Exhibitor Benefits

  • Access to a list of World Film Fair attendees
  • Ability to choose from a varied range of advertising packages including posters, signs, decals etc. There are options for all budget ranges.
  • Exhibitors brand included in all World Film Fair promotional materials
  • 12 months membership to My WFF, the WFF’s online community space

              Booth Packages World Film Fair

October 26 – 31, 2018

The booths will be located on the main floor of the World Film Fair. They are available in a range of sizes.

Umbrella Booth Package:

Package Price: $ 500

Package 1:
  • 32 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 1,000
Package 2:
  • 40-60 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 2,000
Package 3:
  • 60-100 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 3,000
Package 4:
  • 100-150 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 4,000
Package 5:
  • 150 sq ft - 300 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 6,000
Package 6:
  • 300 sq ft - 450 sq ft
  • Package Price: $ 8,000

Booth Packages 1-6 (excluding the Umbrella Package)  include:

  • 4 chairs
  • Power socket
  • Rubbish bin
  • Display Table
  • Seating / Reception Area (For Package 3-5)
  • Wall mounted LCD television and shelf (For Package 3-5)
  • 2 World  Film Fair Member Cards  - additional cards can be purchased if necessary
  • 2 Exhibitor Photo Badges – one additional Exhibitor Badge may be purchased.
  • Wi-Fi accessibility for 2 devices per WFF Member Card
  • Access to exclusive areas such as lounges and screening areas
  • Early access to the list of registered WFF Buyers
  • Company name included on the online exhibitor list, company name exposure on signs ,  WFF directory and on the Catalogue on the WFF website.
  • Access to WFF screening facilities and WFF Screenings On Demand
  • Exclusive access to MyWFF, the WFF’s online community

Exhibition Agreement


World Film Fair®

October 26 – 31, 2018


Company Name:                                                                                                                                                    WFF listings are in title case

Company Name for WFF listing - leave blank if same as above: _________________________________________________________

abbreviated version of company name - do not list additional companies

Company Main Address:  _____________________________________________________________________________________

           City, State, Postal Code, Country:  ______________________________________________________________________________

Main Telephone: _________________________________________Main Fax: _________________________________________  


Company Website - do not list a film’s website:___________________________________________________________________

MAIN EXHIBITOR CONTACT: All WFF passwords and badge forms will be sent to this one email address only and it is this person’s

responsibility to share WFF related information with colleagues. If the contact person changes notify the WFF immediately.

First Name:  ________________________________Last Name:   ___________________________________________________


Job Title:  _________________________________Email:   ________________________________________________________


Mobile: _______________________________Direct Telephone - if different from Mobile: __________________________________


Booth Package 1: US$ 1,000

Booth Package 2: US$ 2,000

Booth Package 3: US$ 3,000

Booth Package 4: US$ 4,000

Booth Package 5: US$ 6,000

Booth Package 6: US$ 8,000

Umbrella Booth Package: US$ 500

The assignment of booths will be determined once full payment has been received by WFF.


Payment Dates: Full payment is due with this agreement. Space will be assigned on a first come, first served basis once full payment is received.

Payment Types: Indicate payment type and follow instructions. Go to http://worldfilmfair.com/for details.

Credit Card - submit this agreement to worldfilmfair@gmail.com and a payment link will be provided.

Paypal - submit this agreement to worldfilmfair@gmail.com and a payment link will be provided.

Bank Wire Transfer - Include a copy of the bankwire confirmation with this agreement.


By signing, Company (“Exhibitor”) agrees that it and its employees and other representatives will fully comply with the WFF Guidelines (posted at http://worldfilmfair.com/) as amended from time to time and which are incorporated by this reference, including the terms as set forth on this agreement and the attached Exhibition Agreement Guidelines.


Print Name:  _________________________________________Job Title:  _________________________________________


Signature:  ___________________________________________Date:   ___________________________________________


Exhibitor booths

 Exhibitors can select from three different booth options:

  • Sales booths - for exhibitors whose primary focus is the selling of films.
  • Distribution booths – for Distribution companies
  • Production booths – for Production companies

If you have questions regarding exhibition space then please contact World Film Fair directly via the Contact page.

2017 Exhibition Agreement Guidelines

  •  The World Film Fair (WFF) is a registered company and trademark, registered in the United Kingdom. All participants of the WFF must adhere to and follow the WFF guidelines and regulations. The WFF reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and regulations and to ensure they are being upheld.
  • If the WFF finds that a participant is in breach of the regulations and guidelines that are outlined here http://worldfilmfair.com/ , they reserve the right to terminate the agreement in place with participants. In the event of this, no refund shall be given. WFF has full control over all activities taking place during the World Film Fair and has the right to refuse use or advertisement that is deemed inappropriate at the fair. However, WFF is not responsible for acts of God or the failure of third parties outside of WFF control.
  • All participants of the WFF agree to their information being publicly displayed and advertised through WFF and being contacted by WFF and their sponsors. If a participant does not wish to agree to this, they need to contact WFF directly via email to inform them.
  • The WFF will include press and photography. By participating or attending, participants are consenting to be filmed or photographed at the WFF. This does not cover third party filming and photography.

Exhibitor Booths

  • WFF reserves the right to be the sole determiner of the distribution of exhibition booths and the location of these booths within the WFF venue.
  • Exhibitors will be solely responsible for maintaining and ensuring correct display of their booth for the duration of the WFF.
  • Exhibitors who sign an exhibition agreement after May 25th, 2018 may not have their company information included in WFF publicity materials.
  • Exhibitors can not make a claim against WFF in the event of circumstances such as injury (or death), theft, damage or loss of property that occurs during the WFF.
  • All WFF costs are in US DOLLARS. Payment is accepted by credit card or check. Checks will not be accepted after May 25th, 2018.
  • If non payment of fees occurs, WFF will not refund any fees or deposits already paid.
  • All fees must be paid in full three months prior to the event date of the WFF. Any exhibitor who has not paid in full by this date, will have their application withdrawn and their space will be re-allocated.
  • Exhibition booths will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.