World Film Fair

World Film Fair New York - 2018

World Film Fair at The 68th Berlin International Film Festival 2018 (Berlinale 2018)

At the recent Berlinale 2018 the format and foci of the upcoming World Film Fair (WFF) in New York were discussed at some length, and the replies to some of the queries are outlined here. The WFF is unique amongst Film Fairs for several reasons. There are no less than 75 festivals involved at the fair. The venue, in New York City, is highly appropriate as ninety percent of the head offices of the world film industry companies are located there. To ensure that filmmakers get optimum screen exposure, twenty-five of the most prestigious University Film Departments and Film Production schools have confirmed their participation at the fair, as have ten of the top USA theater networks and twenty leading USA TV Channels.

At this stage it is inappropriate to reveal the companies who have already signed up, but the full list of participants will be available from June 15th 2018. The most well-known companies who attended AFM, Cannes, Berlinale and Filmart have all been invited and approximately 10,000 films and projects will be showcased from independent filmmakers. The WFF has in the region of 50 partners and 450 participants and when the website is updated in June, it will list them all. In addition to Davi Fisher there will be about 100 other team members involved.

Opportunities will be available for attendees to contact various sectors and ask specific questions of the attending experts.

The WFF is financed by various bodies including Intellect Pictures, World Film Presentation and numerous private investors.

Several celebrity actors have confirmed their attendance both at the events and a special Gala dinner which will be held at the conclusion of the Fair.

The World Film Fair is proud of its significant and long-term experience of organizing film festivals around the world. Its creators and organizers are extremely knowledgeable about both film production and distribution. No limits have been set as to the age of movies submitted and a total budget of $25,000 has been set aside for cash awards for winners in different competition categories. Opportunities have been created for mutual exchange (e.g. free screening of work in exchange for promotion) and the WFF is open to suggestions along similar lines.

Apart from Intellect Pictures, contributions to the Fair organization have been made by representatives of nine of the world’s largest film festivals. These are New York State Film Festival. Cinema Los Angeles, Washington Film Festival, Euro Cinema Film Festival, German United Film Festival, Austria International Film Festival, Festival International du Film de Cannes, London Classic Film Festival and Hong Kong National Film Festival. At the time of writing, five highly regarded New York hotels have agreed to be partners of the WFF, and organizers are in the process of negotiating with more. It is anticipated that online screening will be arranged with Cinando, at the main venue (2 locations), the Brooklyn Expo Center and five leading NYC theaters.

Further details, about costs and the procedure to become an exhibitor can be found at:

Any genre of film can be submitted, whether short or long. In some instances the WFF will be able to meet travel expenses - this will be assessed on an individual basis. The sales potential of the WFF is immense and the inclusion of the top film universities ensures that new talent will be discovered - the fund for grants for student projects being substantial


The World Film Fair, New York, 2018 - the Film Fair Industry's Newest Concept



Introducing the World Film Fair, coming to New York from Oct. 26-31, 2018. It is the newest addition to the Film Fair industry and will establish itself among some of the greats, including the American Film Market (AFM), Berlinale International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) and the Cannes Film Festival.

The World Film Fair brings a unique, fresh and exciting aspect and will be unlike any other Film Fair. 

The World Film Fair will consist of 5,000 new films and projects. There will be 1,500 industry professionals such as buyers, production companies, investors and distributors present. For those attending there will be a variety of 50 workshops and seminars hosted by 50 different speakers, covering a range of topics, such as how to write a great screenplay and how to get the right marketing for your project. Projects from 80 countries over the course of the five days with attendance of more than 250,000 people are expected on site, with an additional 4,800,000 people participating in 25 talks and post-film conversations from afar via Facebook Live.

In addition to this, approximately 100 Film Festivals will be held during the World Film Fair, showcasing a range of the best films from around the world to the prospective buyers at the fair. There will be a total of 300 screenings held in five of the best New York theatres. The festivals are already established worldwide in Europe, Asia, North America and Australasia and will be screening a selection of their award-winning films during the World Film Fair.

As well as Film Festival screenings, there is also a special Schools and Universities film sector where the best Student Films and Works from all over the world are presented in the School and Universities Films Production Center. More than 50 schools and universities are taking part in the competition in this sector. Winners receive grants for their work to be screened at some of the best festivals in the world. World Film Fair invites universities, schools, students and children to bring their films, concepts and projects and see them brought to life on the big screen.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to meet and network with leading industry professionals from the New York area. The World Film Fair will give access to distribution companies, production companies and investors all under one roof.

For filmmakers and industry professionals who want to be a part of a new style of Film Fair, visit the World Film Fair website at, where all information can be found about how to exhibit, become a sponsor or how to get a film screened.

Make sure to visit the World Film Fair website and Facebook page at regularly to keep up to date on everything that will be on offer at the event.


The World Film Fair is Calling All Filmmakers and Scriptwriters for the 2018 Edition

Are you a filmmaker or scriptwriter? Have you been trying to progress from the film festival circuit? Do you need distribution, marketing or help with production? Would you like your work to be shown to 1,500 industry professionals and buyers? Then the World Film Fair, coming to New York on October 26th - 31st 2018, is an event you cannot afford to miss!


The World Film Fair is a week long event that takes place in New York at 9 locations at one time, and is designed for everyone in the film industry. The Fair will allow filmmakers to meet with buyers, distributors, production companies, investors and of course other filmmakers. This is a perfect opportunity for you to network about the passion you have put into your creation. Whether you’re a filmmaker or scriptwriter that’s still new to the art of cinematography or if you’ve been producing and creating films for many years, this is the ideal place for you to network about your profession.

If you are currently a student at a film school or studying film at University, the World Film Fair has a sector especially for you. Works from schools and Universities from many different countries will be shown and the projects that receive special commendation from the judges will receive grants which allow their works to be included at some of the biggest festivals around the world.

As well as all of the benefits of meeting the industry professionals that will be able to help you further your career, the World Film Fair is also hosting a staggering 100 film festivals during the week of the fair, which will include approximately 300 screenings, both at the fair itself and in five of the top New York based theatres.

For all filmmakers and scriptwriters in attendance, World Film Fair is hosting 50 workshops held by a variety of guest speakers. The speakers will give tutorials and advice on a range of topics from how to write a great script to how to find investment and the right marketing for your project.

Make sure your film or script is considered to be featured at one of the festivals which will be attended by all who visit the fair. This gives your work the perfect opportunity to stand out and reach an audience of industry professionals, not just the general public. These are the people who will help you and guide you through putting your work onto the big screen or turning your creation into a reality. If you want to submit your work to the World Film Fair, you just need visit the World Film Fair website at

We look forward to seeing your work featured at the 2018 edition of the World Film Fair in New York and encourage you to attend and meet with thousands of like minded people that share your passion.