Schools and Universities Films Production Center

Our School and Universities Films Production Center WFF aims to showcase emerging talent by presenting top student films and works from all over the world. Over 50 schools and universities are taking part in this competition, where winners will have an opportunity to screen their work at some of the best festivals in the world. World Film Fair invites universities, schools, students and children to submit their films, concepts and projects. The World Film Fair offers all of this at no cost to the students, schools and universities.

With over a thousand film production related courses in the world, the opportunities to show student work to wide audiences on a big screen are often limited. World Film Fair offers such an opportunity. All submitted works will be reviewed by our judging panel to ensure that only the highest standard of work is showcased.

Students are encouraged to bring their friends and family to the Fair.

The World Film Fair are passionate about supporting students of film and the institutions where they learn the craft. This is why there will be no charge for the schools and universities to submit their students works.

If you are a university or film school and are interested in submitting some of your student’s work to the World Film Fair for screening for free, please send us details about the films i.e. titles, synopsis, trailer, names of the director and crew, the duration, production country and any reviews of the films.

Universities and schools are invited to put forward what they feel are the best works from their students and recommend them to the World Film Fair. All final decisions on screening will be made by the World Film Fair judging panel.

A number of Broadcasters/Agents and Film critics have been invited to the Fair. The list of contacts is available on request.

Here is the listing of the School, Universities and Films Production Centers which took part in the WFF 2018:

University Name Status Country
New York Film Academy Pending USA
Digital Film Academy Pending USA
The Independent Film School Pending USA
The New York Acting School for Film and Television Pending USA
Digital Film Academy Pending USA
Film Connection Film Institute Pending USA
SVA MPS Live Action Short Film Accepted USA
Ghetto Film School Inc Pending USA
The Barrow Group Theatre Company and School Accepted USA
Pratt Film/Video Department School Pending USA
University Name Status Country
Meishi Film Academy of Chongqing University Pending China
Journalism & New Media Academy of Chongqing Normal University Pending China
Animation & Digital Film Academy of Chongqing Engineering Institute Pending China
Media & Fine Art Academy of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Pending China
New Media Art Apartment of Sichuan Fine Art Institute Pending China
The National Academy for Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” Accepted Bulgaria
SVA MPS Live Action Short Film Accepted Bulgaria
Ghetto Film School Inc Accepted Bulgaria
St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television Accepted Russia
Department of Operational Art, Faculty of Screen Arts  Accepted  Russia