June 2018

Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival

These days in Marano……years ago I barely knew them and then I have known them more and more, more; I saw the passion, then I saw that it involved Tom, Dick, then schools, the twinning-projects ... I said we are on the right track, because these things, done in this way, are huge, you know! Maybe you could say, they are small things: it is not the Venice film festival, it is not Cannes, no! News, catwalks that never end! Here the most beautiful walkway is you guys, with your commitment, with your way of being.

Psaroloco International Children's & Young People's Film Festivals

Kyklos is a civil non-profit organization based in Pireaus, which aims to promote the cinematography and to raise awareness as far as environmental issues are concerned.

The main activity of the company is the organization of the International Short Film Festival of Psarokokalo, an independent initiative which aims to screen films of young cinematographers from all around the world and to showcase and promote the short films.

Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards

The 17th Annual FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards

Top 50 scripts will be read by the Radmin Company*
and Consideration for representation

Top 20 Screenplays: Production Consideration by Leading Hollywood Producers and Representation Consideration by Leading Hollywood Agencies/Management Companies. Emerging Artist Award Certificate to top 10 and Certificate of Achievement awarded to the runners up (10).

(awards may not appear exactly as shown)



Uni-Fest Student Film Festival

Film Club at GSU presents:
in collaboration with Buzz Studios, Film at GT, Clayton State Film Society, Valdosta State Mass Media Dept., and GSU Players

April 6-7, 2018

WFF Locations 2018

Here are our New York locations for WFF for October 26th-31st, 2018:

Global Nonviolent Film Festival

Global Nonviolent Film Festival (previously known as Brasov International Film Festival) was founded in 2012 and it is the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world.

Since 2016, the Festival takes place on-line and, for 11 consecutive days each year, it showcases all the selected films and documentaries on its TV Channel exclusively. The 2018 edition takes place September 20 – 30.

Lancaster International Short Film Festival

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival supports the global independent digital film community by offering a competitive and juried film festival that inspires and motivates filmmakers at all levels.

Commffest Global Community Film Festival

COMMFFEST 2018 Oct 10-16
Now Accepting submissions for 2018

The 2018 COMMFFEST will celebrate 13 years from October 10-16 screening in movie theatres and exhibition spaces, presented yearly by a group of dedicated volunteers. COMMFFEST a charitable corporation makes its home in one of Toronto’s most fast growing, economically diverse neighbourhood, Old Town Toronto, where many languages are spoken and where memorable films like Robcob; Cinderella Man, Chicago, X-Men, The Hurricane, and Against the Ropes were created.

New Earth International Film Festival

Festival Mission

You can experience the disastrous effects of climate change first-hand today. You can even feel air pollution, destruction of nature and ecological imbalance in the city. Look around and see what is happening around you.

Can you have an impact on the future and the quality of the environment? Does air quality depend on you? How about waste management, energy consumption or focusing on renewable energy sources? Just think.

Near Nazareth Festival

Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF ) invites all film lovers to partake in our celebration.

SYRCL’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Film-goers are transformed into a congregation of committed activists, dedicated to saving our increasingly threatened planet.
Join us January 17–21, 2019

A Festival by Activists for Activists
The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is the largest film festival of its kind. We leave you feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference in your community and the world.

What to Expect at the Festival
Experience the adrenaline of kayaking the wildest rivers. Climb the highest peaks. And trek across the globe with adventure films from around the world.

Nagaon International Short and Documentary Film Festival



KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

Coalition for Quality Children's Media - KIDS FIRST!
A Collaboration of More than 17 Million Concerned Adults

The Coalition for Quality Children's Media is a national, nonprofit (501-c-3) organization founded in 1991 whose mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children's media.

District Cinema Film Festival


The CV Indie Film Awards

GINA CAREY FILMS presents.. "The 2nd Annual CV Indie Film Awards"

Come join us for an enchanting evening as we honor the cinematic achievements of Indie Filmmakers, Actors/Actress from the Coachella Valley, all over California & surrounding states. "The 2018 CV Indie Film Awards “will be held at "JPL", 39001 Monterey Ave, Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270.

