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15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a nonprofit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top films and conventions screen our greatest hits! We celebrate our female filmmakers who have decorated the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge's first three seasons (2015 - 2017) with fresh visions of horror and enthusiasm throughout in our first volume of their work! Volume 2 (2020) will feature season 4 to 6 (2018 - 2020). NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES for FREE through 15secondhorror.ca towards our fourth annual season until October 15th 2018. Whether you're a professional building portfolio or someone exploring the arts, all we want to know is: Can you scare us in 15 seconds?

Female Filmmakers (2015-2017) roster:
Olivia Kitcher
Ashley Robinson with Jordan Lockhart
Jennifer Trudrung with David Saich and Aidan Weaver
Sy Latimore-Ward
Jo Rogers
Jenn Nangle
Stephanie Suarez
Cara McWilliam-Richardson
Sydney Clara Brafman
Maura Stephens
Adeena Grubb
Jenell Diego
Moriah Burton
Angelica Agelviz
Lana’e Hernandez
Ani Olson, Laurel Gregan, Jenny Lecours
Sophie Clennell
Natalie Funk
Kathryn King
Savannah Young
Enya Andrews
Chloe Rose
Victoria Sutton
Anneke, Jared, and Kyra Goudsmit
Jayde Williams
Kate Lavin
Charlotte Dyer
Jenae Hall
Emma Critchell with Hayden Lowry
Cynthia Morrison
Kristen Hansen
Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith
Trudy-ann Nelson
Michelle Chrisner
Charlie Mason
Ava Loren
Becky Smith
Made Stringfield
Muge Tasten
Melissa Roetto
Sarah Marshall
JaMaiya Patton
Alexis Karl
Aileyn Ibarra
Michelle Valencia
Sarah H, Rebecca D, Amy I
Cynthia Morrison
Mitza Doez
Katie Damien
Keisha Williams
Catalina Querida
Emily Miskimmin
Radka & Elisa
Elisa Kamke
Ivy MacDonald
Morgan MacLeod, Katie Rothwell, Grace Freeman, and Jennifer Doa
Avery Watson
Michelle Bush
Emily Gordon
Michelle Lutan
Justin & Kristin Schaack
Aileyn Ibarra
Sara Sometti Michaels
Florina Dumitrache
Ashley & Bradi Cooper, Taylor Kidner, and Hetty Bishop
Ivy Wright-Brown
Darya Gaydukya
Abbie Birtles
Dannon Lucia
Zhanna Seminska
Hana Smith
Katrina Lapointe
Anik Rompre & Caren MacNevin
Laura Trigg
Emma Merrick
Sarah Jean Stewart
Maria Coulter
Rebecca & Thomas Haffey
Ioannis Koutroubis
Emily Louise Rua
Veronica Guagni
Emma Juliet Taubner
Audra Theo Kusuma
Kate Fuller
Rachel Weatherall
Sundae Powder
Sunday Banks
Mikayla Daniels
Jennifer McKittrick
Brooke Edwards
Eryn Rea
Talisha McClaney
Ayisha Gariba & Nick Garel-Jones
Sheena Mullins
Angie Baggett
Alison Hoffman
Kelsey Kennedy
Angel Peavey
Janet Hetherington
Allison Lahikainen
Marina Bruno
Sofia Hoeffle

15 Second Horror Film Challenge founded/programmed by Andrew J.D. Robinson

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39min 46sec