only the books bring happiness in Domi's life. He is obsessed by books. The family tries a new psychologist, Aliz, who soon realizes how important the books are for Domi. Now Aliz starts to write a story for Domi. This book changes the world around Domi, we see the story becoming alive and driving the boy towards the solution.

8 June 1976

In a village of a few souls, in the deep south of Italy, during a hot day, in June ‘76, Luigi and Giuseppe, two brothers of 12 and 9 years old, leaving school, to return home. In Genoa, meanwhile, three armed men run through some alleys. Arrived in front of a staircase they shoot 26 bullets on two men. Not too far, a motorcycle approaches a parked car and two men open fire on the driver.


Ludovico accepted the difficult choice of his sick wife, helping her to end his suffering life.
After some time, he finds the courage to reveal this secret to their daughter, through memories.


Elena is 35 years old, she has a baby small and a stressful job. She constantly lives in a hurry, in an eternal tomorrow. She runs after a goal that is every day more and more distant. Maria lives the present cradling herself in the sweet memory of an old time. Their lives, their stories and their rhythms will collide in front of a cup of coffee, to give life to a fundamental but simple discovery.

The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler

East Germany, 1987: The special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assigns him to solve the case of the 6-year-old Henry Kiefer, who is missing for weeks now, before this issue leads to political tensions with the West. But then he brings something to light that makes this family tragedy especially political...

BZN International Film Festival

Bozeman Film Celebration is dedicated to understanding diverse points of view and is in the vanguard in restoring media literacy among our youth. The BZN vision is to highlight movies that make a positive impact on audiences—stories that showcase the best of the human spirit while inviting a call to action. We champion films that educate and enrich while they entertain: documentaries, indies, comedies, features and shorts that make our cut must be intelligent and thought-provoking, inspire curiosity and encourage community and global awareness.

The Hip-Hop Kid

This Hip-Hop History Comedy was partially shot under Los Angeles’ famous (but now defunct) 14th Street Bridge former major motion picture filming location. There, Michael Douglas Goodman stars as a young, hungry, rambunctious, Hip-Hop hopeful seeking the tutelage of down-and-out old school, Hip-Hop great Kango - played by prolific SoCal actor Phillip E. Walker. But wanna be rapper Benji finds far more than he bargained when he meets Sunny, an attractive, edgy, female skateboarder played by Salina Marie Carter, who tears the house down at the movie’s end.