April 2018

Leaving Virginville

When 11 year old Faith's suicide attempt fails after the death of her father, she is convinced there is no God. By 18 she's rebelling against everything in her universe. After she gets expelled from Catholic school, her mother Christina decides to create a change of environment. Faith is sent to go live with her cousin Phoebe in Philadelphia. While Faith enjoys her new freedoms she learns that every game has its rules. She is left questioning who she truly is and what she actually believes in.

Marital Aids

When Marital Tensions Boil Over, One Enterprising Company Sends Stunt Doubles to Deal With the Flak.


A modern day adaptation from Chekhov's short story JOY, about a teenager who gains attention when a video goes viral on You-Tube and wants to capitalize on the attention despite her parents misgivings.


Paul and Vanessa have just had sex. It's unlikely they'll meet again. She's funny, pretty and witty. He's still just a boy at heart. Intrigued by this young mischievous and mysterious woman, he does his best to hold onto her. But who is manipulating who? Will he succeed in satisfying his need for love and overcoming his fear, awkwardness and conventions ?


On a sunny beautiful day on the beach, Parham a 12 years old boy from a Persian immigrant family bullies his younger brother Alborz by throwing a dead bird at him. later Alborz gets sick and eventually dies days later. As the result of this incident, the whole family falls apart. Parham who believes deep inside that the dead bird caused Alborz's death feels guilty and has to face what he had done to his younger brother and finds a remedy for pain.