Independent Shorts Awards

IMDb Award Listing Qualifier’s Independent Shorts Awards (ISA) is a monthly international film competition, with an annual live screening event in North Hollywood, California.

Each month, the submitted projects are privately screened and judged by a random team of invited experts from academia and film industry, against a high standard of merit. The monthly winners are automatically qualified to compete and be screened at ISA annual event.

Every submission can add numerous additional judging categories. The name(s) to be credited should be included in the cover letter.

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

The Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (THBFF) is a unique film festival with a yearly LIVE screening held in Hollywood, California. The goal of THBFF is to encourage emerging movie makers for new film making by appreciating their work. Our mission is to support filmmakers, recognize their hard work, and Award them so that they are more inspired to keep telling amazing stories.

NYS Fair Drone Film Festival

2018 New York State Fair Drone Film Festival

August 22 - September 3, 2018

The New York State Fairgrounds hosts hundreds of events throughout the year, drawing an estimated 1 million people to an incredible variety of non-fair attractions. Check our online events calendar regularly to make sure you don't miss anything. And if you're looking for a versatile, conveniently located venue to host an event, please contact us about leasing space at our 110-building, 375-acre site.

Small Axe @ Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival is unique in the UK in that it is funded entirely by trade unionists and the trade union movement. Our Magnificent Seven Sponsors contribute over 60% of our funding but this year we still to need to raise £1300.

If you or your trade union, branch or local trade council can help then donations can be paid directly in to our bank account via an online BACS:

Acc: 65127633
Sort Code: 53-61-31


Equinale PferdeSommerfest & HealingDays auf Schloss Neuhoff in Mecklenburg
Equinale &Healingdays – 1. Mecklenburger Heilertage, Neuhof/Bibow 22.-24. Juni 2018

The Equinale® 2016
The Equinale® is an international film festival for horse films and films, which horses play an important roll.

The Equinale® is an event which takes place over four days.

Entertainment films (films for adults and children), documentaries, advertisements and educational films are going to be shown.

Denton Black Film Festival


DBFF 2019
January 23-27, 2019

Coming Soon...
Art Exhibition-Opens January 2019-TBD
VIP and Public Opening Reception-January 2019
Opening Night Welcome and Screening-January 2019
Film Screenings-January 2019
Poetry Get Down and Slam-January 2019 - TBD
Panels and Workshops-January 2019
After Hours Meetups-January 2019
Film Makers Event (by Invitation Only)-January 2019
Closing Night Awards and Screening-January 2019


Home of the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Washougal International Film Festival and Angaelica Miami Beach.


American Youth Film Festival

The American Youth Film Festival

The American Youth Film Festival™ is an opportunity for the youth to showcase their movie making skills. Many young people regularly produce films that are then posted on websites such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. We will capture that interest and channel it to understand the “love of film or film making” through the eyes of youth filmmakers. The American Youth Film Festival is destined to become the premier youth film festival in the world.

DC Chinese Film Festival


DC Chinese Film Festival (or DCCFF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering outstanding Chinese cinema around the world and to encouraging cultural diversity through films. The 4th DC Chinese Film Festival is scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. September 27-30, 2018. This year the festival committee is putting together a richer and more diverse program for participants and audiences.

WIND International Film Festival

Finales celebration from 19th-21st of October 2018

Oct 19th: Screening Location On Oct 20th: 6355 Bellingham Ave | North Hollywood, CA 91606

Oct 20th


Hollywood tour +Reality show for 3 days pass holders

Oct 21th : Award Ceremony at Celebrity Centre

5930 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 Hollywood, USA

The W.I.N.D.International Film Festival is a non-profit festival with IMDB qualification designed to promote all filmmakers; with an emphasis on female inclusive talent, crew, and storylines.

