March 2018

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Jeff Boyd dreams of living in Australia. As he invests with Mr. Mueller, he's full of hope to be able to leave with a pocket full of cash. He soon realizes that it’s not that easy. And after a heavy argument with his boss, Jeff’s world collapses. That’s when he meets Wendy. Their worries about what the world turns into comes more and more to light. They want to change that with a dangerous plan!


"Shades of Day" received Gold Award in Los Angeles Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival. The film is a suspenseful Hollywood fable based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's classic novella "White Nights" (considered one of the greatest love stories ever written), but here transported to modern-day Los Angeles. It's the first installment of our ambitious Dostoyevsky-Los Angeles Project, which also includes "Notes from the New World" (completed).


Los Angeles, USA… In the process of preparing for the leading role in a play based on Dostoevsky’s "Notes from the Underground", a young actor is drawn into a world of intrigue, romance, and murder.


"Castaway of land lost on wooded hills, reaches with great difficulty towards town only to discover a merciless truth".

A survivor in search of humanity, understood as an inner state, as an emotion and with empathy. Loneliness hurts and the need to be part of a group becomes a vital necessity. Alone, hungry and thirsty, desperate for a better life. But the society is too careful, too selfish and too concerned with its own feelings and problems. The despair of others is just a nuisance to be extinguished with one click.

Off Ramp

John, a homeless war vet, meets Lucy, a young street girl, and through their conversations it starts to become clear that even though John believes he is helping Lucy, the truth may actually be the other way around.


Misconceived perceptions and stereotypes make up most of what we believe to be true. What's the truth if you only see one side?

Punching the city

Punching the city captures voices from a massive movement sweeping across Europe in the last decade– and more notably in the last three years –in the world of grassroots boxing.

Package 6:
  • 300 sq ft - 450 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 8,000
Price: $8,000
Package 5:
  • 150 sq ft - 300 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 6,000
Price: $6,000
Package 4:
  • 100-150 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 4,000
Price: $4,000
Package 3:
  • 60-100 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 3,000
Price: $3,000
Package 2:
  • 40-60 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 2,000
Price: $2,000
Package 1:
  • 32 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 1,000
Price: $1,000
Ticket to Gala Dinner attended by Hollywood actors.

Ticket to Gala Dinner attended by Hollywood actors. The Gala dinner takes place at the close of the Fair and is a great place to network and speak with the film industry professionals that have been present at the World Film Fair and to also meet a range of Hollywood actors and actresses that will be attending.

Price: $1,000 (Quantity limited)

Price: $1,000
Dying Sunset / Atardecer Muriendo

Beatriz a young women writer how is married to Marco and together have a 2 year old son named Alex, she maintains a secret relationship; one day
she visits him at his apartment and while having a showdown, the child was left in the vehicle, and got stolen by a drifter. Hours later they inform them that their child has been found dead. Beatriz through the worst crisis of his life by blaming herself for all, when she realize she’s pregnant.


Sofia. Spring. The city is awakening. The cotton balls of poplars resemble the long-gone snow. The wind pushes them along the surface of the water. Drops of spring rain transform into concentric circles. The rain gets heavier, and the linden blossoms dance under the raindrops. The melody flows as the wind blows, up and down the streets, among the buildings, in between people.
Let’s chat, as old friends do, about how one chooses which road to walk?

5, The Beginning teaser

No matter how terrifying the monsters – whether physical or sexual abuse, the terrifying visions that come with the gift of sensitivity, or addiction to drugs and alcohol – there is hope.
Through faith, friendship and facing our demons, we can emerge victorious into a life of freedom.
Angelina’s receives her first wound at the age of three. Sexually and physically abused, she and her twin retreat to safety of the woods behind their home. Together they learn the secret language of the forest and soon Angelina emerges ready for the next chapter

World Film Fair Accreditation
World Film Fair Accreditation Badge (access to the main World Film Fair venue, the Brooklyn Expo Center, and all exhibitors in attendance)
Earlybird Price (until May 26th, 2018): $225
Golden Bream

Young “secular nun” Elena goes on pilgrimage to holy places of Russia in the hope of healing her mental disorder. Feeling her Guardian-Angel’s invisible protection, the girl enjoys her fascinating journey which is smooth sailing, without any difficulties, troubles, and woes. However having found herself in mystical cold Petersburg, at the eve of Christmas, Elena encountered a chain of mysterious events.
GENRE: Comedy/Drama

Pizza Shop

A girl wants to go out with her jerk-of-a-boyfriend, but he only wants something to eat, so she orders a pizza. She encounters a pizza boy who is attracted to her.