Blackfunk is an explosive urban drama set on the campus of Harvard Law School and in the exciting cosmopolitan world of New York City. It is an exploration of black love as never seen before. It is based on the bestselling Blackfunk Series by Michael Presley. Blackfunk is about developing strong positive black characters while turning up the drama to explore our beauty yet
deal with our moles and warts. Blackfunk is anger and pain yet sensuous and daring with colorful characters and realistic issues.
Blackfunk Episode 1 introduces the audience to the main character, Rashaun Jones, a young boy dealing with the complexities of family life. It continues as that young boy enters Harvard Law School where he meets, Kim Rivers, the woman he proclaims to be the woman of his dreams. Kim however is in a committed relationship therefore she has no interest in Rashaun. Kim also comes from an interesting family, one that would not take kindly to her dating Rashaun. Derek, Rashaun’s roomate, is dealing with his own issues, the main one being his attempt to forget a love from the past by becoming the stud of Harvard.

Michael Grimes
London Williams
Michael Grimes
Jayson Wesley - Rashaun Jones Faiven Feshazion - Kim Godfrey Taylor, Jr. - Derek Daniel Kirby - Peter Gabriel Djanaina Salomon - Saundra Meredith Watson - Albertina SUPPORTING CAST Darian Deloatch - Richard DeJuan Lewis - Anthony Temese Chavis - Veronica
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