Central Film Festival

Central Film Festival is one of the only student-led, High School film festivals in the country, hosted in beautiful downtown Springfield Missouri.

For the upcoming 2018 festival, we are excited to offer many things to festival-goers, such as on-site contests, a special opening Friday Fest Film and director talk in the newly restored Central Theatre, and a day of festival screenings at Springfield's arthouse cinema--The Moxie.

DYTIATKO International Children's Television Festival

Festival is noncommercial. Participation is free of charge.
Participants: the festival is held among children creative television, animation and radio studios, groups, teams and independent authors, television companies and unions, producing centers that create programs and films for children.

The festival is a member of CIFEJ.

Festival “Dytiatko” is a few bright and eventful days that include master-classes and trainings, presentations and meet-the-artist events, viewings and discussions of competition works, cultural program events.

Wular Lake International Short Film Festival

After the grand success of 1st & 2nd edition of Wular Lake International Short-Film Festival at 'Auditorium G.D.C Baramulla', we are glad to announce the 3rd edition.

Lahore International Children's Film Festival

Quality films to entertain inspire and educate children and youth
Pakistan’s largest annual children’s film festival, host the flagship event in Lahore and screens quality films to thousands of kids every year across Pakistan

Presenting the best of local and international films for children in genre such as shorts, animations, documentaries and child-made films.

Let’s entertain, inspire and educate!

siffcy - 'Smile International Film Festival for Children & Youth

The Idea Behind

We strongly believe that film represents much more than entertainment; this is the most powerful medium to depict the reality and emulate values. Film becomes an interesting and engaging alternative to stimulate discussion among young people about vital personal, societal, moral and world issues.

The Liar

1963. As the swinging cultural revolution is flourishing in London, a shadow of paranoia is casted on a tiny, English town. Roy, the village fool, is not only convinced that Adolf Hitler is still alive, but also that he is running the local bakery. How much should his obsessive suspicions be trusted, and what is he willing to do to prove his identity?

San Diego International Kids' Film Festival

The San Diego International Kid's Film Festival promotes the idea of entertainment with education.

With goals to promote positive educational impact on children and the youth, the San Diego International Kid’s Film Festival actively supports innovative films made by filmmakers from around the globe.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Yécora

La primera edición del Festival Internacional de Cine de Yécora, FICY, se llevará a cabo durante cuatro días del 17 al 20 de abril de 2019 en el maravilloso pueblo de Yécora en Sonora, México.

​El objetivo del festival es dar a conocer las diferentes culturas, tradiciones e identidades que existen en todo el mundo a través de cortometrajes de géneros familiares y cómicos.

El FICY busca incentivar a la comunidad local a sensibilizarse por el arte y la producción cinematográfica.

The International KidsNFilm Festival

The International KidsNFilm Festival (Solano, County, CA) celebrates both youth actors and filmmakers. It is an opportunity and forum for youth to showcase their work and express their creativity. Our main goal with Kids N Film has been to encourage self-esteem, confidence building, and creativity through on-camera and behind the scene production training.

West Texas Film Festival

Festival Overview
The purpose of the West Texas Film Festival is to attract diverse films from both directors and producers that would not normally be featured in West Texas as well as regional media makers. We seek short films, documentaries, features, animation and student films as well as screenplays from all over the world that have the pioneer spirit of film making.

White Nights Film Festival (Russia)


Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito


Por tercer año consecutivo, la Escuela de Cine de la Universidad de las Américas, lleva adelante el Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito. Para empezar el proceso de inscripción se deberán descargar las bases del festival. Las postulaciones estarán abiertas hasta el 22 de abril del 2018.

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival
To encourage New Filmmakers

• Mission
San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival is a US government approved 501(C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Provide an international platform for all film lovers, professional filmmakers and film/media students who love film-making to stand out.

Discover and select potential talents with new technique & skills, who demonstrate original concept and accelerate their development within the film industry.

Royal Holloway Film Festiva

Royal Holloway University of London is proud to announce its second official Film Festival!

