May 2018


If you like the show Parks and Recreation, you'll love this real life comedy of errors as the 'number one city in the world,' Charleston,SC bumbles its way through a traffic jam of ass proportions. Some of the most flavorful characters delight with hilariously quotable quotes, both brilliant and ridiculous. This is the story of how one city continuously tried to ignore the solution to the 'biggest problem they have,' traffic.


Stanka is sewing clothes all day while her father spends his time drinking beer and playing chess with friends. When the night comes, she wakes up on her working desk only to find that her father isn't home.

Panic Love

Valentina is in Sicily to get married. During their wedding trials, Valentina arrives in the church in her ceremony dress, causing fuss in the spectators since it is a superstitious tradition in Southern Italy not to appear in your ceremony dress before the marriage day. Valentina feels sick, spotting the dress with menstrual blood. She runs away from the church and faints a little further. Near there, Alberto, a hermit in the mountains, finds the unconscious woman and takes her away with him. Valentina wakes up at night in a house in the woods: she had been kidnapped.


HIGH HOPES 2: A NEW BEGINNING follows the continuing misadventures of 49 year old Brooklyn taxicab driver Danny Valentino a not so loveable loser who won’t give up his dream of making it as an actor after over 25 years of failure.

What's Love Got To Do With It

Are we born knowing how to love? Or is it something we learn? Does time cause love to blossom and grow or contract and diminish? Love is a word often used to emphasize extreme emotion such as, I love you; I love ice cream; I love my job, but do we really understand love? Do we even experience it the same way? “What’s Love Got To Do With It” exposes the connection between us as it contemplates love. Featuring thought-provoking experts who follow the trajectory of love from a scientific, psychological, and spiritual view.