It is not a secret that finding a strategic investor for your film or production and securing appropriate funding is a difficult challenge. Similarly, investors looking for projects that align with their objectives and aspirations are often overwhelmed with volume of requests coming from projects that are outside of investors’ interest.

WORLD FILM FAIR is an ideal platform for the filmmakers and investors from all over the globe to come together in one easy locations. The WORLD FILM FAIR 2019 will be attended by pre-qualified investors looking for projects across sizes, genres, sectors and locations. 

To facilitate information exchange between the Filmmakers and attending Investors, WORLD FILM FAIR will include series of presentations held by the Filmmakers and Production companies will hold presentations. 

To attend these presentations at the WORLD FILM FAIR 2019 you will need to be registered to exhibit or to attend the Fair and attend the FILM INVESTMENT SECTOR. 

If you are interested in presenting your project to an audience of potential investors, please submit your project FILM INVESTMENT SECTOR and contact World Film Fair.