The festival will take place in just one day, on Sunday 27th of May, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, at Royal Holloway, in Founder's Building (the castle).

Submit the films you made from September 2017, by Sunday 20th of May.

All genres are accepted, and the submission is 100% free for Royal Holloway students. The contest is open to other film students as well from all over the world, and every participant can submit maximum 2 works.

The animation Showcase

"The animation Showcase" helps to promote animated films in the world.

Best known in London for creating free tickets events Showcasing the best of the animated creation in private clubs, animation studios and startups, The animation Showcase also provide all sort of services to help directors, producers, project holder, studios and organizations to promote their work to the creative industry such as :


Encuentro Universitario de Videoexperimentación


BLASTOFF winners are eligible for estimated $10,000 international digital distribution awards through our “Show the World” prize. By industry standards, QC preparation and submission fees can easily run $10,000… but they don’t have to… not for “Show the World” winners. We have access to distribution platforms which have, collectively, millions of viewers. Award events include a gala dinner attended by Hollywood stars, and a red carpet and awards ceremony sponsored by the World Film Fair.

Cinema Culturas Film Fest Inland Empire

Cinema Culturas Film Fest Inland Empire is an annual event committed to promoting the artistic, academic, and professional advancement of Hispanics and providing a forum for the richness and variety of all cultures, Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish speaking, in the Inland Empire and Southern California. Our project is unprecedented in the Inland Empire as it uses a celebration of the artistic visions of Mexican filmmakers and Latino filmmakers to initiate fruitful dialogue among communities about the dynamics of living in the multicultural world of Southern California.

Brazil-Florida Student Screenplay Treatment Competition

The Latin American Training Center-LATC, and the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies of Florida Atlantic University-FAU announce the Brazil-Florida Student Screenplay Treatment Competitions 2018.

FECEA - Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada

Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada-RS, é uma iniciativa do Projeto Primeira Tela, do projeto Clube das 5 do CMEP Professor Florestan Fernandes, Secretaria Municipal de Educação e Prefeitura Municipal de Alvorada.



The World Film Fair is very pleased to be announced the following partner for the Fair, FIDE: World Chess Federation!

FIDE are dedicated to bringing the game of chess to children and students from all over the World. There currently 600 million young chess players globally but their aim is to rise that figure to 1 billion!

Staff Pick

In 90’s Brooklyn, Cora, a lonely girl in search of connection, discovers a movie rental store that delivers films based on how she feels. The movies lift her up and make her feel less alone but soon she wants more than the films, she wants to know the person behind the locked door of this strange store.


Casey, a wealthy architect, frustrated by the confinement of his wheelchair confronts his wife, Jayne, about his assumption that she has been unfaithful. A quarrel erupts over the nature of their marriage, and whether or not to adopt a child into a household where there is already misplaced care-taking. The fight escalates into physical violence leaving them both with a new understanding of their relationship to one another.


Maria, an Artificial Intelligence expert working for a domestic maid-robot company investigates an anomalously singing robot that leads to the discovery of a company secret.


When a gifted but frustrated Broadway dresser finally reaches her breaking point with her life backstage, she decides to take a stab at her real dream. Standing on the stage with the ghost light as her only companion, she lives out her wildest fantasy and faces her greatest fear all in one go.


A lonely composer secludes himself from the outside world until he finds
companionship with a young deaf female who lights him up with a
mysterious, beautiful song.

Sell Your Body

A med school dropout in crippling student debt swipes a wild couple on a dating app to make some fast cash.

Clams Casino

The lives of four Latina women are uniquely interwoven in Clams Casino. Arcelia Diaz, a twenty-something year old, is desperate to connect with her mother Gladys. While Gladys’ daily ritual consists of obsessive workouts and beautification, Arcelia spends her time in a strikingly different way. She often enjoys digging for clams and other crustaceans, cooking, and mastering the art of plate setting. While desperately using any moment to establish a relationship with her mother, Arcelia is faced with harsh criticism and disgust.